Academic Goals

  • Do homework 2 days before I have class so I can ask questions if I have one
  • Don’t wait to do homework untill the last min

Wellness Goals

  • Eat less snacks and eat more proper meals
  • Move around as much as I can and walk small distance rather than riding cars

Personal Goals

  • No phone in the morning/before school and after 10
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Johnny Cade

When I started reading the book, I believed Johnny to be the “weak” character. But though his actions, Johnny is proven not weak or a coward, but one of the strongest characters that appears in the book. He has reasons and lives in abusive conditions that he only has his friends to rely on. Yes he is scared himself but he still holds on for other people not only him but other people. Johnny later scarifies himself in able to save the little kids.  I wanted other readers to also know that so first I used words and quotes that made be believe Johnny was ‘weak’ but later changed the word to show how Johnny is the strongest yet important and incredibly brave character.

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Protein Story

In our first Unit, our class learned about Genetics. In this video, it explains about genetics like RNA, DNA, protein and many other things. It also explains about Fibrin which is an protein that does important job in our body.

The sound might be small so sound up please!

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Leonardo Da Vinci

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Understanding Each Other

Through life, you experience a lot of different things. You might experience the conflict between you and your sibling. Or the conflict between another group that is fighting against your group that you are involved in. Out of the many books that I have read about Youth, my favorite book is  “The Outsiders.” But during that time, it isn’t only composed about beautiful things, there are conflicts and hardship.In the book “The Outsiders” there is two major conflicts Person vs Society and Person vs Person.

First, Person vs Society is plays a big part in the story. This can be connected to the group called “Greasers.” Greasers is a poor social class so every character has a conflict that they are fighting. The Greasers are where the main character Ponyboy, his brothers and his other gangs which Ponyboy considers as brothers is classified in. Greasers are living in a very poor condition and has the lack of economy. “We’re Poorer than the Socs and the middle class.” (Hinton,3). Ponyboy, Soda, Darry’s parent had passed away in an auto behave so his oldest brother Darry has to work all day after he graduated from high school. “Darry didn’t deserve to work like an old man when he was only twenty.  … had been a really popular guy in school…. Have money for him to go to college…”(16) Not only him but other people in his gangs are struggling because of many reasons.“ Other people in his gang has more hardship and conflicts. Dally for example spent three years on the wild side of New York and had been arrested on the age of ten. He was rough and wild due to this hardship that he was involved. The book mainly focuses on the conflict between different teenagers so the part that adult plays is not a major part in the story. Adults mainly appears as police which is their fear and the last thing they want to get involved in. Police are considered as the worst place that you can end up.

Lastly, the conflict of Person vs Person. In the book, the story lines get established by the conflict between Greasers and Socs. In the story, the characters get divided in two groups based on their social class. Socs are really rich and lives on the West Side. They were always drunk and went looking for fights with gresears. “Not like the Socs, who jump greasers and wreck houses and throw beer blast for kicks, and get editorials in the paper for being a public disgrace one day and an asset to society the next.” (3)  Socs and Greasers dislike each other and has a very bad relationship. The reason is because since they lived a very different life, they do not understand each other. “You greasers have a different set of values . ”Greasers hates Socs because the main cause of the hardship that Greasers are going through is because of their economical statues and they think Socs have all easy since they have all the money and privilege. Later in the story, they understand that not all Socs are bad and Socs also have difficulties and hardship because they have things too much then they want. “We’re sophisticated-cool to the point of not feeling anything …We’re always going and going and going, and never asking where.” (38) The reason why Socs doesn’t have a good relationship with greasers because Socs believe that greasers are easy targets since greasers are powerless and poor than Socs. At the big rumble between Socs and Greasers that happens in the book, the Socs were the one who always won but in that rumble the greasers finally won.

The book “The Outsiders” has a lot of conflict in it so there can be a lot of connection to many different books. This book mostly reminds me of the book “The Hate You Give” by Angie Thomas Starr Cartwe and Ponyboy both are from a poor neighbourhood and there is the fancy and rich side which the two character gets somehow involved in. In “The Hate You Give” Starr witness her best friend Khalil getting shoot by an police officer even when he was unarmed. In “The Outsiders” Johnny gets jumped on Socs and when the Soc tried to drown Ponyboy Johnny kills the Soc which is the climax of the story and changes the whole story up-side down. Both of the book involves about prejudice when other person judge other people based on who they hang out with and their social place that they stand in. The character and the setting are very similar, it happens with the gangs and the character Khalil and other people in Ponyboy’s gang have similar personalities. One of the things that S.E.Hinton wanted to tell the readers is about innocence. In “The Outsiders ” Jonny is considered as the gang’s pet and everyone is easy on him but he is the one who kills Bob who is the Soc that tried to drown Ponyboy and the one that later dies because he was trying save other people live. Jonny’s death hits other chracter very hard and where Pony boy decides to tell the story about himself and his life. I think it is one of the greatest book that I have ever read because of the conflict that happens thought out the book. In the book “The Outsiders” there is two major conflicts Person vs Society and Person vs Person.

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Renaissance Humanist

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Strongest Wind can not be seen

One of the most complicated and hard thing in the world is people. What that person is like, how do their mind work and the words that describe people is different from each person to the other person. None other people have the except personality. Waverly who appears in the “Rules of Game” is not an expectation. In every single story, the plot has the main influence on the personality of the main character. Also, it isn’t just about the personality, it is the lesson or the oral that the story passes on to other people. That is the great thing about books is that no matter what kind of book or story it is there is something you can take away or earn it. In the story “Rules of the Game” Waverly is a disobedient, knowledgeable, and a competitive girl throughout the story.

First Waverly was a disobedient girl in the story. Many people say that Waverly was an obedient girl who listened to her mother but Waverly actually was a disobedient girl. In the story, Waverly asked her mother about Chinese torture. When Waverly asked her mother about it she knew she was being wicked and what Waverly refers as a “sly thought.” “I had a sly though. I asked her, “Ma, what is Chinese torture?” (Tan,1 & 2) “…how wicked I was being.” (2) Later in the story during Christmas, Vincent received a chess piece. Her mother thinking it was too good and said to his son to throw it away, Waverly’s brother Vincent didn’t throw away the set because he has the deaf ear. Waverly who has normal ears also disobeyed her mother and watched her two brothers play chess. “Mother told Vincent to throw away the chess set away.” “…watched Vincent and Winston play…” (2)

Second, Waverly not only was she disobedient but she also was very competitive and liked to bet. In the middle of the story when Waverly started winning her brother and lost her adversaries, she challenged an old man down the street. She keeps losing but as times go by she became better and better at chess. “I lost my adversaries.” (3) “I came back to the park and approached a man who was observing the game. “Want to play?” I asked him. His face widened with surprise and he grinned as he looked at the box under my arm.” (3) When Waverly became more advanced and more a champion in chess, she went to her first tournament. At the first tournament, she concentrated really hard which caused her to win it. “I won all games, in all divisions.” (4)

Last but not least, Waverly was very a hardworking and smart person. Waverly was disobedient and competitive but that doesn’t mean that she was a bad girl. Waverly was also and knowledgeable and a very hardworking person. Not only in chess but she was also intelligence in many different areas. When Vincent got the chess piece, Waverly didn’t get the rules in chess. When her mother and her brothers told Waverly to find on her own, she actually went to the library and researched on her own. She read books and did research about different rules and techniques that could be used in chess. “…found out about all the whys later. … read the rules and looked up all the big words in a dictionary. … borrowed books … studied each chess piece… absorb the power each contained.” (3) At the end of the story, Waverly finds the solution between the psychological battle her mother and herself. Her mother is using Waverly’s fame and glory for herself. She would do anything for Waverly to win the tournament. Her mother is using Waverly like she is the puppet for her. When Waverly runs away from her mother and comes back, her mother doesn’t care about her because Waverly is only her puppet that will make herself prouder and have more fame. In the end, Waverly founds out the knowledge and planes her next move in the battle ” …my head, I saw a chessboard with sixty-four black and white squares. Opposite me was my opponent, two angry black slits. She wore a triumphant smile. “Strongest wind cannot be seen,” she said.” “I closed my eyes and pondered my next move. “(6)

“Strongest wind cannot be seen.” In life, not everything goes around as you want. In the story “Rules of the Game” Waverly’s mother tells Waverly that the Strongest wind cannot be seen. In the story, Strongest wind represents herself, her power, freedom. When Waverly was in the tournament the wind was telling its secrets, and motivate her so she could win. As she runs away her winds tell her that she should stand up for herself which she does. “Strongest wind cannot be seen.” Means that the strongest people have their own sense about who they truly are and their own What if Waverly was obedient would she have run away? Would she have learned the true meaning about what it means by “Strongest wind cannot be seen.”? No, she wouldn’t have. Every story is affected by the main character. Waverly is the one that changes the character from the normal Chinese girl to the famous chess champion and at last the girl that grew up with her mother’s harsh behavior. It was Waverly’s disobedient, competitive, and yet a hardworking girl personality that changed the story “Rules of the Game.”

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Dot Me Poster

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The Girl Or The Fish

Title – The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant

Author – W. D. Wetherell

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