Temple Field Trip 2019

The Lama Temple was built in 1754, and there were a lot of temples for different uses. There were also a lot of artifects which include clothing, bracelets, scarfs, statue of Buddha etc. In the Taoist Temple, there were rooms with different punishments that you might get in the afterlife depends on what you did before. The Confucian Temple was… Read more →

The Catch-All Design Project

ThingLink Image: One thing I’d like to change is make the whole thing a bit larger, and the walls taller, also cut it more precisely. My biggest obstacle was time. I didn’t have enough time to finish this design and polish it. At first I was struggling on cutting the wood, because I was sawing them out of a really… Read more →

One Day Blog Post –Chuar

What are you thinking about doing? I’m thinking about cooking all kinds of meat, and some vegetables to keep healthy. What are some ideas/inspirations/tutorials that will help you? I’ll do some research on google to be certain of what I need, and watch some tutorial videos on youtube. What are you thinking of I am thinking about doing the fish… Read more →

My humanities goal is ┬ábased on reading. My goal is to read two books per month, and gradually I will improve my reading skills. Which will effect on my writing skills, because I can learn a lot with varies of authors. I think if I can reach my goal I will improve a lot on English. Read more →

<img style=”max-width:100%” src=”//cdn.thinglink.me/api/image/1111813752421875713/1024/10/scaletowidth#tl-1111813752421875713;’” class=”alwaysThinglink”/><script async charset=”utf-8″ src=”//cdn.thinglink.me/jse/embed.js”></script> This is the thinklink I created, it is about Why was Zeus important to the farmers? Read more →