River Field Study – Data Collection 6

River Field Study – Data Collection 6

Monday, April 8th, 2019. FA had a surprise field study to the Wenyu River right after spring break ended. The facilitators of FA thought it would be a good idea to go and collect data because spring here comes fast. The weather was nice, moderately cold day, slightly windy but very sunny. The places we collect data have changed because there were leaves on almost all the trees, it looks like the big tree that we collect the amount of trash from has grown bigger and there is a small number of leaves and there are fewer mushrooms since last field study. There are flowers blooming, leaves and more insects since the last time we went in winter.

This photo is of our Big Tree in front of all the flowers, it has also gotten leaves, it is looking like the first time we went to start collecting our data.

For the data, I realize that there is a pattern between all of them where it goes from a big number to small to big because we started in summer and ended in spring. We will have two more times that we go after this so we can collect more data.

Next time we collect data, I wonder if there will be more leaves, mushrooms, etc. because spring is starting so everything is sort of coming back to life.

We went on 8 different field studies collecting different amounts of data, I noticed that the amount of trash starts from a big increase then decreases and comes back to an increase.

The number of mushrooms went from a really big number to under 100 and then started to go back up. Next time we go back to get data I wonder if the number of mushrooms is going to get smaller or larger than 150.