One day project

Our original plan for this project was to make an iphone ringtone remix using actual instruments. However, we made changes to our original plan and used garage band instead.

Our song has a bright tone with the base melody repeatedly playing over and over again. I created the melodies and the base tune while my partner Sangyoon worked with a beat constructer to create the background sounds.

How I will be a kinder person

I will become a kinder person by giving help to people in need and saying hello to people at the lockers

Goal for humanities

Strand: social studies

I want to improve on catching the key points in text resources.

To reach this goal, I will do 3 Newsela articles every week.

Student as a learner

Collaboration: I have to improve on solving conflicts by listening to the group members. Especially during literature circles.

I will make this happen by helping other people more often because it can help me improve my skill of understanding other people’s opinions.


This is my thing link about Zeus and his importance to the lives of ancient Greeks.

The Best Christmas Present

This book is about a boy finding his family. After his fencing competition, his family mysteriously disappears. What had happened to them?

How I help nurture a safe and supportive learning community

I help nurture a safe and supportive learning community by trying to include every group member during discussions.

I want to use more English to help nurture a safe and supportive learning community. This will help because it’s a language that everyone knows which can make everyone feel comfortable and involved. Additionally, it will help with my grades because I would improve in English speaking it more often.

Reflecting on fall trips

The highlight of my trip was the zip-line course because it was my first time doing that and it was very fun. One challenge I had to overcome was the Jacobs ladder where I had to go  up many ladders. I felt this challenging because I was scared to stand up on the ladders which resulted me to sit on the ladder in an awkward position. I helped others by cheering for them and others helped me in the same way.

After school activities

Because I have math and swimming lessons outside of school, I don’t have time to do the after school activities offered at school. On Mondays, I have to do homework for both school and math because I have the lesson on Tuesday.

On Tuesdays, I have to go to my math lesson and study from 5pm to 8pm and in between 4 to 5, I need to eat dinner. If I still have time left, I will use that time to relax.

On Wednesdays, I have to go swimming for 1hour to 1.5 hour. Then, I need to go back home and do my homework for both math and school. If I have time left after the schedule, I will relax.

On Thursdays, I have to first do my homework and then I have to practice jump roping because I need to grow taller. After that, I will use the leftover time before bed to do things I want.

Fridays are the days I get to rest. The only thing I do that day is sometimes swim and mostly just study for about 30 minutes.

Also, for all days, I will go to sleep at 10 pm and finish all my homework by using small spare times. For example, on the bus.

The code of Hammurabi

The code of Hammurabi

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