Kylie’s Humanities Goal

something I wish to practice is my writing skills, more specifically my informational writing skills. From my past essays and projects I’ve realized that I don’t really cite or use my sources in them. I’ll have to work on this, seeing other essays and studying them could help with my essays and projects. I will know if I succeeded if I am confident in my writing.

Kylie’s Humanities’ Student as a Learner goal

My student as a learner goal for humanities is responsibility. I sometimes come to humanities unprepared and sometimes I don’t get projects done on time. I want to fix this by creating a scedhule for myself with stuff I need for the class. I will know if I reached my goal if I come to h7manities prepared and get projects done on time. Responsibility is extremely useful in humanities and I would benefit greatly if I were to strengthen it.

Kylie’s Greek Perspectives

This is my Greek Perspectives thinglink! I also had fun making this one.

Kylie’s Hero’s Journey Narrative

This is my Hero’s journey narrative! I had lots of fun making it and I hope you have as much fun reading it too.

Kylie’s catchall

My biggest obstacle was determining the size of the project in illustrator, as a result the size of my catchall wasn’t as I imagined

One concern that was shared with me was the depth of the holes, the holes where I was to put stuff in were too shallow to hold most of the thing I intended it to. Next time I will make the layer with the holes in it thicker than the ones underneath.

Overall my project was unsuccessful, mostly because I had to skip one day I could’ve used to improve it. With the expirience I gained from this project I will surely improve next time.









在冬天,悉尼 。冬天温暖宜人,和渡轮很有趣。温度时二十六度左右。

🌱Curious garden terrariums🌱

For one-day I chose Curious gardens, mostly because my mother had always wanted one ( a real one ) but never had the time to make one. I also have always loved plants and how they looked.

Creating a terrarium was very calming

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