Reflecting on fall trips

Q: 1. Highlight: What is a highlight of the trip?
A: 1. I do not have any highlights of the trip because I thought the trip was awful because all of the things over there were so bad and the people over there weren't very helpful because when I was going over the rope then the people there didn't even help me with it at first since I didn't know how to do it and they knew it - I saw it. Then at the wooden platforms the person over there didn't help me even though it was my first time and I didn't know how to do this. Also my roommates in the dormitory weren't letting me sleep. So I ended up waking up until 12:00 and sleeping at 1:00AM.
I also didn't like the Jacob's Ladder because the ladder wasn't very sturdy and I was going to fall down.
Q: 2. What challenges have you overcome?
A: 2. I overcame the Jacob's Ladder because I didn't want to go on the third ladder but I overcame my fear because I got help and I got on the 3rd one.
Q: 3. Collaboration: How did you help others? Or how did others help you?
A: 3. I actually got help from people in my group like Cyrus on the Jacob's Ladder because he helped me get on the third ladder. Then other helpers at the rope climbing weren't helping me on the rope climbing because at the first one the person just said go on the rope and get to the other side. Then on the wooden platforms the person over there wasn't helping me because he just said to get up when I fell and to walk when I was on the wooden platforms. He didn't help me. Not at all when I was on the platforms and having trouble and they didn't care about anything and they weren't even nice.


What clubs I want to attend to.

I am attending to swimming club, badminton club, and the production called Honk Jr. I will attend to the swimming club on Mondays and Fridays, Then the badminton club I will attend to that club at Tuesday and Thursday. Then the production I will see if I have time in the week and I think that it is going to be on Wednesdays. I like the swimming because I do it almost every day. I gives me the energy to be excited, make new friends, and also, just to have fun. I like badminton because I also like tennis, but badminton, I like it because I like to hit high shots with a soft ball. Then the drama production Honk Jr I like it that I can to a production and make new friends as well.                                                                          Monday, when I get back at 6:00 from swimming I have my shower which will take about 10-20 mins, then I will have my dinner which will be at 6:30-7:00, then I do my homework from 7:00 to 8:00. Then I got to sleep.                                                                                      Tuesday, shower6:00-6:20, dinner 6:30-7:00, homework 7:00-8:00. Sleep.  Wednesday, 6:00-6:20 shower, 6:30-7:00, dinner, 7:00-8:00 homework. Sleep.  Thursday, shower 6:00-6:20, dinner 6:30-7:00, homework 7:00-8:00. Sleep.    Friday, shower 6:00-6:20, dinner 6:30-7:00, homework 7:00-8:00. Sleep.

This is my week now.

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