a war of owls

March 17th, 2016

at america, there is an owl war. it is between the spotted owl and the barred owl. the spotted owl is losing. the number of the spotted owl is going down. now, the humans are helping the spotted owls, by decreasing the population of barred owls. they do that by killing barred owls. they went into the woods, first playing a spotted owl call. If a spotted owl appeared, they left. If not, they played a barred owl call. When it flew out, it was shot.

i think that is a great and clever idea. BUT it is kind of bad because they are killing owls!!! (owls were my favorite animal before penguins.) so i think they should leave some barred owls but they have to control the population.

Zootopia, the awesomest movie ever!

March 14th, 2016


At the past two weekends, I watched Zootopia three times. IT WAS AWESOME! It’s about a bunny who wanted to be a cop. While she was, priority 1 was 14 missing mammal cases. But it was more than that. Well, I don’t want to spoil it for you! Watch it yourself!

just let me tell you, it is so awesome!

The Peace Dragon

March 2nd, 2016

Today at school, a peace maker came. She taught us that people annoy you because they are mad. And if you just ignore it, they would stop being mad! If you don’t ignore it, then you’ll get mad and spread the fire to someone else, and soon, the whole house would catch on fire! (not real fire, just madness fire.) and she also taught us that the word peace-talks also means if you want peace, then you have to talk.

Opinion: Sharks need protection from people before it’s too late

March 1st, 2016

Did you know that scientists know more about the moon than the ocean, and 12 people walked on the moon and only 3 people dived to the deepest part of the ocean? Scientists are now starting to learn more about the Earth’s oceans. The result is not good. It turns out we have caused more damage to the oceans than we thought. Many species of fish are in danger to be extinct. one of them is the shark. The main problem is shark finning. That means fishing the shark, cutting out the fins and throwing the body back in the sea. now, most countries are making shark fishing illegal.

I think that is a great idea because with out sharks, the ocean won’t be balanced, and there would be too much small fish in the sea. Sharks might be scary, but we are killing millions of them when they are killing tens of us in a year. Mostly they just mistake us as seals and fish or they were too hungry! If you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you. That’s why I want to save sharks.

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