The Twits

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Mr. and Mrs.Twit are the most gruesome people you have every seen. They are so horrid to each other. Once Mrs. Twit put worms in Mr. Twits spaghetti. Gross. They also put glue on a tree and birds wood sit on it and every night they would collect the birds and make bird pie with the feet still in. When Mrs. Twit was young she was very beautiful but when you start to think bad things you become more ugly. She became so ugly, unlike you and me. Mrs and Mr. Twit use to work in a circus but now they are retired. Mr. Twit has monkeys that stand up side down all day. They eat upside down,  drink upside down. He never thought that the blood would rush to there head and die but thankfully the monkeys did not die. The monkeys hated being upside down so when Mr. Twit wasn’t looking they went back on there feet.

Mr. Twit is a sixty year old man who thinks he is wise. He always has food stuck in his beard. His beard covers his hole face except his eyes, its even in his nose. His is mean and a nasty man because he was going to have boy pie inside of bird pie. The boys climbed the tree with the glue on it and they all got stuck up there.

This reminds me of a TV show I watch when I was little it was about a bird and a wolf. The bird out smarts the wolf.  I think this because in some part of the book a bird out smarts the Twits or the wolf as I said

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