The Meaning of Life

Shows a number of people that die because of the 5 most leading diseases.


This post is going to be the way you can avoid death related to nutrition. It will be showing multiple ways to avoid these causes of death.

Things I should be eating/ doing for long-term health Things I should be avoiding…
Cardiovascular: Wholefoods exercise every day, fibre rich foods Avoid Fast foods(fats/oils). No smoking
Respiratory: Water, fatty fish, apples, apricots, eggs, nuts Smoking lack activity, processed foods, high salt, dairy(fat), fried foods, carbonated foods, acidic foods/drinks
CancerWholefoods, exercise, avoid stressful situations Eating bad fatty foods, high salt, artificial sweeteners, really high sugars
Dairy foods fish, dark chocolate High sugar/ starch foods, fatty foods, no high cholesterol foods
Organic Wholefoods

Range of different vitamins

Salty foods

Healthy Snack Party!


My fruit salad

This salad has quite a lot of different vitamins good for your body