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Ideas for house design

I cm is 0.296 millimetres on my scale. I made the house pretty big on the work plane so that it is easier to look at. The house is a square which means it is 5×5 meters. The length and the width is both 148 millimetres which makes 1 meter=29.6 millimetres since 148/5=29.6.  Since 1m=100cm 1 cm=296mm/100=0.296.

Each door is 0.5 meters. Wall 1 is 2 meters – 0.5 meters since I added a door. Wall 2 is also 2 meters so room 1 is 4 meters squared. The bathroom wall is both 1 meter and one is 0.5 meters because the door is 0.5 meters.  Room two is enclosed by wall three that is 3 meters-0.5 meters due to the door and the other wall is wall 2 which is 2 meters. Room 3 is surrounded by wall 3 and (Only 2 meters because of the placement of the room and the door)wall four which is 3 meters-0.5 meters due to the door. The living room is 8 square meters.


Room 1 is top left room two is top right and room three is bottom.The ceiling should be three meters above ground because that is near the standard.For my walls, I made sure that everything was an integer so it would be easy to calculate.

My room 1 is 2×2 meters which is 4 meters2, room 2 is 2×3 which is 6 meters2 and room 3 is 3×2  which equals to 6 meters2. The bathroom is 1×1 meters which is 1 meter2. That leaves the living room to be 25-(6×2)-4-1=8meters2. I have already used my scale 1m=29.6mm so each wall could be 29.6×2 or 29.6×3 so it would be 3 meters or 2 in real life. The whole apartment is made up of squares and rectangles which uses the theorem LxW which proves that my dimensions are right. Therefore, the living room is 8 square meters since that is the space left and thus, my apartment is just like I described.


  • One challenge that we had when working together was that my group came up with plans but non actually followed it, they kind of left all the group work to me and ask me for the pictures after I’m done. They never really did anything unless I remind them to. Luckily, Austin that is from another group kindly helped me on my project along with the facilitators. My group members ended up being Austin and the facilitators.


The growing and shrinking of an egg

My design is repeatable by another person because it clearly tells you what to do on the procedure and how long it would take, I also mentioned the amount of liquid poured in to the container so that if people repeat my design, they should get a result similar to ours. Therefore, my design is repeatable because it shows you what to do clearly, the specific amount of time, and the amount of liquid to pour in the container. I also defined the IV and the IDV along with constants to make sure that it doesn’t go wrong.
I realized that not coloring the parts with my IV and DV on my design might have been an issue in my data collection because as scientists, we need to organize our data so that it would be easier to follow and define parts of our investigation. I did not do that so my design might be hard to follow. Therefore being an issue to my design. Another improvement I would like to make is make sure my procedure and data table is clear so that it would be easier to know the change of the mass of the egg. Also, even if my procedure is really specific, it is not clear due to the limited space on the paper, therefore being a challenge.

An improvement that I would make if doing this investigation again is coloring my design so that it would be easier to follow since it would clearly explain how my IV and DV is related to my procedure and model of my investigation, therefore being easier to follow and will be a huge improvement to my design. It would also be good if I could make my graph and procedure more clear so it would be easier to follow my procedure which makes sure its easier to follow my investigation and easier to follow my data.
Additional information that I would like to collect to have me understand more about this phenomenon is a time laps of my investigation when the egg was put in a certain liquid for twenty four hours, it would be easier to understand the phenomenon because we don’t just observe what happens as a result, we will understand how it happened. Furthermore, a microscope would benefit this design even more, because the egg is a single cell and we can see the membrane but not the cracks in it, if we can use a microscope we will understand why water makes the egg increase in mass while corn syrup decreases the mass of the egg.

When I first watched the phenomenon, I thought that the egg was some how losing mass in corn syrup and it was increasing mass in water. My guess was that the egg was somehow like a balloon, the water inflates the balloon and the corn syrup deflates the balloon, my evidence supports that because before the experiment, one of the eggs weigh 64.59 grams, after we took off the shell and put it in water for 24 hours, the egg weighed 88.5 grams, showing an increase in mass of about 22 grams. Therefore, water does inflate the egg and increase its mass. However, when another egg was out in corn syrup after we removed the shell, the mass of that egg decreased. Before the experiment, the weight of the egg was 63.29 grams, after the experiment the mass of the egg changed into 41.1 grams.
The corn syrup also changed the mass of the egg by about 22 grams but negatively. Now I think that there are gaps in the cell membrane (security system of the cell, lets water and air in and removes waste from the cell) and the water can get through therefore increasing the mass that is inside the egg. However, the corn syrup particles are too big to get through the gaps, so it pushes itself against the egg and forcing particles inside the egg to come out of the egg, therefore decreasing the mass of the egg. Our observations show that the corn syrup becomes more runny and it becomes more transparent, showing that something has changed the liquid from corn syrup to a cross between corn syrup and another substance. This shows that something has came out of the egg and actually affected the corn syrup, therefore causing the egg to lose mass and change the corn syrup. Key evidence to support this is my observations after the experiment.

Materials moves in or out of the cell by passing through the cell membrane/cell wall and cell membrane. In plant cells, the cell wall is a nonliving layer surrounding the outside of the cell protecting it and supporting it. The cell wall is made up of a tough material called cellulose, even if its hard for some substances to get through, its easy for substances like air and water to get through. After the cell wall (animal cells don’t have cell walls), there is the cell membrane which is inside the cell wall or in some cases, protecting the cell from the outside. The cell membrane controls what gets through and out of the cell like a security guard where you show them your ID to get in and your ID to get out, the guard won’t let people without IDs in just like the cell membrane. The cell membrane lets particles such as water and air to get in and let its wastes out in order to live. The function of the membrane is to choose what goes into the cell and what goes out, the structure has little holes in it that blocks big particles such as corn syrup to go through and lets small particles such as water and air particles to go through, this is how structure and function is in this phenomenon. This is also the idea behind the increase of the mass since water particles are small and can go through the egg, therefore increasing the mass. This also shows why corn syrup doesn’t increase the mass of the egg since it can not go through the membrane, therefore not increasing the mass but decreasing it.The movement of matter is based upon the size of the particle, there are cracks in the cell membrane, the cracks are enough for small particles like water and air, but too small for big particles such as corn syrup. This controls the movement of particles in the cell. This could be related to the egg, the membrane of the egg (Because the egg is a cell) keeps corn syrup out and water in, therefore the egg changes mass upon its own will since it lets water in to increase its mass and of course keeping it alive. My evidence supports this because when it was in water, the egg’s mass increased by about 22 grams (64.59-88.5 grams) where it did not in corn syrup, this shows that the water got pass threw the cell and into the egg where it did not for corn syrup.
The cell (smallest functional unit of a living organism) consists of 3 main parts: cell membrane (security centre of cell), a cytoplasm (Contains the most things inside a cell such as organelles and cytosol), and a nucleus (the control centre of the cell; directs all of the cell’s activities).

River Field Study – Data Collection 3

New site near the Wenyu bridge, the area under the bridge is blocked


. The turbidity in site B has dropped and the turbidity in site A.  In October the turbidity in Site A was 35.6 and now its 45.3 NTU. There used be a lot of plants, too much plants will make the water full of plants, just right will root the dirt, and too less plants will increase the frequency of erosion. There is not much plants so I think that there is more erosion of dirt happening, therefore increasing the turbidity.  For sight B, the amount of plants is just right meaning that there is enough plants to root the earth and not too much so that it floods into the river, therefore decreasing the turbidity. One of my questions is that what would the turbidity of the river be next time we visit?


What?So what?Now what?

A problem that is happening today is that we are using too much resources and that there are limited resources. It takes time for these natural resources to grow back and we are using it faster than it can grow back. As the population grows, we are taking up more and more. According to The consumption of resources in 1970 was 22 billion tons to 70 billion tons in 2010. the amount of resources consumed tripled.


Something that we could do is start saving water, maybe spend less time in the shower. One other thing I could do is using less paper and using reusable chopsticks so that we can reserve wood. Not eating fast food also conserves resources which is really good.


symbols of evolution

 Please click “foragers to future” for pptx, then it will download.At the start, I wanted to hand write it. However it wasn’t clear so I used the computer like my friends did.










This is my project with all my icons and explanations of why I chose it. In my future slide, I used the world of my narrative which is where everything is convenient and eco-friendly.

River Field Study – Data Collection 2

Photo of site a taken on October 25( left of rope and right side of bridge.

On the last expedition, Site a has a turbidity of 74, site b has a turbidity of 71, site c has a turbidity of 57 Ntu. However, in October the turbidity of site changed to 35.6, site b changed to 43.3, and site c changed to 31 Ntu. This shows a massive decline of Ntu which means there is cleaner water. I predict that the cold hardens the soil so the water is cleaner than in summer. So as the temperature drops, the turbidity drops(NTu)

Music Post

I thought of my project by doing secret code methods I already know. I changed notes into letters and then into other letters. I could improve it by making it more musical and get better found sound. I used the cafeteria sound and its not really clear, I also had to use other music to make sound better. It sounded messy and unclear. Something else I would do is that I would save it on an USB.

Max Wong G7 Big Data Essay

Big Data Essay


Max Wong FA 7-7


Do you know as much about yourself as big data? Data is everywhere, and our privacy is being threatened by the people who take our data. Privacy should be protected and outweigh the convenience of big data for 3 reasons: companies will sell your data for money, companies that get your location data know your location at all time, and cameras on the street knows your identity by your face because they have your data.

My first reason to support my claim ‘Privacy should be protected and outweighs the convenience of big data’ is that companies will sell your data for money. In “Zuckerberg apologizes for failing to protect Facebook users’ privacy” by Associated Press, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, had been at a joint hearing of the commerce and judiciary committees. He admitted that Facebook sold the data to Russians which used the data to make ads and help president Trump with the election. This means that the people you think are trustable are not and your privacy is not safe from all this need of data. The company is hacking your privacy and covering it up with convenience. In “Do Not Sell My Personal Information: California Eyes Data Privacy Measure” by Laura Sydell, residents of California already gave 600,000 signatures for the new privacy laws (2x the number needed to activate). This shows the importance of privacy and what will happen if we don’t secure it. Big data is taking away our privacy, 89 million peoples’ data has already been given to Russians and cannot be taken back. Big data is disastrous for us and our privacy should be put before it or it will fall into the hands of evil people.

My second reason is that companies get your location at all time. According to Mr. Q, my humanities facilitator, google tracks his location on the map and creates a yellow path. This means that a lot of companies know your location and a lot of you don’t know what they’re doing. They know your house and where you go. This destroys your privacy. According to “Price Of Googles New Convenience? Your Data” by Nitasha Tiku, Google’s new camera app can locate everything in your friend’s house and your surroundings.  According to “Episode 804: Your Cell Phone’s A Snitch” by Alisa Chang, a robbery in 2010 was simply tracked down by a telephone company giving the locations of your last call. It was a breeze for the cops to get him. Companies know your location and when everybody is enjoying the convenience, the company may be doing something with your location data. It’s a curious eye staring at you at all time while you never find out.


My third reason is that Cameras on the street identify everybody. According to “China: “The World’s Biggest Camera Surveillance Network” by John Sudworth, it only took 7 minutes to chase a man down in an experiment simply by face ID. The man was avoiding the cameras but were taken down by the cops. Cops easily get all your information even though your innocent, it would feel like an eye is watching you at all time. The government has all your identity at all time and exposes your location. This intrudes people’s privacy by being identified even if they didn’t do anything. Its only supposed to be used when there is a criminal, but it is open at all time. According to “Surveillance Technology Raises Concerns About Privacy Violations” by Sam Levin, Cameras in the US watched innocent people secretly from a far, intruding their privacy. There is a chance of mistakes. “This technology is powerful, but it is not neutral,” said Bedoya. “This technology makes mistakes.  100 million people’s photos have been intruded and there is a 1/7 chance of making mistakes. Some people who are innocent have been arrested. All this data and advances in technology have intruded the rights of so many people. The government have been watching people and there are no restrictions of how the police can use it. This is dangerous and is very unsafe. Every bit of your privacy is intruded by the government. Big data has failed to keep our privacy safe, companies take it. Telephone companies track your calls. Police track everything about you from long distances. All this is caused by the technology advancements and big data is responsible.  It’s like a secret heatmap of yourself that you don’t even know. Probably too busy enjoying the convenience.


It might be clear that Big data makes our lives, it is hard to imagine a world without conveniences such as Facebook, WeChat, Grammarly, YouTube, and Twitter. However, these conveniences wouldn’t exist without your data because they use AI, which needs a lot of data from you. As I mentioned in the text, Facebook has been selling your data to Russians and all conveniences need data. YouTube auto play and grammar correct in WeChat and Grammarly. According to “The Price Of Googles New Convenience? Your data” by Nitasha Tiku, the new google app knows everything in your friend’s house and a lot of other items. This requires a lot of data, especially since it’s AI. This shows that all the conveniences need our privacy and personal data which is more important than convenience.


The convenience of Big Data Is outweighed by our privacy which should be protected. Companies could sell your data, they know your location at all time, and cameras on the streets identify your face. Big Data obviously knows more from all the data. Evidence shows that companies such as Facebook sells data, telephone companies have your location, and cameras know your face. Thanks to big data, we do not have any privacy anymore, this is a crisis, its going against our basic rights. We have ours rights to have our privacy and companies should not be able to invade it, they can make money, but they cannot invade our privacy and our rights. It is inhumane to take away data that does not belong to you and sell it. It’s selfish and cruel. This evil data not be used thinking about our privacy. Making sure that your privacy is protected and that you’re on a secure website is important. Take a step back and save your privacy and rights.






Stories of the Future: Day Zero

Problems of the Future

  • Problem 1: Limited resources.
  • Problem 2: Climate change.
  • Problem3: Growing population.


  • Questions
  • Question1: Is it possible to clear the pollution?
  • Question2: What will we do when the world is overpopulated?


  • I have a pessimistic view of the future.




I think this all connects to the basic needs of a living thing: food, water, and shelter. The more people there is, the more of it we need.

I used be pessimistic, now I am still pessimistic. I am pessimistic since that we need more resources when the population grows. I see now how hard it is to grow food, get water, and make cities. Working all day might only give you less than you need. This is why I am pessimistic.

I would sum up todays experience as: The human Kind is in danger, resources are scarce. It’s because since we experienced how hard it would be to get resources, and how much we consume

Make It: Final Presentation

this is our plan to travel and how to get back.

This is our final product for the trip. Our route will hit stations such as Olympic Green and also Lama temple. We are finally gonna arrive at Joycity and eat. Our plan back is to take line 14 by transferring on line 6 and transfer to line 15. We travelled first to Olympic Green to go to the bird’s nest. Then We went to the station after that on line 8 which is basicly the same place. We then skipped the soccer place and went to the Lama temple. After that, we went to Joy City to get lunch. One problem is that the trains were really crowded. We solved that problem by splitting up and then meeting up at Olympic Green. I improved my problem solving skills. We discussed our routes to go to the sites, analysed the route, took out stations we can’t go to, and finally came up with a solution. My highlight was when we were separated but managed to get back together through Wechat


his is our plan to travel and how to get back.Photo of Joy City.

On the trip on Thursday, we went way off schedule. We were not really focused so then we wasted a lot of time. Rush hour is a big problem, since we have to wait a long time and because the train was too crowded.


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