A Better Place

A world where food is heavily wasted and pollution fills the sky, Two boys, Grant and Jay, struggle to find food for everyday survival. Tag along with them to see their everyday life and the unexpected. A better place starts out with Grant waking up in the year 2050 and you experience his daily schedule. As you get lead out of the apartment complex you really start to see some problems with life in 2050. Jay finds a pamphlet for Alostin, “the best city in the world!”or A Better Place. They than go through trouble and they need to escape to Alostin.

River Field Study – Data Collection 3

The River Now with a fence blocking out Site number 1 and 2 leading us to completely delete site 1 and shift site 2 down to the end of the fence shown here.

I notice that the turbidity is getting way worse since the last time we came with site number 2 with over a hundred more NTUs. I wonder if the turbidity will continue to get worse due to dead grass and dirt from the fence construction falling into the river?

Four Fs Foragers to the Future

My final piece for Four Fs Foragers to the Future

Four Fs

River Field Study – Data Collection 2

Turbidity Monitor with vial inside

Todays Data:

Turbidity Monitor     Turbidity Tube       Measured in NTU

Site 1                     18.4                                    8

Site 2                        4                                        9

Site 3                     16.1                                   13

Last Times Data:

Turbidity Monitor     Turbidity Tube       Measured in NTU

Site 1                     1.2                                       X

Site 2                     9.7                                       X

Site 3                    102                                      X

One Connection is as it gets later into the year the turbidity goes down.

I wonder if the pattern will continue and when we come back in December the turbidity will be even lower?

Stories of the Future: Day Zero

Problems needed to be solved by 2050:

  1.  Wars and conflicts between different countries
  2. Over population
  3. World hunger

Questions I have of the future:

  1.  Will there be WWIII?
  2. Will there be enough food in the future to feed everyone?

My thinking (optimistic/pessimistic):


End of the Day/Simulation:

  1. Looking back on today the topics of food, water, and communities are connected by people. The more people the larger the community, less food, and less water but less people means smaller community, and more food and water.
  2. I used to think mostly pessimistic and I still kind of am but now I’m more optimistic than before because I realize it won’t be too hard to supply people with food (rice). But, there are still things like water that need to be easier to get and I think this will be a big problem.
  3. Headline: Building cities, making food, and gathering water. Future problems today.

Privacy vs Convenience

Privacy vs Convenience 

Russel Robertson 

      Privacy, you want it when you go to the bathroom right? So, you would want it online also right? But when you give away your data you are leaving yourself exposed to being tracked and found, your data could be stolen or sold, and whatever you post online can’t ever get taken back. 

Convenience is less important than our privacy because if we give away are privacy we can be tracked and found. In “Fitness App Strava Lights Up Staff at Military Bases” by BBC In November 2017 the Strava app added a heat map where you could see and track other user’s routes and paths they take by hooking up to the GPS in your phone. The heat map gave away top-secret military bases and the activity going on in and near the bases. This means that even using simple things like activity monitors can be used to track and follow you. In Next-Level Surveillance: China Embraces Facial Recognition by Josh Chin it says that If you are in the government database cameras can identify you out on the streets and track where you came from where you’re going and identify you for crimes! This shows how your location is always know no matter where you are and always being tracked. 

Convenience is less important than our privacy because your data could be stolen or sold. For example, according to “ISPs Can Sell Your Data Without Your Permission” it says that internet providers can sell your data for ad targeting so you’re basically paying them to sell your data. Not too long ago there was a hacker that turned off the server and blocked are IP addresses and we lost cache during this event. This shows that even School data can be hacked and stolen. 

Convenience is less important than our privacy because anything you post on the internet can never be taken back. For example, I once read an article about a girl that posted mean things about another girl in her class and the other classmates saw it and told the teacher and the mean girl got expelled. This shows that whatever you post online can be seen by everyone.  another example was there was a police case where there was a planned murder over text history and police found they’re text history and found out who the murder is this shows that again what you post online can’t ever be taken back and can be found. 

Sure, there are conveniences like online GPS’ or google but is it really worth no privacy. That is why convenience is less important than privacy because you could get tracked and found, your data could get stolen or sold, and whatever you post online will stay there forever. 





Artist Statement and Final Project

Sleep Lines 

Russel Robertson 

I spray-painted a canvas light blue. I then used different colored acrylic paints to make the lines. When I painted the lines I did straight lines, I painted some of the lines with short lines but sharp turns that would constantly go on, and I also did lines squiggly. My artwork is based off my Feltron Project data with the lines representing the amount of time slept. There are different colored lines to show different days but some of the colors are based off my personal mood for example, Monday is dreadful or tired, so I chose red, but Friday and Saturday are exiting so they’re yellow and orange. My overall goal was to come up with a piece that I think would perfectly represent my artwork and I think the lines do a good job acting like a timeline of hours slept. The final piece is how I thought it would turn out because my final piece is a lot like my drafts which was a solid background color with my 7 different acrylic colors for the lines. 


Reflect and Exhibit


The link to our final published podcast.

Create and Improve

In these photos we are editing some of the last bits of audio to add to our final podcast. while editing I usually deleted long breaths or just long pauses or even some short ones.

Develop and Plan

Today we did a podcast test run to test out the microphone, draft scripts, and edit the audio.





•host and interview

•good questions

•Cool random facts


•spoke too fast

•it sounded too much like a script

•random questions

•slightly messy


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