Lost And Found

Lost And Found                Big Mistake!!                 It is really good to go to school with some you know ( especially on the first day of school.) like your siblings, your BFF or something like that. But the first day of school Jay’s twin brother was sick.   But the first day of school Jay’s twin brother was sick at home, but Jay actually like… Read more →

The Report Card

The Report Card  BE QUIET!!!!!     DON’T TELL ANYONE ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!       Do you know that Nora is actually a genius?  Please don’t tell anyone about that, because Nora wants to stay in fifth grade. And Nora don’t want anyone to now she is not just an ordinary kid so she is keeping an secret from everyone even her family, friends, and teachers. No one knows about this. But you… Read more →

The School Story

The School Story            Natalie’s BFF Zoe, thinks that Natalie’s novel is really good and she thinks her story should be published because it is really good. But Natalie said how can a 12 year old girl publish a book? And Natalie’s mom is an publisher, but Natalie doesn’t want to ask her mom because she will take it to her boss and mom’s boss wold not… Read more →