The Journey of Christianity

This is an e-Book about Christianity and it’s legacy of the Roman Empire.  I hope you enjoy the book!

Temple Field Trip 2019

What Did I Learn?

I went on a field trip with my class to a few Chinese temples, our first stop was a Buddhist Temple called Lama Temple. I learned that the Lama temple was built in around 1754 but I am not sure because it was written on a specific building that did not state the WHOLE temple was built at that time. The temple was split into many small temples and each temple had a statue of Buddha and a place to pray with incense. I also learned that the length of the incense could determine the length of your life. If you accidentally break the incense about a quarter, you will live till 85 years old, if you break it in half you will live till 50 years old, if you break it 3/4 then you will live till 25 years old.

Design Technology SangYoon’s Catchall

My biggest success was actually doing the phone stand because it was pretty challenging, I had to cut multiple small pieces of wood and I had to alight the stand to the charger and drill a hole for the charger to go through.

If I did this again, one thing I would do differently is to make the edges smoother so that it doesn’t cause splinters. I would also add some decorations/colors to the catchall.

Overall, I think this product was successful because it contained all the products I was hoping to contain and also because it looks really good. Although some parts are a bit rough and messy, it worked out!

This is my ThingLink about Ancient Greece in a perspective of a 12 year old Spartan boy in the army.

The End of Fosterist

One Day 2018 – Out of the Blocks

Today in Out of the Blocks we went across the road to a senior community to interview them about some deep stories about themselves. Our goal was to make relationship and get to know them and interview them. Our group chose a series of questions to ask them, we came out with 19 questions that would give them a deep response to their personal stories. I was the main interviewer because my Chinese was the most fluent in our group, we did switch interviewers so everyone gets to try every part of the job. The responses we got were not so surprising because most of the seniors either didn’t give us a deep response or they didn’t have a deep story to talk about. About 1/3 of them told us some very amazing and interesting stories. The technology we used had amazing qualities, without these cameras and microphones’s, the interview could have been much worse.

This was one of the most amazing things i’ve ever done so this day can never be forgotten. This whole interview was done in just one day, this is a great journey for one day.

Interesting Paper

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I am OK at playing guitar, but its not my favourite instrument.


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