Prototype 2

Prototype 2

3 things that I learned:

  1. Hydrogen peroxide is a cleaning liquid that deteriorates stains and other products.
  2. Our second prototype has a lot more hydrogen peroxide and baking soda than our first so it cleans faster and better.
  3. People like scented products so we tried adding a peppermint smell to see what it was like and we also have an orange scent.

2 wonderings:

  1. Will essential oils stain the fabric more because they are oils or will they help it clean?
  2. Will the essential oils add color to the fabric making it more stained?

1 thing we would change:

  1. The stains we have because we are only using ketchup so we want to use something different.

One Reply to “Prototype 2”

  1. Good progress on the design! I think the wonders you raised about the addition of essential oils are important to consider for a product like this. I also think it could be very useful to test other stains, maybe things like coffee or tea would be good to do also. Great wonders to push your design process forward.