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Ignite Blog Post 2 Solar oven


My biggest take away is that a final product should not be rushed and you would need a very good plan and a process which takes time, to make you  final product.

The design went well. Assembling the product  was challenging. reiving the design  made this a success.

I used to feedback to plan more things out on my project.

I am most proud of pushing myself so far out of my comfort zone.

Ignite Blog Post 1 Define and Inquire

My design is inspired by a parabolic satellite dish which have the the same ability to reflect sunlight to a single point.

I got this idea from a satellite dish

I hope I am able to use this solar oven to cook food and getting the focal point right is very challenging.

This is very challenging because it will require a lot of calculations.



While making my sketches, prototypes I realized that I need to have the fins that supported the flaps bigger to stand two of them.

      • I got my ideas by doing a sketch

Blog post 6 collaborator

I helped complete our shared goal is my strength and I need to complete my blogs on time.

An example of my contribution is when we start the first design when I drew the design and measured the dimension with sola.  An other example is when i designed and made all the prototypes with is important to the success of the final product.

I  am able to design and assemble all the prototypes and also help assemble the final product this shows that I made a lot contribution to this project and helping my team complete our shared goals with I excelled in helping the team especially the prototypes.

I wasn’t able to complete the blogs as I was to busy designing the shelf and surveying about the shelf.




Blog Post Five

we learned  that the holder and the new L shaped second prototype was more popular and more versatile the U shape first one.

3 thing we learned are the L shape  is more popular , The L shaped design saved alot of wood and the L shape is more versatile.

2 I wonder how can we make more compartment but not shrink the size of each and how we can arrange the parts better.

We will make no changes because that is the final prototype.

enterprise blog 4

During our pitch our instigator told us that we had a great design and we were told to be well prepared for the sell.

As we were told that they like the concept of the organizing the locker and the shelfs at the side.

We were also told that we would need to survey more people and set a good prize with a good profit rate.



social entrepreneur blog post 3

Our mission statement is organization for your own education.

It has what our group aims to achieve and it show about what is does.

Our product is a shelf that goes in to your locker that can side open revealing the compartments in side for  organization.

It will also have pockets on the outside to hold pens and pencil or other things to help people stay organized.

market research blog post

I learned that people would want to buy it and 7 people would want it to be made out of wood. most people would want its colors to be blue. most people would also want a special design so in conclusion I would make this box out of wood and color it blue so it would please our attended audiences.

social entrepreneurs blog 1

not real size

Our ideal customer is anyone with lockers and it will be made out of the material most popular among anyone with locker and we will lazer cut it and assemble it.

ISB contributing to the evirement


可以看见前方教室的灯是开着的。着个灯在白天没人用 的时候开着灯就会浪费电量。而且能在玻璃中看到整整一行灯都在开, 但是没有一个人在走动所以很费电。灯应该早点灭得有人的时不要都亮。


River Field Study – Data Collection 6 



Opening statement The wenyu river had recovered from the long winter and it is filled with life and we are collecting data on the turbidity of the water at the wenyu river. it is very sunny that day and there are bugs every where you go which are mostly spiders and some centipends and full of little green bugs flying everywhere you go. last time we went to the river there was a dead cat and now it rotted away but the bones and the fur of the dead cat still exsist. the bank of the river is very mudy therefore the turbidity of the river increased. The warmth of the sunlight return and also the bugs indicating that it is spring.

our group collecting data while a bug is walking towards my computer on a sunny day at our second data collection sit at the banks of the wenyu river.


In April, the weather is very dry make the river very dirity therefore the turbidity raised up by 95.6                                                                                                                                       



I notice that the data is of the turbidity is raising during hoter times of the year.  

Next time we collect data, I wonder that the turbidity will raise because the proportion of the water and mud and dirt will change from more water then mud to more mud in the water which will make the turbidity to raise up.


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