The Hunger Games, The Mocking Jay

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The Capital is the owner of 12 districts there use to be 13 but the Capital blew it up. Katness  lives in district 12 she, her mom and her sister are very poor. district 12 is known for mining and coal. Her mom use to be very wealthy, then she got married. Katness’s dad got […]

The Twits

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Mr. and Mrs.Twit are the most gruesome people you have every seen. They are so horrid to each other. Once Mrs. Twit put worms in Mr. Twits spaghetti. Gross. They also put glue on a tree and birds wood sit on it and every night they would collect the birds and make bird pie with the […]

The One and Only Ivan

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Ivan is a silver back gorilla, he works for a circus. The circus is on exit 8. The circus is open 2, 4 and 7 365 days a year. Ivan’s best friend is Julia, she loves to draw ivan dose to but he eats his crayons when he wants to. He wonders why she dose’t eat […]