Christianity in ancient Rome

Here is my e-book about Christians in Ancient Rome, I hope you will be able to enjoy and learn about Christianity and its origins from Rome!

Hummanities goal

For my goal I want to be able to analyze a more text, and more easily, I will do this by reading and practiceing reading more informational text

Thing Links

My ThingLink involves me traveling back in time to Ancient Greece where I was hosted by an scientist Greek king! Not only that, I meet merchants and other people and make comparisons to the present time!

My book is a thrilling and action packed hero’s journey set in one of the fastest galaxys and the most exciting battles!

a straggly stroke

 The food that I chose, was apples, I chose this since I have a tight schedule, and so it is a healthy yet easy snack that provides lots of nutrition.

 Something that I realised was that the five biggest causes of death, can all be raced back to things that we eat. Here is a list of things that are good for you, as well as a few things that will increase the chances of these diseases.

My blogging Skills

This is how I feel about blogging, the same way I feel after nailing a test!

Hello world!

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