Fortunately, the Milk

1.Summarize the story. Remember, a good summary tells the important events that happened in the story, who the characters are, what their problem is, and what the theme of the book is.  I think the main characters of this story are the Father and Professor Steg. The whole story basically was that, one day Father went to buy the milk,… Read more →

Settler of the Catain

Connection I think this game likes trading. Because, in the game we trade resources, and we trade in real life too. In real life we trade money for something, and we also trade resources too. Challenges I think was that our group did’t had wheat or some recourses if we don’t have wheat we couldn’t build houses cities and the… Read more →

Fantasy Writing

1.  What was the best part of writing fantasy stories and why was it the best? When I can write whatever I want. 2. What are some elements that make up a fantasy story?  List as many as you can and then pick one to describe in detail. Magic and something that you can’t do that on real world. 3.… Read more →

Gruesome Halloween

The book is about the Gruesome family who were invited to a Halloween party. Then the Gruesome family put on their human’s costume because they think human is scary. Then they went the Halloween party. Then they think humans will scream, but they are not because they are human. Then the ogres take off their humans masks. Humans were screaming… Read more →

Wellness Learning

Question1: Why do you think it is so important to learn about wellness? I think wellness is first thing you have to care about, because if you don’t feel well then you can’t do things that you want to. Question 2: What are some ways you practice wellness?  What are some ways you could improve? You can just eat healthy and don’t eat… Read more →


     Question 1: So you think Stanley went on a hero’s journey in this book? Why or why not? I think Stanley has a hero’s journey, but a little different to the hero’s journey that I learned. Because it did’t have Trials and lot of things are missing. But there still have some. At first Stanley ate an apple… Read more →

My Father’s Dragon

The hero’s journey of Elmer is: At the beginning of the story, the Status Quo is that Elmer met a cat. Then Elmer told the cat that he wants to fly, no matter how difficult or dangerous it is. Cat thinks Elmer really wants to fly, so the cat told him there’s a way that can help him to fly.… Read more →

The Littles

I think the theme of this book is that if you can’t solve a problem in this way, then try in another way, don’t keep doing it wrong. For example, in chapter 10, the Littles wanted to get rid of the cat, so they spilled the milk and they put down the curtains, so that the Newcomb family will blame… Read more →