hi guys. I will become a kinder person by being more caring and helping more people. I will thank the ayis who help clean up the trash we leave behind and just be polite to more people. I will help people for instance if someone in the line doesn’t have money i might buy lunch for them. Even though i do this already i will sit with new kids and try and make new friends.


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My biggest success in my project was when my wireless charger fit in and when I tested it and it worked. I thought this was a big success because the main function of my project worked.

My biggest obstacle in this project was making the whole frame. At first I tried to manually cut all of them pieces but they didn’t end up straight. In the end I was running out of time and I laser cut the peices.

One piece of advice I would give to someone doing this project is to use your time wisely. You wont have a lot of time to make your project and you have to do it well. Don’t waste your time talking to your friends and work on your project.

I think I need to work on speaking and listening because during our book clubs I sometimes spoke over others, My goal is to wait for people to tale before me. I will know I did my goal when I speak slower and listen

I think I need to start working with people that aren’t in my freind group because I always work with my friends and then I never get to know the other people I take class with everyday. In addition I want to know the people I already know deeply. So my goal is to work with someone new every week and to connect with other people more.


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This is my thinglink, it is about me visiting Ancient Greece. In Ancient Greece i learned about myths espacially Pandora’s box. My host family told me about the myth and i wanted to share it with you

This is my heroes journey narrative, this story is about a 18 year old named Alex ash. He was kicked out of his foster home and started to live on his own. He found a job and got a small hut next to a waterfall. One day he gets a letter from is sister that he hasn’t seen in 2 years. He goes on a journey to find his sister. What will happen to Alex on his journey?


When i see someone who is sitting alone or looks sad i usually go up to him/her and try and help. I try to comfort them or even make a joke to cheer them  up. I like to help people and this is one of the ways i do it. For example one time there was a new kid and i asked him to come sit with me. He now has many friends and is happy. I also think i can improve by helping the people i already know too.

The highlight was the Jacobs ladder because it was a great team building experience and i was lucky enough to have a good group and finally make it to the top.


The Jacobs ladder was hard but we made to the top and prevailed


We helped each other up the Jacobs ladder me Wesley and Daniel were all scared because it was really high but Wesley kept on boosting me and Daniel up and then I would pull him up


It’s fairly often when an advertisement says, “it’s the best invention since the wheel”, at that moment we begin to take this important invention for granted. Many important inventions have come from Mesopotamia but none so important that it shaped the future, until the wheel.

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This is a poem I created on Storybird it shows my roots and my family.