pedro’s letter to his mother 2

September 9th, 2016

well, mother, i am sorry, but my captain Columbus claimed the 10000 maravedis to himself. he found land!

the next morning, we went on the dinghies to go on shore. the captain stuck a pole in the sand. but then, we saw people come out of the forests! they were naked, and had tan colored skin. most had paintings on it. they thought we were gods from the sky. we traded invaluable things like beads mirrors and bells that they seemed to be astonished at. they gave us parrots, spears, and cotton thread.

they took us to their homes and let us sit in a special chair. it had hands and feet, and a face. they made the children and women kiss our hands and feet. but i could not accept this honor. i was too young. our captain was too old.

when we went back to the beach, captain said “see this man? see how docile they are? they will be easy. we will take six young men to Spain.”

to this, i lowered my eyes.

pedro’s letter to his mother.

September 2nd, 2016

dear mother,

as you, know, i am on captain columbus’s ships , Pinta, Santa Maria, and the Niña. the start of the journey was good. we have enough food for 28 days, but what will we eat after? that worries me. the captain says who spots land first, who will get 10000 maravedis. i will be the first to spot land so i can buy new clothes for you.

today we spotted a large mast that belongs to a ship 120 tons of weight. what is this uncharted waters that devours large ships and spits out parts? other of that, today our crew spotted a star fall into the waters. this scared everyone, but the captain said he saw thousands of stars fall down, and that always gave great blessings. this comforted everyone, but in the captain’s logs, he stated that he had never seen one this close to the ship.

today we saw kelp in the waters. this meant land! all of the crew were cheering. and then, we spotted porpoises swimming near us, and one of the crew harpooned one. it was sad seeing it die, but we were in need for food. then we saw a crab on the kelp! we were defiantly near land! mother, i will be coming home with 10000 maravedis for you!

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