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There are myriads of resources that are limited in the earth, therefore if we are not concerned about this, all of the useful resources might disappear. Consequently, our world will have damage. However, human beings can avoid this tragic by actualizing environmental protection. Thus, our school ISB is also putting effort to benefit the world. The main environmental protection that ISB accomplished is that the soap for the students and teachers to keep their sanitary is an unusual soup which is foam soap.  Firstly, foam soup reduces chemical reaction, moreover, it is also cheaper than the common soap we use in everyday life. Additionally, this foam soup not only saves 10% of the water to rinse but, also decreases the amount of packaging waste.  To conclude, actualizing environmental protection is not difficult, nevertheless, it makes a big difference to the earth.

Chulany Chulany’s

I decided to make Pad Thai for my main dish, coconut shrimp for my appetizer and mango sticky rice for the dessert. I decided to make these meal because I like eating them, I make them very often. Because they are easy to make, especially the coconut shrimp and they are not likely to fail.


I think we did a really good job when we were plating and decorating to make it look pretty. For the coconut shrimp, we put avocado and onion inside the two shrimps that are shaped like a heart. For the pad thai and the mango sticky rice, we shaped it as a round bowl, so that it is pretty and it is easier to eat. We faced challenges when the noodle was overcooked when we were making Pad thai. And we overcame this problem by adding starch. Also,  we had to put the mystery sauce that the teacher gave us which didn’t really fit the coconut shrimp dish and the shrimp this time, was uncooked.

Moreover, the rice was too gooey of the mango sticky rice. So, the taste was not what I expected.  


If I were to do this again I would choose something I am really really familiar with and arrange my time better, because the time really stressed us out.

I think Top chef would be a better one-day activity if the teacher provides all the materials and we need to make something in our own way and make something very very creative. Then, Top chef would be more popular than now. Continue reading

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