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Make it one paragraph here: Looking back on Project Recharge, I learned that freedom and power are related. This is because the more power you have, the more freedom you will get. For example, the child laborers have less power, so they have less freedom. Therefore, they have to work day and night. Before this project I used to think that having both freedom and power is not that important. and not very hard to obtain. But now, I have learned that its important and hard to achieve for certain people. For example, child labors almost have no freedom and power. So, for them to get freedom and power would be very hard because they need to have high status in the society and they need to be wealthy. On the other hand, it would be much easier for children born in wealthy families to gain freedom and power. Looking back on Project Recharge, I realize that having to obtain both freedom and power is very hard. This is because the more freedom and power you have then the more responsibility you need. For,example, when, you get a job and you start out in a very low rank, you probably don’t have any freedom so you wouldn’t need to have a lot of responsibility. But, when you have a very high rank in your job then you will have much more freedom and power so you will need to use it appropriately. Therefore, you will need lots of responsibility. As you can see, having freedom and power is very important but at the same time it is very hard to maintain.

River Field Study – Data Collection 5

On March, we went to the Wenyu river again. Here are some pictures our group took that day.

This is a picture of our site. The site is called slide.                                         This is a picture of the trees that is at the river

This is the trash net site.


In march the temperature of the water air and soil of both site all increased. But, the air temperature for the trash line didn’t increase. Instead, it decreased. I feel like the thermometer that we used in January was not accurate. Because the temperature at the trash line was 8 Celsius but the temperature at the slide was 3 Celsius. The next time we collect data I feel like the temperature would increase a lot. I wonder is the temperature high enough for the trees to have leafs.

Express It: Reflection

When I was make my board first I had to plan out a design on a piece of paper. Then I copied the design on my rough draft. After that I copy the final design on the skate board. For my design I first used pencil to draw out an out line of the design. Then I used the paint marker to  trace out the designs. After that I taped the part that I didn’t want spray paint on. At last I took the skate board outside and I spray painted the board from a distant of six to eight inches. The part that I enjoyed the most this week was drawing on the skate board. I find this very interesting because I’ve never used paint markers to draw on the skate board and I really love drawing. One skill that I developed was thinking of a design because it has always been hard for me to think of a design, and this project helped me to develop this skill.

Express it: Create and Improve

Something that worked out for my skate board was the part where I had to do the gradient to the sky. I feel like that part worked out very well. A problem that I had to overcome was that I was missing a colour for the city so then I had to blend to colours together to make that colour. But after I did that the colour was very uneven. But then at last my friend brought in the colour that I wanted so I just covered the uneven colour with the colour that I wanted. Something that I would do differently next time is I would spray paint the backside of the board instead of drawing something because I feel like there is too much design in it. 

Express it

The materials that I used for this skate board was paint markers and spray paint. And I used so tape to help me with my technique. I chose paint markers because this type of material is easier to draw with and you can draw more detailed stuff. I chose spray paint because since I need to cover the whole other side with white I thought it would be more efficient if I spray painted it. I used the tape because I can use that to cover up the part that I don’t want spray paint on.

Express it!

Skateistan is an organisation that is in Cambodia, Afghanistan, and South Africa. This organisation combines skateboarding with education outcomes. In ten years skateistan had made a huge difference in the kids that participated this organisation. Their mission is to make leaders for a better world.

I choose this image because this goes with my skate board and I like how it shows the city and the night sky. And I thought this would be a great representation of my skate board. The first step to create my skate board is first draw your initial design then copy the design on to an A3 paper. After that use the transfer paper to copy your rough draft. At last draw your sketch on the skate board carefully. My target audience are middle schoolers because I feel like they might like this design. 

Collision reflection

Looking back on Collision, I learned that in order to slow something down using a parachute your parachute has to be at least 5 times bigger than the object. For example, when we were doing our drop zero. The first design had a parachute that was only about two times bigger than our package. So, when we were dropping the package it just slammed in to the force plate. But at the end we found out that our parachute had to be bigger than that in order to slow down the speed. So our second design was much better.

Before this project I used to think that this unit would be very easy. But now I think it’s not as easy for example when we were designing our parachute we thought we only needed a parachute for this to work but when we did drop zero the package did not flow so well.

Looking back on Collision, I realize that I learned a lot of things. For example, I learned about how to write a pitch that could persuade your investors to buy your products. Something else that I learned is that your parachute need to be bigger than your package in order to have a soft landing.

River field study- data collection

    Jan 25

This site is the trash line                   This site is the slide

Soil: 0 degrees  Water: 4 degrees  Air: 8

Comparing to the previous few trips the temperature is the lowest out of     all. A wonder that I have is  will the temperature be any lower than this time’s temperature.

Soil: 0 degrees

Water: 5 degrees.

Air: 8 degrees

Drop one! yayayay

We did drop one on January 22. Something that we improved on was we decreased the velocity of our package. However, we only decreased the velocity by 0.78m/s and the other drop was 1.08m/s. Something that we would do next time is adding an additional larger parachute on top of the parachute we have now.

Drop zero!

In Project Collisions, I am creating a system to deliver candies by drones. The drone will release the package from a height up to 10 meters and my job as an engineer is to develop a solution so that the package is protected in its fall.

For Drop 0, a package with the dimensions of 15*18*6 was dropped from a height of 5 meters. Below is a photograph of the package.

The package will hold  candies, the items are organised like this:


The purpose of Drop 0 is to get baseline data about our package. The group developed a testing procedure so that we can be consistent on how data is collected throughout the design cycle.

During the drops, I noticed that the item did not hit the target and when the item dropped the box made a very big sound. I wonder would the item break if if fell from ten meters.

The average time it took for our package to fall the 5 meters was 1.75 seconds. Using LoggerPro, we plotted out the fall of the package. During the fall, the box’s terminal velocity was 8.61 meters per second.


Our three metrics are velocity per second, our goal for velocity is to decrease 25 percent. The other metric is force, our goal for this is to decrease the amount of force when it hits the target. Our last metric is accuracy. Our goal for accuracy is to hit the target every time we drop our item.  In drop zero our velocity per second is about eight seconds  and the force is about 90-170. For accuracy our package is accurate 60 percent of the time, In other times our package is 40 cm away from the target.

Our group is now building the first prototype. I hope that we can decrease the amount of force when it hits the target using a parachute and always hit the target.

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