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The Hutong photo action plan

The photographer inspires me the most would be Garry Winogrand, the photos that Garry Winogrand take are mostly to be a photo with a person and other things, if the mood for the person is happy the background for the picture is most likely to be fancy cars and bright lights, but on the other hand sad photos are dark, and usually unfocused on the background. Because my picture would mostly aim for happiness, so then I would do what Garry Winogrand do, to make sure the background is in a similar feeling in mood. The picture that I would mostly focus on would be similar to his, but for the color choose I would choose multiple color to represent different feelings.

Benoit Rousseau

This is a picture taken by the photographer Benoit Rousseau, I really like this photo because it shows clear lines of the stairs, then it also shows an comparison between a couple and a single person. The color of the picture really contrast with the story that this is telling. If I would try and understand the story it would feel like to me that it is trying to tell the person by it self to find someone. Benoit Rousseau really expressed the emotions in this picture by showing the couples.

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