Define market and initial idea

Our first ideas for the card game.

Inspiration for card game.

Inspiration for card game.

River Field Study – Data Collection 5

The NTU is up by 20 on our second site today. site 2 was at 61.3 today it was at 81.3. Site three went from 51.8 NTUs to 74.2 NTUs. I think that the NTU will go down. I think the NTU was up today because the ice is melting and the soil is muddy but next time I think it will be a lot hotter and the turbidity will go down.

Humans of ISB Final Presentation

My final photo and the charcoal drawing came out really good. the photo I got was captured while Mr. Yates was in an interview so it was really natural. My charcoal drawing came out pretty accurate too, besides the shoulders which were too narrow. This was a fun Project where we got to work on social skills, photography, and art. overall I really enjoyed this unit and found it pretty interesting.


(Couldn’t find charcoal painting photo will add once I do.)

Humans of ISB: Define and Inquire

these were the 5 people I interviewed. I asked them 2 questions, 1. what was the happiest moment in your life?  2. what is currently working you?

out of these 5 people , I chose MR. Yates because I liked his story the best it was inspirational and pretty cool overall. after that we then went to Mr. Northcott and we experimented with charcoal by making a value scale.

Final Collision

Looking back on Collision, I learned that how big your box is, your parachute needs to be at least 3 times bigger.For example, our first parachute was quite small, it caught some air but not enough to make it stop. Then our second parachute got even smaller but deeper and it still didn’t work. We then taped 2 bags together to make a jumbo parachute and it finally slowed down the descent. It’s important to go through multiple tests because you can gather data like force or velocity and if it’s too high you try to find ways to solve it. For example, our group needed to reduce force so we put a parachute on it, that parachute didn’t work so we kept on testing until we created a parachute that did work. The parachute worked but the accuracy was bad so we did more tests to solve it. Looking back on Collision, I realize that its quite fun to build something from scratch and turn it in to something cool that’s also relevant to our tomorrow. For example, all we had was a box but we built a parachute, wings, and gave it a paint job then we had our final piece. It was also fun dropping the box and watching it work and not work.

One Day Rock Climbing

For One Day I chose Rock Climbing!

Why I chose this?: I chose this because I enjoy rock climbing and thought this would be a nice fun choice for one day.

What I made?: I made a rock climbing jargon poster describing the holds of Jug and Crimper, Jug is a grip where you can put your entire hand into it and crimper a thin grip where only finger tips can hold on to it.

What I learned?: I learned new climbing techniques like smear and stem (smear is when you put your foot on the wall when there is no rock. Stem is when you spread your limbs out like in my photo.). and enhanced my climbing skills and challenged myself on hard routes.

Why One Day is important?: One Day is important because  it allows us to have an entire day to work and challenge ourselves in one specific thing, this ‘thing’ for us was rock climbing.

Me Crushin’

Poster :


January Field Study

Today January 25th, we went down to the Wenyu river to take our monthly turbidity tests.

a photo of the water, bridge, and sky of the Wenyu river.

In January, the Turbidity of site 2 was much lower the tube was 3 points lower from 19 NTU to 16 NTU and the monitor from 180 NTU to 61.3 NTU. Site 3  also went down the tube went from 75 NTU to 27 NTU and the monitor went down to 51.8 NTU from 83.1 NTU. I notice that the NTU is continuously going down. Next time we collect data, I wonder if the NTU will still go down and if so by how much?

Drop 1

Today we dropped our first protected design. It had a large square parachute attached to the box by strings and a skewer. The parachute didn’t do to much to slow down the landing. It Was dropped, than the parachute opened up, then it just dropped. The parachute ripped on the first drop and we patched it up with tape on bot sides. After that we continued to drop but the parachute didn’t catch air.  for our next design we will make a circular exoskeleton to hold the parachute open.

Drop 0

  In Project Collisions, I am creating a system to deliver disaster relief care packages by drones. The drone will release the package from a height up to 10 meters and my job as an engineer is to develop a solution so that the package is protected in its fall. For Drop 0, a package with the dimensions of 30cm by 20cm by 20cm was dropped from a height of 5 meters. Below is a photograph of the package:  The package will hold two/three water bottles, some snacks like granola bars and chips, and a first aid kit. Inside, items are organized like this: The purpose of Drop 0 is to get baseline data about our package. The group developed a testing procedure so that we can be consistent on how data is collected throughout the design cycle. During the drops, I wondered if the box would land on the pressure plate and have an accurate landing. The following data was collected: The average time it took for our package to fall the 5 meters was 2 Seconds. Using LoggerPro, we plotted out the fall of the package. The box dropped straight down very fast. A force plate at the bottom of the drop was used to collect data on the impact force of the package. Our group was successful we hit a bullseye and got a range from 400-559 newtons. As a project metric for accuracy, we want our project to The average force on impact was 474 newtons. As a project metric, our group has decided to we want a 50% reduction

Summary: Project Metrics

Our team has decided that the three most important criteria to design towards are 1. accuracy and 2. no inner damage. Our group is now building the first prototype. I hope that our parachute will help lower the impact fore by at most half or around 250 newtons.

Project Collision

On Monday, January 7, I began Project Collisionswith an egg drop. This design challenge was to drop a raw egg from a height of 5 meters without breaking it. A material list with items to purchase was provided. My first design was a ballon strapped to a crate made out of tooth picks holding the egg. Then, working in a group, we decided to make a paper shell holding the egg with toothpicks sticking out the bottom for landing gear and 4 balloons strapped to the top with string and paper clips. As the egg was dropping, I was really hoping to go to the bottom and find a successful intact egg so after I dropped it I ran to the bottom. Our design was unsuccessful because our landing gears didn’t do anything because they were too small and the balloons dropped too fast. Next time, I would replace the toothpicks with skewers to help land it better.

Project Collisions is using the idea of drone delivery. During my research, I learned about amazons tape parachutes and about ziplines blood delivery drones and other small companies using drone delivery and I find it interesting because this would make delivery’s much faster because it wouldn’t sit in traffic and you would be able to get what you want a lot faster. Through this project, I hope to learn how to successfully drop things from drones and learn about the future for delivery services.

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