My catchall

My biggest success was building my catchall. Building and programming my catchall was hard but once I finished I’m really proud of myself. This is my biggest success.

My biggest obstacle was programming the laser cutter  to cut the pieces of wood. It was really hard because you have to measure the wood. During my process of programming I got help from one of the teachers.

During this process I learned how t o use Adobe illustrator to program my catchall.

One thing that I want to change is to make my catchall more complex and add more accessories to it.

One concern that was shared with me was My hole for cables was too thin. Another concern was I didn’t color all the walls of the catchall.

This product addresses the needs of my client because there is extra space so my client does not need to put their stuff somewhere else. There is also hooks so my client won’t forget their keys.

If I did this again, one thing I would do differently is that I would include a wireless charger so i could charge my phone. I would also color all the walls.

One piece of advice I would give a future student doing this project is always make a first prodotype.

overall I think this project was successful because I finished everything in time and I used a laser cutter to cut my catchall.