Humanities Goals 2018-2019

Reading; I want to be able to answer questions correctly after reading stories, books, or articles.


– Reading more Newsela Articles.

– Reading books and annotating questions or important parts.

– Collect Evidence while reading.

Humanities Student as a Learner Goal (Kaylyn)

I chose the part in Attitude where it says in Satisfactory: responds effectively when facing challenges. When I did the test of Thing Link, it was a bit challenging for me to understand and follow it because I was confused, however, I solved. But, I still am scared to start new things, and I should try to take risks. Therefore, I am aiming for the part in Examplary to take risks while facing challenges. Sometimes, it is challenging for me to take risks and go further than I can.

Think Link (Kaylyn)

This is my Thing Link about why or how were the Spartans different from other Greece city-states. Our task was to make some interviews, by writing like we have time traveled to Ancient Greece and learn a lot of things about the topic.

Grade 7 Fall Trip

At the trip, I took risks like climbing up the Jacob’s Ladder and the Tower of Terror. For example, before I went up there, I started to feel scared and thought about negative things. However, after I did all of the courses and climbed up, I felt more comfortable and happy that I overcame my fears of height. Afterwards, I won’t be scared for other physical learnings and climbing up to high places because I already achieved the ones that I feared the most.

Innovation of Math in Egypt

The innovation of Egyptian mathematics was a strong event that affected the lives those days, and also these days. The different uses of mathematics in Egypt, when and what did they invent specifically in math, and how is it important, is all included in this article. If you want to learn more about how math was invented in ancient Egypt, I prefer you to read this.

To read full article, click here:

Egyptian Mathematics

One Day Project Paper Quilling

One Day Paper Quilling Project for Chinese New Year


Step 1. We have drawn the basic patterns and ideas for the Chinese New Year, so that we can place the quillings in the right place.


Step 2. We have used the basic patterns and different colours to represent the happiness of the Chinese New Year, and we used the bright sun and some blossoms that just got bloomed, to show the new morning of 2018. In addition, we used the dog paws because its the year of dog, so we drew it and filled it with some quillings.


Step 3. We have glued the paper quillings to the paper, but we thought that we had to fill the white parts to make it more colourful, so we made some of the swirls to make it more creative.


Step 4. We have presented it to the class and we made a name for this art; it is called “The Secret Garden.” We chose this name because we used many flowers to make it look light, and it was like a garden filled with flowers. After that, we had time to make other things, so we made a card to celebrate Chinese New Year by including paper quilling to decorate the card.


Making the paper quilling was fun and stimulating, but there were some challenges because we thought that it will have an exact shape. However, it was different because we could only make easy kinds of paper quilling shapes, and it didn’t show the particular shape of the object. On the other hand, we thought about some solutions, which helped us solve the problem; we have cut a thin paper and put it around the quillings to show the exact shape of the object.



If I could try this One Day Project one more time, then I could change some of the variables to make it look better. First, I can try a different idea and get inspired from the animal of the year and draw or create the specific piece. Second, I could represent the basic topic without just using different ideas and just use one idea. It was an exciting project, however it also took some patience and hard work to make a beautiful art work and present to other people.



Paper Quilling helped us learn a new way to create art without only using drawing or painting and we could use the thin papers to make and create ideas of many different topics. In addition, it helped us learn another skill of art and I think we could try it out again as a hobby, when we want to use different kinds of art.

The Lead of Nutrition

Hello, everybody, this is Kaylyn. These days, we’re learning about how diseases are caused, in PE, how we can avoid them, or what we need to eat to benefit avoiding the 5 main diseases.

The table explained what to avoid and what we have to do at the same time, so that we can avoid the 5 main diseases that cause death, or other diseases, too. As I said, the message I want to send people is that little changes can help your body avoid diseases. In addition, if people follow my suggestions, then, their life will be much easier and not having to worry about getting diseases, because they are keep caring their selves by eating healthy foods. I think this is very important because if these aren’t followed, then there will be lots of problems in the organ of your body functions, so it is better to be aware from now on.

  Snack Party (Food I Brought, Rice Cake Stick)

  • Ingredient: Little bit of honey, rice cake, stick
  • Food Group: Carbohydrate
  • I brought this because your body sometimes need a bit of honey, as a fat. (If there is lack of fat, the balance isn’t good enough for your body.)
  • Some of the sweets and harsh fiber helps your body digest foods.
  • This snack is popular in our Korean culture, so we eat it normally.

    Things I should be doing for health: Exercises, Drink water/ Good oilsRelax
    Things I should be avoiding: Bad fats, Stress, High blood pressure, sweet foods, artificial sweet


These nutritions that are good for diseases:–anti-inflammatory-foods-food-pyramid.jpg

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