Future apartment


As a collaborator I feel like we encouraged each others ideas and I was comfortable in sharing my ideas. But I feel like me and my group should collaborate a bit more because I feel like in this design we didn’t really include Elizabeth’s idea so maybe next time we should communicate more.

As a thinker, I learned how to use tinker cad and it was new to me. I am happy with our final design because our final design has a really good use of space. Something that I realised that our group did well was we all shared our ideas and we were all comfortable in sharing our ideas. One challenge that we had during this project was one of our group member was sick for one week so when she was sick me and my other group member was already done with our final design. so when she came back, we basically need to restart our final design and add her ideas. overall we did this project in a rush.





The big and small egg

This is an improved model and explanation



(we only have two data points because the rest of our eggs popped)


River Field Study – Data Collection 3

This is a picture of the trees at the Wenyu river.  As you can see

the trees doesn’t have anymore leaves on it due to the weather.

slide:  Air-6c, soil-3c, water-8c

Trash line: air-8.5, soil-12c, water-8c

A wonder that I have for next time is will the temperature change a lot?

What? So What? Now What?

An issue that we are facing today and will get worse in the future is pollution.  According to OMICS international they said that pollution can affect humans’ respiratory system and it would also affect crops, this affects us a lot because in the future our population would increase a lot. Which means that we would need crops to feed more people, so if we don’t have crops then humans would starve.  Also according to OMICS international global warming is also caused by pollution, so this means that the icebergs would melt leading to sea level rising. One thing that I should start to do is eating less meat to prevent green house gas, and I can try my best to ride a bike, or I could go on a bus.

Traveling Through Time

foragers to the future

This is my initial sketch and my partner helped me think about what icons I should do for the future.

Stories of the Future: Day Zero

 Urgent problems that we should solve by 2050

  •  Global warming
  • Decreasing the amount of plastic around the world
  •  Over population

Question/wonder I Have 

  • I wonder what will happen if we don’t solve global warming?
  • Can we make artificial land just for in case we over populate?

I am a optimist.  

Food water and city all connect together because they are all very important and if humans increase then food and water would decrease and we would also need to increase the amount of city around the world. I used to think that I am a optimist but then after today I realised that there is a lot of problems that we didn’t solve yet.


I learned what would happen in the future.


The Pastel Tiles

My art work is called the pastel tiles, this represents piano tiles and I also have circular tiles for a decoration in the background.

The medias that I used for this artwork is a big wood piece, acrylic paint, glaze, and clay. So, first I colored the wood piece white. Then I used pink acrylic paint and a bit of green to cover the white. After that I used black acrylic paint to outline out the piano. After I used my data to see what colors I am going to paint the tiles. After I painted the tiles, I start making my clay tiles then I glaze them.

The big idea of this art work is that I combined the mix of my emotions, and the amount of sleep I sleep every day. For the background, I did pink and green because for me pink represents happy and I am happy for the most of the time so I chose pink, I used a bit of green because for me green represent tiredness so I used a bit of green. And I also used my emotions for the colors of the piano tiles. And for the clay tiles I did the same things but for the size I used the amount of sleep so the more I sleep the bigger the tiles are.

My goals were to including multiple pieces of data in the artwork and that worked for me. My overall thought on this art work is good because I did my goal and I tried my best to challenge my self.









The Story of Big Data

Big data can be in our lives in many ways. Today, the world produces an estimated 2.5 exabytes or 2.5 billion gibibytes of data, and all this data comes from social media and more. Big data is the understanding and the prediction of human behaviors by studying large volumes of data. Big data is important because it tells companies about their audience’s interests so, they can improve their customer’s experience. It’s true that big data can make our lives easier and safer, but you also need to beware of your privacy.   

Big data can make our lives easier and safer, but of course you still need to beware of your privacy. The reason why big data can make our lives safer is because, Paul Gill from “Life wire” said that big data can profile victims, suspects and criminals in specific places, this helps a lot because a police officer might spend years on just finding one criminal, and during this time the criminal might have already caused more trouble! But now you can find a criminal within a day! In Guiyang, people are already starting this program. The system there has an image of every single resident, John Sudworth from “BBC NEWS” tested the system out. His picture was given to the authority as a suspect and after a few minutes the security cameras will spot him, and when he is found the place that he is in will raise an alarm. After seven minutes the police will come, and he will be captured. An even more flabbergasting fact is that the system can even track the places that you have been to and it can even track the people that you have met recently! Another evidence is, Kenneth Cukier said “more data allows us to see better and it can allow us to see new. So, in Japan, Tokyo, a designer designed a car that can tell if you are an approved or un- approved driver or not! This is very useful because throughout the world a lot of people’s death can be caused by a car accident, so this car would benefit our life a lot! Therefore, big data can make our lives safer. 

Big data can make our lives easier and safer, but again you still need to beware of your privacy. The reason why big data can make our lives easier is because “Life wire” said that WNYC radio programmer Steve Melendez combined the online subway schedule with travel itinerary software. His creation lets New Yorkers click their location on the map, and a prediction of travel time for trains and subway will appear. This benefit us a lot because now you won’t be late for school or work! 

I love Mcdonald! But do you feel hostile waiting in line to order your food and every time you would need to think for a long time for what you are ordering? Well in China, Beijing this is not a problem according to China, Mcdonald store can scan your face with a giant screen and then you can order the food that you want! And every time you go to any MacDonald in china the machine will recognize your face and it will recommend you the food that you might want to order. This also benefit the store because the costumer has a higher chance of buying the food at the restaurant. And this can make the costumers happy. And now if you were wondering would the program be hacked by someone that printed out a fake face to mimic yours’s so they can access to your personal data, but it’s not something you should worry about because Josh Chin said “the system can’t get hacked using fake faces” so you won’t need to worry about that. Also, you can use your face for many other things like, going in to your office or to log in in to global apps, you can even get money out of the ATM with just your face! Which means big data can make our lives easier. 

Big data can make our lives easier and safer, but you need to beware of your privacy. The reason why you need to beware of your privacy is you might think using WeChat and chatting about random things on WeChat is OK with your friends, right? But wait until you hear my story. One day, I open my WeChat like usual and check if there is anyone that sent me any messages. But a person that I don’t really know well said, “hey would you mind me borrowing five hundred Kuai from you?” first I thought it was weird cause I don’t really know him, and second, why would he want five hundred Kuai for no reasons? So, what I did is I ignored him. But he kept on asking and asking and asking. So, I blocked him. The next week at school I asked him why he needed five hundred Kuai. He was confused at first and he kept quiet. Then he reached for his phone in his pocket and checked his WeChat. And that’s when he and me realized that his WeChat got hacked. Well, the good thing is that I didn’t give the hacker any money! This story shows that even when your chatting with your friends on WeChat, you still need to be aware of your privacy. 

It’s true that big data can make our lives easier and safer in a lot of ways but, we also need to acknowledge that Nilay Patel from the verge said, “ISP can now sell your personal data without your permission” and service provider ask for permission to sell your data. And it is also required for the ISPS. So, you are just paying them to eventually sell your information. Therefore, you need to beware of giving people your data. 




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5KgDka0FYAthevergeISPcannowsellyourpersonaldatawithout yourpermissionAprl42017 



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNf4-d6fDoYChina: “the world’s biggest camera surveillance network” – BBC NewsDec252017BBCNEWS 










Make it: Final presentation

Some challenges that we overcame and encountered was when some of our group members couldn’t fit in the train causing us to wait for them. But we used the WeChat group to communicate which stop we meet at and how we can let this type of thing not happen again. So the next time we went on the train everyone fitted in the same train at the same time. some skills that we developed was collaborating and problem solving because today, Thursday when ever we had a problem we solve it immediately and we would also collaborate in making a plan. A high light through out the week was meeting some new people and eating lunch with them also solving problems with these great people.


Make it: Create and Improve

Something that didn’t work for us was at first everyone tried to fit into the same door for the train and at last half of our group was left behind and another thing that didn’t go well was the head count because some people were not paying a lot of attention and this caused us to waste a lot of time. Something that worked well was after the group got lost we got in contact with them directly so the WeChat group worked really well and everyone was always with a buddy. The most challenging thing was that there was a lot of people on the train so a lot of us couldn’t get on the train. A way that we over came that challenge was splitting in to groups of three and going in to the train’s door in small groups, this way all of us could fit in the same train. I can use the feed back to improve my prototype by adding more specific information that the people suggested.



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