When I heard that we were going to different types of temples that we have studied about I was very excited. When we got to the first temple which was the Lama Temple as soon as you walked in you saw huge buddhas and lot of people praying and burning essential oils. I was walking around and really thought about why they were burning the oils and learned that they burn the oils because of the smell which helps them focus on praying instead of other thoughts that they might be in their mind. I thought that the burning of the oils was a little unnecessary but, when I found out what they used it for it was quite interesting.

Another interesting thing that I learned at all the temples was that you can not step on the blocks in the doorway because it can give you bad luck and is very disrespectful. You also have a specific foot that you step over the things. For girls the left and for boys the right. I learned at the doaist temple that each person is a blank slate and can choose to be good or to be bad and if you choose to be bad there are different realms in the afterworld that you are sent to depending on how bad you were on earth.


-Ryleigh Ryan