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DALI it is very creative and special unique

paint brush, pencil

my insperation is


drop 0

1 The landing package is a very simple cardboard box


2. the skin care would need to scratchless and need to have good packaging and the landing point need to be accurate they would want to have the package to arrive fast. they want skin care some times because they forgot skin care like sun screen at home or they want to look good in a meeting. the produced should be able to land in all kinds of land scapes like the chute must not get caught in a light pole.

3 to make sure the drop is acurrate we will punch a hole in the middle of the parachute

to make the drone deliver the package fast we will make the package out of light materiles


make sure no one is in the drop zone

get the recording devices ready to record

stand at the 90′ place up at the stairs

check if the recording devices are on

lift the fingers off the box







On Monday, January 7, I began Project Collisions with an egg drop. This design challenge was to drop a raw egg from a height of 5 meters without breaking it. A material list with items to purchase was provided. My first design was…(the design is like a parachute it is built with newspaper and attached to the egg by strings)


Then, working in a group, we decided to make a parachute


As the egg was dropping, I am very nervous because a accident might happen

Our design was unsuccessful because it hit the railing of the stair


Next time, I would hold it away from the stairs


Project Collisions is using the idea of drone delivery. During my research, I learned that zipline have the fastest delivery plane and i am interested in it.


Through this project, I hope to learn how to get a package on to the ground safe

The Autumn Sky Falls

Do you see it this blue planet covered by pieces of green, I was lucky enough to see one glance of it in real life, but just to see it fade away, living endless days without seeing the blue sky and the light sun shine ever again. Yes, reach out and touch it is more beautiful that the picture.  “you are a monster.” No when a civilization reaches its climax a monster is sure to appear not Monarch but those who chose to forget this planet and when they are gone the innocent will be granted with the blue sky and the shine of the sun that will not turn into a fairy tale that we now live in.





some of the challenges we face is making the floor plan of the house, because the space is so small and scaling the size of the furniture is hard. we did really well is spacing the furniture and making the furnitures that looked futuristic. we had no problem adding the artifacts in to the house.


My design has a round corner like the fishbowl has

picture of fishbowl

our initial design

Our final design

top view short side is 4 meters long side is 6 meters long

we planed to have a 1 by 1 upper floor and large spaces to walk around


side view


the lid of the toilet can wash your hands and act as a butt wipe so no toilet paper needed

couch turns into a bed the light can charge all devices and the dot project a screen.

bed can change temperature.

the bath can clean out viruses and bacteria and  it can also shoot out shampoo water.

the table can make dinner by a press of a button by the user wish




yes the sizes are reasonable and the height is 3 meters tall.





What so now what

These are the problems we face.

  • Religious conflicts (23.9%)
  • Government accountability and transparency / corruption (22.7%)
  • Food and water security (18.2%)
  • Lack of education (15.9%)
  • Safety / security / wellbeing (14.1%)
  • Lack of economic opportunity and employment (12.1%)
I think we will have a lacking of resources
the problem can end the world and we can restrict population growth and I will use less water.

wenyu river field study data collection 3 nov 20 2018

Our group collecting data along the shore

The NTU seems to drop and the water seems cleaner after the orange trash collector is in place in fall and in winter the Ntu increased. It might be that we got some dirt from the bottom of the river. we thought it would drop because there is less rain.

I  wonder what is the turbidity of the water when the water sample is taken from the deeper parts of the river.

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    • The factory represents that we had used machines to make things for us like the industrial revolution​
    • The car show the way we move around​
    • The pizza show that we eat better food​
    • The phone represents how we communicate​
    • The trade rout got bigger representing that we can trade better​

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Benefits of big data  

big data can let humanity have the faith take the final step to becoming a galactic civilization, but is this what people really wanted to trade their individuality and their privacy at the last step. Although privacy is important, but it simply can’t out weight the importance of protection that human can’t provide without Big Data. Big data may be dangerous too, but we also need to accourage the Infinet benefits that it brings more benefit then danger. 


One reason that big data is more important than privacy is that big data can save us from death according to the IMB the frequency of crime and terrorist attacks are increasing and therefore “we need prevent it with levels of acceptable levels of response” like big Data (2013). People could be tracked everywhere they go and what every they do is seen. Heavy supervision can prevent murders from happening as help could arrive in minutes and the murder will think twice with taking action. Big data can prevent war as according to SSRN ‘‘big data had been shown to forecast north Korean aggressions just in 2014’’and that means it can forecast even more events in the future years. 


Our future can’t be predicted and in the big picture the human mind is simply not advanced enough to predict interstellar movements and not fast enough. According to China the biggest security camera Big data can keep track of thousands of peoples, interstellar movement, plane flights, building progress, and businesses fineness. (2017 12 25) Big data can record atoms rushing at high speed and recorded them for us to analyze and find a pattern. According to SAS We can take data from any place and analyze it “to find answers that enable cost reductions, time reductions, new product development and optimized offerings, and smart decision making all from big data’’. Big data can even protect you from hackers by collect login attempts and traffic of other sits. 


Big data can save humanity as big data is starting to plan for the future on itself s. Problems like globe warming, air pollution and nature disorders, will not be a problem anymore. There will be a way to avoid all disasters and someday there will be a way to solve it. Data collection can let offices know who would need the most help and who and where the person is. According to the IMB even NASA is using big data to save the earth. It could let us make better materials and advance in space exploration by letting us test the material better shows. solves over population before the problem get out of hand only with the help of advanced calculations it has done. 


Although big data may bring a lot of danger, hackers and companies can give away and sell you data with ease as AI is not smart enough right now to prevent It. Big data itself can help protect you from hacker and privacy policy are getting more trust worthy every day as you are using big data everyday of your life without noticing it yourself while big data is giving you so much benefits. Not only can big data bring benefits to you, but it can also save thousands of lives in the future by preventing wars, pollution, ending over population, prevent the spread of viruses, forecast storms, predict business fineness, see flight roots and saving lives all from big data. Big data can only help us A STEP FAR but to go FORWARDS or BACKWARDS is our COMMAND. 





A.   3 forgetting the past

B.   2 developtation

C.   1 the way humanity work

optimist or pessimist


will evolution give us a chance to restart  or let us keep developing.

how would overpopulation will be solved.


i think they are connected as they are all that we need to live


i used to be a pessimist now i am even more pessimistic ,because the problems are more difficult than i think




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