The 1st Surge

Luka worries about his mother. For the past month, he has had to see his mother suffer from kyphosis Dorslagia. Each day he wakes up thinking that it may be the last day he sees his mother. That day comes the day when he loses his last parent. He hears about the Waves. Huge waves dozens of them all coming for New York. He makes the toughest decision of his life. Leave or Stay.  The waves bring a dark pessimistic mood. Will he bow down to the waves and stay or will he leave. Find out in The 1st Surge, a story of a journey to safety.

The 1st Surge


Math Wrap-Up

Something I am proud of is the house because our whole group worked on it and we also went through some things that weren’t the easiest things to get by I think that it was a highlight because I had to collaborate, communicate, and be responsible, I also had to push my thinking until I got the answer I needed.  Another highlight was seeing or final print, it was a highlight because it was quite satisfying to see our final product after a few months of work.

Math Habitat

Fly By:

Math Habitat


I am collaborator because to proof the area and make the habitat we helped each other.

Proofing Area

Justin G’s Initial design 

Paul’s Model

Things we like

Science Egg-Spirement



The Yolk of the egg is the nucleus

The White of the egg is cytoplasm

Investigative Design + Data Table

When the egg in water increases in mass the egg in the corn syrup decreases in mass. For example, during the investigation, I collected data on the mass of the egg. The initial mass of the water egg(without the shell) was 70.24g and the initial mass of the corn syrup egg was 71.24. After approximately 24 hours the mass of the water egg had changed by 13.61g, therefore the egg was 81.86g. However, for the corn syrup, the egg’s mass had changed by 6.74g. I think this because of the water molecules being smaller the cell membrane, therefore increasing because of the molecules entering the egg(cell). However, for the egg in the corn syrup, the sugar molecules from the corn syrup could not fit because the molecules are too big to get past the cell membrane and the water in the egg leaves the egg and goes to the corn syrup. This is why there was a small layer of less dense liquid above the corn syrup. After we put the eggs in normal air for around 72 hours they surprisingly lost mass. For example, the water egg that was the heaviest became 52g, while the corn syrup egg was 54.75g. Lastly, the untouched egg also lost weight becoming 38.75.

The Yolk of the egg is the nucleus.

The White of the egg is cytoplasm.

The Harder White is the cell membrane.

Final Model

River Field Study-Data Collection 3

The date is November 20th 2018, We are on the bus to go to the field study at the Wenyu River. When we arrive there it is quite cold but it is manageable. We take the pH level of the river and see that the water is more acid than the last time we went to the river. During the preparation of the field study, Mr Frank explained to us that there were fences now. Therefore, we had to take one station away and measure 2 stations instead of 3.

This is one of our tests and at this station, we got 7.5 from the strips


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I feel that the relationship is that as fall passes dead plants and leaves are going downstream and leaving the water acid and not alkaline.

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What? So What? Now What?


The problem in my story is that both of the poles have melted and the sea levels have risen and big waves are very common. I got the idea of the rising sea levels because of what we did in science in 6th Grade. I didn’t really use sources but made our world with more people and rising sea levels.

I think that the problem in my world will not be solved but what cities will do is that they will buy irrigation systems like in the Netherlands. So in my world, if the sea level rises it has a massive impact on coastal cities. I had no real inspiration but maybe what influenced me to choose this problem is by looking at the news daily and making relationships to my own life.

So What?

I think that this is more important because this problem could possibly change the way we live and behave as humans and will make us think of how we could change this problem.

Now What?

Change the name of a day of the week to be based on rising sea levels so we gain knowledge about what is happening to the sea levels. We could possibly have on that day some sort of theme based ecology.

The 4 F’s of the Past, Present, And Future

The 4 f’s of Food Sources

When I shared my idea with my partner he found the idea of having everything connected. He told me that I could make the reference to the population graph.

River Field Study – Data Collection 2

I think that as the temperature will decrease the value of the pH will decrease at each station. Our group had made this prediction. Therefore if the trend continues in November it will be even less acid. I wonder if next time we go to the Wenyu River the plants next to the river will still be there and if they are not there will they be in the water floating?




Station 1:

Strips: 7.0

Test: 7.2

Station 2:

Strips: 7.0

Test: 7.2

Station 3:

Strips: 7.0

Test: 7.5

Pictures are Corrupted.

Big Data: Good or Bad   

You decide    


Do you care about your privacy? Do you care if your information was stolen and sold without your permission? If you don’t, you should. In this day and age, data is power and knowledge.  Our data could be hacked, stolen with legal searches, and it might take away employment.    

One reason why our data should be kept safe is that it could be taken from us with legal searches. In “The Power of Privacy” by the Guardian, they explain that if someone wants to gain data about you he or she will use anything at his or her disposal to create some sort of “psychologic leverage” so you add more data about yourself (2016). This means that they will literally make you fall into a trap carefully laid so that they gain knowledge while you think that it is safe. Another reason why you should keep your data for yourself is that according to “Big Data” from Privacy International “Knowledge is power. (2015)” Therefore as people gain knowledge on others they are slowly gaining power over those people knowing their personal habits, their way of life and weaknesses.    

Another reason why our data should be kept is that hacking could lead to complete control of your computer, therefore, being able to steal information that wasn’t intended to be stolen. The first reason that hacking could be harmful is that according to “The Power of Privacy” from The Guardian if the hackers manage to hack your phone or any device that tracks where you go, the hackers could find locations such as your house or friends house (2016). Using this, they could possibly kidnap loved ones, rob your house or take important information such as mail that is supposed to stay private. For example, hackers could gain credit card numbers, social security numbers or passport numbers. Additionally, according to “The Power of Privacy” from The Guardian they say that private information may be stolen and made public if hacked(2016). This could be tremendously annoying or could help find criminals.    

Finally, the last reason we should keep our information private is that this could be used to take employment away and replace them or change them completely. According to Kenneth Cukier, jobs might completely change(2014). This could make the economy take a big hit, accordingly losing money. This would have no positive influence on that country’s economy. Also, according to Kenneth Cukier “, this tool will burn us (2014)”. This means that Big Data could destroy us while becoming stronger.   

Even though people may think hey who cares about privacy I mean we get custom made products for free. People may think that but it does come with a price. Companies are selling your information without your authorization and then using it to make money. For example, according to The Verge’s “ ISPs Can Now Sell Your Data Without Permission” they explain that ISPs such as Verizon can sell your information(2017). I think that this is not acceptable because they can track almost everything you do so they make a lot of money when selling your data. Also, according to The Verge’s “ ISPs Can Now Sell Your Data Without Permission” they explain that you are paying ISPs to give you internet while they take your information while giving nothing to you. This is basically saying here you pay and we take most of your information while we give you nothing back. Additionally, ISPs are allowing you to pay $25 more a month to get out of ad tracking.  

In conclusion, our data should be kept private because you could get hacked, stole legal searches, or it could steal employments. Ways to keep data private is to always check your privacy settings on social media or when posting things only have people that you know look at the things you post. You could do this by turning your account private and on Instagram only accept followers that you know. You could also always check URLs because hackers could find you using a pirated version of a website and gain complete control of your devices and therefore download private information. For example, during the video “The Power of Privacy” by the Guardian they explain to check if the site name is spelt correctly and to check whether the site is secure. Do you want privacy? You decide.

Stories of Future: Day Zero

3. The three most urgent problems we are facing today that we would need to solve by 2050, is the global warming, growing populationless primary resources available to humans.
2. a. Will we have to move planets in 2050? b. What will the population of the earth be by 2050

3. I am a PESSIMISTIC person

I think that all things connect because they are based on our future and also on survival in the future. I think this because there is a growing population demand for primary resources such as housing, water, and food will increase and the amount there is will decrease. I am still pessimistic because of all the problems that humans are facing will be very hard to solve and we can’t make Earth a perfect place to live.

Headline: Impossibly hard to believe and fix, ONE earth ONE chance, ONE.

Art Project

Walk to The Arcade

By: Paul


My piece of art is inspired by a space invader. The space invader is made up of different colour blocks to show different places I have been. Lighter colours being less frequented and darker colours (except for the eyes dark turquoise and my house dark violet) being more frequented areas.


My media is wood and watercolour. I created my piece of art by sticking the blocks of wood to each other using hot glue. I also painted my blocks to match the places been. I painted the blocks in 6 to have enough.


I was inspired by the street artist Invader and the arcade game Space Invaders. This piece represents my activity around my house.


Some of my goals were to make where I have been visual without using a map. Some goals I had were to improve my sculpture making and now I feel much more comfortable making sculptures.


I think that I successfully managed to make what I was thinking but I ran into some problems such as the blocks that were bending, therefore, making the whole piece bend. But I solved it and now it looks like that there is in front of you.


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