special skincare

one challenge that I faced is I could not get out my bath bomb out of my container so I smushed it and left it in a bag and named is bath powder.

Something that I learned during this process is when you fail you can always fix it or find another way to solve the problem. and I also learned to make body butter.

Something that I would do differently is I would make soap and I would also like to make some perfume or perfume bars.

How nutrition affect the most deadly disease


Cancer Cancer can start any place in the body. It starts when cells grow out of control and crowd out normal cells. This makes it hard for the body to work the way it should.


Bad: High fat, high oil(trans), high sugar, processed foods


Good: Vegetable, Berries, Organic, meat, Carrots, Dairy

Orange coloured, fruits

Nutrition impact our lives, eating healthy things such as vegetables, berries, carrots, and green things. These foods will make you happy and will let you live a healthy life. It is ,such easier then you think.

Eating bad things such as fat, high oil, high sugar, etc… Eating these food will lead you to the world’s most deadly diseases. So eating healthy things and thing with lots of nutritions will really affect your lives depending on what you eat.

But eating these healthy food will not keep you from not having these diseases forever.

These sandwiches are made out of ham, cheese, vegetable, bread.

I chose this because it has grains, protein, dairy, vegetable so it is really healthy. And it is a low sugar food

This dish is relevant to me because I eat it for breakfast everyday. Some other influences are I have no choice my ayi makes for me.