how to reduce the chance of getting the top 5 death diseases

Do you know the top 5 all cause of death are all contributed to what you eat?I learned that if you eat vegetables and whole grain food can reduce the chance of getting top 5 causes of death. And that if you eat too much salt and too much sugar and smoking, and processed food the chance of you getting the top 5 causes of death will get higher.

I bought oranges and tomatoes because in my research fruits is good for your body and it will reduce the chance of getting the top 5 deadly diseases. I have a few reasons that why it’s good for you, first of all, orange and tomatoes are fruits and tomatoes count as a vegetable too. the few reasons that I bought it here is that I like to eat fruits and these are one of my favorites fruits now. eating fruits everyday influence people a lot because people get the vitamins from the fruits and that is good for your body.