Stain remover market research

Stain remover market research

When we did our surveys to see what people wanted, either bookcases or stain remover the most wanted option was stain remover. For our research, we looked for stain removers and we got Oxi Clean, Tide, etc. we realized that they were all big bottles for your house, so we thought of something better.  We thought of having them in small bottles so that you can take them with you anywhere.

This is our survey, we had 13 MS students, HS students and 7 staff say yes. A lot of them want it to be around 10-15 RMB because they would only buy it if they saw it working.


3 Things I learned from my research:

  1. From the variety of people that we surveyed more staff members said they would buy our stain removers than MS or HS students
  2. The staff said they would buy it for a higher price if they knew it worked
  3. Our product is going to be the only sustainable travel sized stain remover out there (possibly)

2 Wonders

  1. I wonder if our stain remover will actually work the way we need it to because we need it to dissolve the stain right then and there
  2. I’m wondering how this will actually work because I feel like bigger companies might have more chemicals in them but I’m not sure so we’ll have to see

1 Thing to change and improve

  1. I think that if we took more time to plan out how we are going to package the stain remover liquid it might be better