3 Philosophies in China

Religions are still being practised all over China and some religions have lived on for about for thousands of years. But 3 main philosophies have lived until now.

Click here to see the full book on these religions: 3 Philosophies in Ancient China

Event for One Day

I am going to do solo stand up comedy I’m going to tell jokes and stuff that will make some people laugh. Put pauses, tell stories to dedicate my life to what has happened to me and make a joke about it.
The challenges I am going to face is the fact that I might have awkward moments when the audience may not laugh. I also may have a major breakdown because I am performing in front of a lot of people so that’s a bit scary.
I hope to learn how to do better stand up comedy because it might be helpful in the future for me. I also want to practice my confidence on stage by myself.
The thing that we had was good that we used improv and we did quite a good job with going on with our lines. But what we didn’t do well was that we didn’t use good info that we already used and prepared and we used something else.

How I will be a kinder person

This is how I am going to be a kinder person by  being kind in speech and talking about myself and I know that if it is bad then I know that people don’t like it. I won’t act in physical motion and physically attack someone but if I really have to do this, then I have to. I will be as kind as I can to be better in the community but I cannot do it if you guys aren’t kind. So I have to be kind if the community is kind then that’s a good match.

My Humanities writing goal

I maybe have to practice writing and when I know I have reached my goal, then I will be able to write very well. To reach my goal, I will write some essays or stories every week to show to my dad at the end of the week.

My Humanities Goal

I would like to focus on working harder, like getting help from the teacher, and I would like to know more so, I could ask more questions to the teacher. Then, I would like to complete some more work in class. I also have to read about 30 minutes, because I would like to increase my vocabulary in my sentences when I write my story.

My Thing Link

Here is my thing link. I hope you like it! It’s about a boy that goes to Sparta observing a day in a life of a Spartan battleschooler.

My Hero’s journey narrative: Junior Wars

This is my hero’s journey called Junior Wars. I won’t spoil it for you, but I will tell you what the main idea is. It’s about a boy that gets stranded underneath the rein of an evil counselor in a game he has to complete that he has to defeat the counselor. Hope you like my story!

How am I proactively supporting a safe learning community?

     I think that i am proactively sharing ideas with the class from collabrative groups. One reason that is because in Humanities is because today when we were doing a collabrative group I contributed because I helped get ideas to the group. Then there is another one that I am proactively attending to is the English. In Humanities I always just speak English not Chinese or some other language. But then in French class, I sometimes speak English or speak French. I don’t speak bad language.

     The things I am struggling in is the fact that I do sometimes have side conversations in some of my classes but I try to get better at it. Sometimes like in Science class when the teacher is talking I sometimes talk to my neighbor or just talk in general. I will have to improve on that.

Reflecting on fall trips

Q: 1. Highlight: What is a highlight of the trip?
A: 1. I do not have any highlights of the trip because I thought the trip was awful because all of the things over there were so bad and the people over there weren't very helpful because when I was going over the rope then the people there didn't even help me with it at first since I didn't know how to do it and they knew it - I saw it. Then at the wooden platforms the person over there didn't help me even though it was my first time and I didn't know how to do this. Also my roommates in the dormitory weren't letting me sleep. So I ended up waking up until 12:00 and sleeping at 1:00AM.
I also didn't like the Jacob's Ladder because the ladder wasn't very sturdy and I was going to fall down.
Q: 2. What challenges have you overcome?
A: 2. I overcame the Jacob's Ladder because I didn't want to go on the third ladder but I overcame my fear because I got help and I got on the 3rd one.
Q: 3. Collaboration: How did you help others? Or how did others help you?
A: 3. I actually got help from people in my group like Cyrus on the Jacob's Ladder because he helped me get on the third ladder. Then other helpers at the rope climbing weren't helping me on the rope climbing because at the first one the person just said go on the rope and get to the other side. Then on the wooden platforms the person over there wasn't helping me because he just said to get up when I fell and to walk when I was on the wooden platforms. He didn't help me. Not at all when I was on the platforms and having trouble and they didn't care about anything and they weren't even nice.


What clubs I want to attend to.

I am attending to swimming club, badminton club, and the production called Honk Jr. I will attend to the swimming club on Mondays and Fridays, Then the badminton club I will attend to that club at Tuesday and Thursday. Then the production I will see if I have time in the week and I think that it is going to be on Wednesdays. I like the swimming because I do it almost every day. I gives me the energy to be excited, make new friends, and also, just to have fun. I like badminton because I also like tennis, but badminton, I like it because I like to hit high shots with a soft ball. Then the drama production Honk Jr I like it that I can to a production and make new friends as well.                                                                          Monday, when I get back at 6:00 from swimming I have my shower which will take about 10-20 mins, then I will have my dinner which will be at 6:30-7:00, then I do my homework from 7:00 to 8:00. Then I got to sleep.                                                                                      Tuesday, shower6:00-6:20, dinner 6:30-7:00, homework 7:00-8:00. Sleep.  Wednesday, 6:00-6:20 shower, 6:30-7:00, dinner, 7:00-8:00 homework. Sleep.  Thursday, shower 6:00-6:20, dinner 6:30-7:00, homework 7:00-8:00. Sleep.    Friday, shower 6:00-6:20, dinner 6:30-7:00, homework 7:00-8:00. Sleep.

This is my week now.