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April 24, 2017

charlie and the great glass elevator

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this story is the sequel of “charlie and the chocolate factory”. as we all know, at the end of that book, they were using the elevator to go to the chocolate factory. but in this book, they were going up, up and up to the atmosphere’s end, but mr. Wonka made a mistake and they […]

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April 21, 2017

5th grade fantasy unit

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my favorite part of this kind of writing is the ideas that you can use. you can use talking blue-haired crics with two hundred eyes to just plain wizards. (personally, i like the first one the best.) one element i use in my stories is hero’s journey. it’s like this: the hero starts in a normal […]

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in this year, we learned a lot of facts about the human body. (did you know that if you stretch you blood veins out, it can wrap around the earth 3 times?) i think it’s very important because if someone gets hurt, you can help him or her (i don’t recommend it, though). i think […]

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the heroes of olympus: mark of Athena

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this story starts when Annabeth Chase, daughter of athena, rides on the argo II, headed for camp Jupiter. on the argo II rides Jason Grace, Leo Valdez and Piper Mclean. they’re there to retrieve percy jackson from there. when they arrived, leo got possessed by a ghost, and accidentally attacked the camp, and thus caused a war between […]

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April 20, 2017

«ook and gluk – kung fu cavemen from the future» the second epic novel by george and harold.

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yes, i know the title is long and weird. but it’s a good book! it’s about two caveman kids called ook and gluk and their mean chief, chief goppernopper. goppernopper wants to marry ook’s sister, so ook and gluk went to find a soulution. they saved the t rex mog-mog, so they went to stop […]

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April 17, 2017


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the book Rascal is about a boy who adopts a raccoon who he named rascal, because of the natural black mask around his eyes. the boy had other pets: a dog, woodchucks, a crow, cats and even skunks. he lived with only his father. his father let him build a canoe in the living room […]

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