The Hunger Games, The Mocking Jay

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The Capital is the owner of 12 districts there use to be 13 but the Capital blew it up. Katness  lives in district 12 she, her mom and her sister are very poor. district 12 is known for mining and coal. Her mom use to be very wealthy, then she got married. Katness’s dad got blown up in a mine. When that happened her mom went into a depressed stage.  It was hard for them to get food, but Katness knew how to hunt. She was afraid to go into they woods were she once had hunted with her dad. She slowly got further and further into the woods. Even with Katness hunting it was hard for the family to stay well fed. When you are 12 years old your name gets put into a bowl when you  r 13 your name is in the bowl twice, and so on. Katness was waiting for March 4 when she could enter name. You probably are asking why any body would enter there name for the hunger games, well if you enter your name you get oil, grain and rice for one person that could last a year. now Katness is 16 and her name is in the bowl 21 times. Reaping day is were one girl and one boys name is chosen from the bowl in every district, so that would be 24 kids. Katness is worried that her name will be chosen and her friend Gale that has his name in the bowl 42. At the announcing of the reaping Effie (whom is from the Capital) “Prime Evergreen.” At first Katness thought “thank goddess.” But then she realizes that that is her sister Prime Evergreen.

Prime is a sweet 12 year old girl that is always happy. She is a very pretty little girl. she is so kind that once Katness took her hunting every time Katness shot something Prime would say “if we hurry home we can probably still save it.”

This reminds me of The One and Only Ivan because it is sad and you worried for the character.                         

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