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My Humanities writing goal

I maybe have to practice writing and when I know I have reached my goal, then I will be able to write very well. To reach my goal, I will write some essays or stories every week to show to my dad at the end of the week.

My Humanities Goal

I would like to focus on working harder, like getting help from the teacher, and I would like to know more so, I could ask more questions to the teacher. Then, I would like to complete some more work in class. I also have to read about 30 minutes, because I would like to increase my vocabulary in my sentences when I write my story.

My Thing Link

Here is my thing link. I hope you like it! It’s about a boy that goes to Sparta observing a day in a life of a Spartan battleschooler.

My Hero’s journey narrative: Junior Wars

This is my hero’s journey called Junior Wars. I won’t spoil it for you, but I will tell you what the main idea is. It’s about a boy that gets stranded underneath the rein of an evil counselor in a game he has to complete that he has to defeat the counselor. Hope you like my story!

How am I proactively supporting a safe learning community?

     I think that i am proactively sharing ideas with the class from collabrative groups. One reason that is because in Humanities is because today when we were doing a collabrative group I contributed because I helped get ideas to the group. Then there is another one that I am proactively attending to is the English. In Humanities I always just speak English not Chinese or some other language. But then in French class, I sometimes speak English or speak French. I don’t speak bad language.

     The things I am struggling in is the fact that I do sometimes have side conversations in some of my classes but I try to get better at it. Sometimes like in Science class when the teacher is talking I sometimes talk to my neighbor or just talk in general. I will have to improve on that.