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Keeping Their Own Duty

Ji-Li had lived in a happy family but after the Cultural Revolution began, her life changed. Ji-Li’s grandfather was a landlord which categorized him as the Four Old. This caused Ji-Li to be highly targeted by the Red Guard. She couldn’t be a Red Successor because of her family’s background. Her father was taken by the Red Guard because he refused to admit the fact that he committed a serious counterrevolutionary crime. Ji-Li had a choice to either disown her father or rebel against the party, Ji-Li couldn’t bring herself to disavow her father so she refuses too. This action cause Ji-Li for public humiliation and she lost her position that she worked very hard to get. Just because of the fact that her grandfather was a landlord, she and the rest of her family faced a lot of troubles and livedKeeping Their Own DutyKeeping Their Own Duty in fear.


Duty isn’t something that is always good and sometimes brings destruction. JI-Li Jian is the oldest out of her family so she feels a duty toward her younger sibling. Later when her father is taken by the Red Guard, things didn’t improve in her family. Her mother’s health was getting worse and constantly sick for her Ménière’s diseases. Her grandma was highly targeted because she was the landlord’s wife. This is when Ji-Li despise her own problem, has to take care of her family. “His was the hardest job, but considering Grandma’s age—she was over seventy—and Mom’s and Dad’s busy schedules, I felt it was my duty.” (Jiang,98) Her parent also relies on her to help the family. “Ji-li,” Mom said suddenly. “If anything happens to your Grandma and me, remember, you’re the oldest. Make sure you take good care of your brother and sisters” (262) She had promised her family that she will keep them safe and keep them safe but she feels that she had failed them. “I had promised during the days that Grandma and I had hidden in the park; I had promised when I had not testified against Dad; I had promised when I had hidden the letter. I would never do anything to hurt my family and I would do anything I could to take care of them.” (262)



During the Cultural Revolution, the reason why so many people joined the Red Guard is that they felt that they had a duty to serve their own country. It was their duty to serve Chairman Mao and work for their country. Because of that, some child staring disowning their family. “The daughter of our former Party Secretary resolved to make a clean break with her mother. When she went onstage to condemn her mother, she actually slapped her face.” (234) When a man persuaded Ji-Li he said “You are different from your parents. You were born and raised in New China. You are a child of Chairman Mao. You can choose your own destiny: You can make a clean break with your parents and follow Chairman Mao, and have a bright future; or you can follow your parents, and then… you will not come to a good end”(198-199) Ji-Li had a choice to leave her ‘black’ family behind and become the great Red Guard but thankfully Ji-Li didn’t take that choice. This caused children to disown their family and brought destruction to the family. Duty isn’t always something that has a positive affect and should be kept.



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Up and Down


My biggest obstacle was with the gear. The servo wasn’t attached properly to the robot itself so the gear was to one side which meant that even if the servo was working, the stick wouldn’t move so the board wasn’t going up and down. At out first petting zoo, We had to physically hold the gear so it was moving. Later we fixed the problem by putting a stack of cardboard next to the gear so it would support the server and stop it from being lopsided. Also, we used duct tape and other kinds of tape to add extra support to the gear.

One piece of advice I would give a future student doing this project is to wait until the last moment. I and my partner left it to the last minute so the night right before the first zoo, our thing had a problem because the gear was not working properly. We didn’t have time to solve it so when we were doing the first petting zoo, one of us had to hold it while doing it. Thankfully we managed to solve that problem by using tape on the second petting zoo.

My biggest success was that we actually managed it to work. At first when we were discussing how we were gonna make it move it up and down which we had no idea how we were gonna work it out. Thankfully Mr.Layman had a special kind of gear which made it able to go up and down. Also, we weren’t sure that the robot would work because the board and the gear weren’t working properly but in the end, it managed to work perfectly which was really unexpected.

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The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in Plain English

The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in Plain English took place in China from 1966-1976 which is about ten years. This revolution causes a huge impact on the government of China and not only China itself but constantly other countries as well. Unlike other revolution, this Cultural Revolution was more focused on the government but still the citizens and the Chinese people also played a huge part. The thing that was interesting was that usually the people would come together and rebel against the government but the government directly asked for the revolution which was really unique, unlike other revolution. The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution was a huge turning point not only to China but also the whole world.

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Farther research on future mission

Claim: NASA should focus future mission at the Saturn’s moon, Enceladus. 

Evidence & Reasoning: A liquid ocean exists beneath the icy surface of Enceladus, which is barely 300 miles across. Clouds of water vapor spray from the cracks on the south pole of the moon.

Cassini uncovered the hydrogen during its final close flyby of Enceladus in 2015. It searched deeper through the moon’s clouds of vapor and particles. The researchers reported finding hydrogen and carbon dioxide. 

One of the key reason why another planet is not suitable for people to live in is that there wasn’t water on the planet. Scientists had actually found a lot of hydrogen which identifies that there would be water in Enceladus. Not only that but they actually founded ocean. 

Not only that but there are things that are happening in Enceladus that is how life began on Earth. For example when ocean, rock and water bump into each other, it causes a chemical reaction which is basically how life began on each.


NASA Just Revealed There Could Be Life On Saturn’s Moon, Enceladus …

Saturn moon ‘able to support life’ – BBC News

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Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone-Andy Biersack


I designed a book cover because the theme for “I am Malala” by Malala Yousafzai is about the importance of education and standing up for what you believe is right even if you are the only one

The way I did was that I basically stacked different books in my home and took a picture and adjusted it to the right filter. 

The reason why I put a picture of stacks of books is similar to why I choose to do a book cover. To me, education represents a lot of things but one of the things is books and we can find books all around us. Malala valued education and its value and strongly believes that everyone should get education. Malala fights about the right to education and fights for not only girls and women’s rights but also young boys who don’t get the basic human rights that they should get. So I thought by creating a something related to books, it represents for what she is really fighting for, the education and its value. 

Also, the other theme is speaking your voice out to the public and believing in your belief to the end. The most important aspect of life is that I believe in so strongly is standing for what you believe in even if you are the only one. This is why I value and respect Malala so much and the reason why she is actually my role model. Usually, when people have a belief, people would stay in the shadow and would refuse to come out because when they come out to the light, they know that second, they would be a target and would their life would be in danger.

Malala, on the other hand,, knew she was in danger and almost got killed by the Taliban because she kept on fighting for her belief. She didn’t hide away but rather stood firm and kept strong for her belief. 

“Malala,” I said to myself. “Just tell him what is in your heart. That you want an education. For yourself. For all girls. For his sister, his daughter. For him” (Yousafzai, 119)

“Well Malala,” I told myself, “you’re not doing anything wrong. You are speaking for peace, four your rights, for the rights of girls. That’s not wrong. That’s your duty.” (92)

These two quotes really emphasize what she is fighting for and who is fighting for. Malala is not only fighting for her self and about the whole world. She kept on going because she knew she was doing the right thing and she is speaking not as one voice, not as an individual but for the whole generations of girls and their human rights who are aching for their human rights and the education that they all need. This what kept her going after she was shot in the head by the Taliban and with her additional family support she kept strong and fought in the past and is still constantly fighting.

The quote “Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone” was by Andy Biersack.


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  1. Start with a slip knot and chain by the multiple of 3 and then add two chains. Chain as many as you want which would be the width of the blanket. I wanted to make a big blanket so I chained 99 chains which are the multiple of 3 and then added 2 chains which are 101 chains.
  2. Then single crochet in the second chain from the hook. Chain 3 skip 2 chains from the original line and repeat until the last chain and do a single crochet in the final foundation chain.
  3. Chain 3, double crochet in the first single crochet stitch. Single crochet in the chain 3 peace and 3 double crochet in the next single crochet in the next single crochet and repeat and insert the 2 double crochet in the last single crochet.
  4. Chain 1, single crochet in the first stitch. Chain 3 skip 3 stitches single crochet and chain 3. Repeat and single correct in the top of the Turing chain to finish this row.

I do a crocheting enrichment so I already knew how to crochet. I wanted to make a blanket but I couldn’t find the appropriate time to do so I decided to make one on one day. 

I didn’t get to finish it because the blanket was rather long in length so I only did 5 sets. 

One of the problems I faced yesterday was that when I was changing the color, I connected it and cut the original string but later the new string fall off so I had to take out the whole row and restart that whole row.

Also later I discovered that when I do the slip stitch in the chain 3 space, I did it rather loose because if the string was to tight then it would have been curved which was not I wanted so I did it pretty loose but later I discovered that if it wasn’t tight the shape doesn’t come out as I wanted to to be. But I didn’t want to waste my 5 hours of work so I just left it as it is.

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How “Big” is big?

Claim: The Hubble Deep Field had more impact on me on understanding the distance in the universe.

Evidence & Reasoning

“To Astronomers and cosmologists who work with this stuff every day, it makes perfect sense to them for the rest of us through these numbers are so big we just end up with a blank stare on our face when we hear them” (1:06)

In the Hubble Deep Field, in 3:08 and the video zoomed out and showed the different location of each planet in the solar system. This made my mind go around the distance between each planet. When I was learning about the solar system, I really couldn’t understand how long is 400 light year or whatever distance that they were talking about so it was really hard to get my head around it and understand the real distance of it. In the Hubble Deep Field, they used an actual picture of a Pinwheel galaxy to explain that was taken from the Hubble Deep Field. This picture was really the main thing that helped me understand because when the video zoom in and that the one small dot/star is our universe and there is so much more universe not only us but there are thousands, millions, billions of more. This idea was fascinating to me because this meant that there is a whole world that we have no idea who lives there and what they are like.

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Diving into the Water

I felt that I improved my swimming skill a lot and I became more confident about my swimming skills. When I first started, I really didn’t want to swim because before when I did swimming in the swim team, it was so hard and exhausting I stopped being in the team. I kind of had this like fear of going into the pool because of the exhaustion but later I really enjoyed going into the pool because it was actually really fun and I was glad to go swimming again in 4 months. 

My goal was to improve my diving position and my freestyle technique if needed but I was mainly focused on diving.


I improved my diving skills and technique on the block.


I improved and learned new diving skills on the block.

I am really happy that I chose swimming because when I was in the swim team, I mainly focused on the speed rather than the technique but I really wanted to improve my technique. I am also glad I improved my diving position. I was always bad at diving and I didn’t want to get an embarrassment so I had an fear of diving. At first, I didn’t want to do diving but my friend was doing diving, so I decided to try diving. When I learned how to actually dive, it was very fun and enjoyable because my Coach, Coach Isabella was really nice and taught me different techniques and also waiting patiently if I didn’t quite get it and kept encouraging me.

In my first video, you can see that when I dive and in a perfect stream line, my hand is already in the water and my body’s angle is lower and much closer to the water. For my other video, when I am in an perfect stream line I am still in the air and not touching the water. Also, the angle of my body is higher from the water compared to the first one. Also when I dive, even if it is a very small difference, my body is more curved, less straight and more in the air than my first one.

I want to know how professional swimmers swim dive and their position. I also want to know different technique like looking at the flag and then go in to the water or the relay dive.



First Video↓

Second Video↑

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For You A Thousand Times Over

In “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini, the main conflict in this book is Person v.s. Self. It is about Amir dealing with guilt with the sine that he committed by ignoring and not saving Hassan when he could have. I picked out serval scenes in the book to show the relationship around Amir.

I used percentages to put more meaning in the media I choose. For the first scene when Amir asked Hassan for the kite, it starts with 84% and later it goes down to 36%. Later when Hassan asks what he did wrong to Amir and Amir snaps at him and turns him down it goes to 19%. But later when Rahim Khan asked Amir to get Sohrab it goes up to 39% because Rahim Khan is the sign of redemption and a “way to be good again. ” Later Amir and Sohrab talk it goes to 43%. Later as their relationship grows, it goes to 60% because they are growing more closer. But when Soharb tries a suited attempt and is in the hospital, it goes down to 55% because the relationship has a creek in it but not big enough to actually break it. Later in the last message, it goes up to 75% because their relationship between Amir and Sohrab is growing much better than before.

The last message, “For you a thousand times over” is an quote than Hassan said for Amir before everything went wrong. This states that Hassan loves Amir as a brother and would do anything for Amir. This quote however, is said by Amir at the last page of the book to Hassan. Sohrab is like Hassan to Amir. They look like even alike since Sohrab is Hassan’s son. Sohrab is the living proof of the things he couldn’t have done for Hassan. Amir didn’t go and save Hassan from Assef because Amir was scared that he would get hurt. But when Amir went to save Soahrb, it took him the Courage to go and the courage that he didn’t have with Hassan appeared with Hassan. This was the way for Amir to take away the guilt and the redemption from Hassan by saving Soahrb. 

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