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The day is April 8th, 2019, we are headed to the Wenyu River to collect our monthly data. The air outside is warm, warmer than the last time we went out. This time no one is slipping on the mud and putting their feet into the mud. This time outside instead of hearing a dead surrounding we can start to hear the chirping of birds in the distance. The trees are starting to come back to life growing leaves and becoming green. The sky was greyish blue and the river reeked.


Pictures are corrupted

Station 1 Station 2 Station 3
Date : pH level(Strips) pH level(Test) pH level(Strips) pH level(Test) pH level(Strips) pH level(Test)
20/9/2018 7.5 7.5 7 7.5 8 8
20/10/2018 7.5 7.5 7.2 7.2 7.5 7.5
20/11/2018           ———           ——— 7 7.2 7.5 7.5
25/1/2019           ———           ——— 7.2 7.2 7 7.2
7/3/2019         ————           ——— 7 7 7.5 7.5
8/4/2019        ————–           ——— 7.5 7.5 7.25 7.2

In April, the pH at station 1 increased by 0.5 becoming 7.5 still staying neutral but leaning a little towards alkalinity. However at Station 2 the data decreased by 0.25 with the strips and 0.3 with the test becoming 7.25 with the strips and 7.2 with the test.


X axis are the months, Y axis is pH level.


I notice that the data is staying relatively the same with some decreases on both lines. I think the most noticeable decrease is the Station 3 is during January and in our latest data collection. Other than that Station 2 has been staying in the range  of 7-7.5 for the past 8 months. One trend I have noticed is that Station 3 tends to be higher on the scale than Station 2.

Next time we collect data, I wonder if next time Station 2 will stay more be higher on the pH scale than Station or if Station will increase to come closer to what we measured in September making a curve of decrease when it gets colder and increasing when the temperature gets warmer

End of Unit Blog Post


Acting tableaus

Looking back on Project ReCharge, I learned that make sense of complex issues takes a lot of time and research. For example, during this unit I had to make a newsletter on the subject of freedom of speech, even if that specific project didn’t take much research I had to think over what I would write, sometimes I would get so stuck that I would have to spend around ten minutes thinking about what to write. Another example was the letter we all had to write to a company, this letter was to bring the subject of child labour to the company’s mind. For that project we needed a lot of research to back up our claim. Before this project I used to think that to make a strong argument you only needed one perspective, now I think that to make the best argument possible you need all the different perspectives in the problem to get the best understanding of that specific topic. For example, during the freedom of speech essay we had to bring all the different ideas and make a conclusion. Looking back on Project ReCharge, I realize that everyone has rights that should be respected.

Field Study Blog Post: March

The date is the 7th of March, we are all on small busses to go to the Wenyu River. We have been going to this river for the past 7 months collecting data on how the river changes. When we arrive I stop and listen to my surroundings I hear the bird sing there songs telling the world here we are again. As we start to collect data I notice that the ground is filled with spiders, not only that but also that the ground is wet and slippery. At that moment I knew immediately that there would be some shoes that would be covered in mud when coming back.


This photo is a picture of Station 2 in March. We can see that the bottom of the river lis more muddy

Station 1 Station 2 Station 3
Date : pH level(Strips) pH level(Test) pH level(Strips) pH level(Test) pH level(Strips) pH level(Test)
9/20/2018 7.5 7.5 7 7.5 8 8
10/20/2018 7.5 7.5 7.2 7.2 7.5 7.5
11/20/2018           ———           ——— 7 7.2 7.5 7.5
1/25/2019           ———           ——— 7.2 7.2 7 7.2
3/7/2019         ————           ——— 7 7 7.5 7.5

In March, the pH was 7 at station two using both the strips and the test and at station the three the results where both 7.5 for the strips and the test.

I notice that the data is decreasing and becoming less alkaline as the season becomes colder and starts to increase as the season becomes warmer giving data in March that is superior to that of the data of January. Next time we collect data, I wonder if the pH will continue to increase in acidity, I think this because according to the graph above when we started testing station 3 was at 8 and after when we tested in January it was 7 with the strips and 7.2 with the test. This is a change of 0.8 over around 5 months. So, next time I think that it will do the opposite and increase as we get closer to the summer

Express it: Reflect and Exhibit

Looking back on this project, I learned how to edit a video. Knowing what I know now, I would do nothing differently because I think it is already at the best it can be. The mistake I learned from the most was to always have an idea of what you are doing because then everything runs smoothly. One thing I am proud of doing is the part when I make myself teleporting at the end because I was kind of hesitant on editing because I didn’t want to touch what Alex was doing. To make the video we made a storyboard and then filmed. after filming we edited and added VFX and subtitles. I feel that for me the highlight was filming the video and the final product.

Express It: Create and Improve

Something that worked in this project was making the video and filming the video, on the flip side when we filmed the video the camera picked up the sound of the wind therefore when we Alex was editing he had to add subtitles for that part and also for the rest of the video.

Express It, Develop and Inquire

During this project, I will need to use a camera, camcorder and a computer. I will learn how to use a green screen and edit a little better than what I know how to do currently. I plan to learn to edit from Alex Ng because he already has a lot of editing experience. We got our idea by mashing what we both wanted and making it into a video. Above is an attempt to use a green screen.

This our schedule for the rest of the week:

Express It Ignite Week: Define and Inquire

My audience for this project is going to be kids that can relate to retro games like Mario, Pokémon, etc. My audience could also go to adults that played these games when they were young. A wonder that would be driving this project could be how I can put elements of the Mario world like power-up mushrooms, and also incorporate Pokémon elements to make an alternate universe. For this project, I chose Creativity and Innovation as an L21 skill. I got this idea from a thought while thinking of why I would sign up for Fandom and I got the final idea from this video:

  Creator: Satoshi Tajiri

 creator: Shigeru Miyamoto

On second thought I have changed ideas from pokemon and Mario mashup to a pokemon and Harry Poter mashup. I am going to do this with Alex Ng.

Project Collision: Final Blog Post / Driving Question Reflection

Driving Question Reflection:

Looking back on Collision, I learned that to design a product you have to pass through multiple stages to perfection it. For example, during Project Collisions we had the challenge to make a service that delivers something by drone, my group choose to make a coffee delivering system. At the beginning we had to drop a package with nothing, then we added a “parachute”. Finally, we perfected our design with a circular parachute that slows down the package. This is what we had to do to design a service, we had to test and look at what didn’t work well. Before this project I used to think that to make any sort of product we just had to try once or twice, however now I think that to have the best product possible you need to have more than 2 prototypes. For example, In this unit between drops, we had to look at what did work and what didn’t work to further improve our design until it could be put to use. Looking back on Project Collision, I realize that to make the most perfect reliable system you have to know what your customers want. Additionally, you want to know what the best choice is to measure and figure out how you will make the whole system. For example, during the beginning stages of our project, we had to start market research to see what exactly we had to do to please our costumers

Project Collision: Final Blog Post

Drop 0:

Drop 2:

One Day Reflection

After 2nd Performance

I think that what well was that I got the audience to laugh and I knew what I was going to say. Additionally, I think that my act was successful because I was changing my voice well and I was also really telling the story well. Something I wish I did was to use more of the stage and stop moving my hands, I could also speak up a little more.

After One Day:

I think that at the end of One Day I was open to any audience and it felt much more natural. Something I learned was to emphasise on different things like hand movement, voice changing, etc. Some challenges I faced was that I was moving a little too much and also that I would feel a little nervous before the performance. I feel that One Day is important because it helps people get comfortable in things that they were not comfortable before.


One Day

What I will be doing for OneDay:

Solo Stand up Comedy

The Challenges:

  • Making people laugh
  • getting good jokes

I hope to Learn:

I hope to learn how to be a walking joke jukebox.

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