November 14th, 2016

I read Matilda by Roald Dahl over the weekend, and it was a pretty god book. but i watched the movie in 2nd grade, so all the things were spoiled for me.

it’s about this girl that’s only 5 very smart. she has a brother, and her parents hate her. so whenever they bother matilda, she plays tricks on them. then she went to school, and the principle is this mean old woman called miss trunchbull, and her teacher is called ms honey. at school, she found out that she can move things with her mind. that’s all i can tell, you, or i’m gonna spoil the story for you!

matilda is very smart, and she’s very nice. even though her intelligence level is at grade 6 or something, her personality is still a 5 year old. she lives in a rich family, but i won’t call her “lucky.”

i’ve always thought that i had some superpower, to, like communicate with penguins. but i still couldn’t test it .

that was my blog of matilda, and i hope you liked it!

Fantastic Mr. Fox

November 8th, 2016

i read the book “fantastic mr. fox”. it was an awesome book. here was what it was about:

there were 3 farmers, Boggis, Bunce, and Bean. one fat, one short, one lean. mr. fox always stole food from them, so they all hated him. one night, they all hid in the woods that mr. fox lived in. mr. fox came out, and they shot him. there lied the bloody… furry… lifeless remains of… a tail! the farmers came up with an idea of digging mr. fox and his family out , but every time, the foxes out dug them, so the farmers came up with the idea of waiting… and the foxes started to starve. no, i am not gonna spoil it to you!

mr. fox is an nice guy. even if he steals food from those farmers, he’s a nice guy. he cares a lot of his family and friends. that’s everything i can tell you, because somehow the book told nothing else about him.

it’s kind of like when your (super annoying) brother chases you into the bathroom, and you lock the door, so he waits there. what he doesn’t know is that you have a jacuzzi and choco- chip cookies in there, so you’re really living it up. that happens to me. i’m the one sitting in the jacuzzi and eating cookies.

so that’s my review of the book “fantastic mr fox”. i hope you like it and subscribe! wait, what am i saying?


November 4th, 2016

in the last 7 weeks, we’ve been working on the exploration project. i think the explorations impacted the world a lot, especially columbus’s exploration. first of all, without him, there would’t be one of the world’s strongest nations, america.

the best part of this exploration project was filming it, because it was fun making my penguins act the presentation, going on the moon. (i was doing neil armstrong)

the most challenging part was researching, because it took the most time, and it was BORING.

but overall, it was pretty fun, and i enjoyed doing it.

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