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Growing & Shrinking Eggs

My design is repeatable by other people because my procedure clearly explains the steps to set up the experiment. I realized that not fully dissolved egg shell might have been an issue in my data collection because matter move in and out thorough the holes on the egg shell, but for the egg that was placed in the corn syrup had bit of egg shell not dissolve near its air cell. An improvement that I would make if doing this investigation again is that I would dissolve all the shall on the egg fully before placing them to the corn syrup and water. Additional information that I would like to collect to help me understand more about this phenomenon is the idea of concentration because of the concentration of the liquid in the egg and the liquid the size of the egg change.

When I watched this phenomenon, I thought that the egg white leaves the egg when it is placed in corn syrup, and the water goes in to the egg. My evidence indicated that because the mass of corn syrup increased after 24 hours and the mass of water decreased after 24 hours. Key evidence to support this includes mass of the liquid after 24 hours. Now, I believe the size of the egg that was placed in corn syrup decreased because there are few different matters in the liquid in the egg, but corn syrup is made out of different matter. So, it is easier for the liquid in the egg to go through the holes on egg shell. However, water doesn’t have anything other than water. So, it is easier for the water to go through the holes on shell.

Egg is similar to cell, egg shell has a function membrane which surrounds the cytoplasm and nucleus. Also, egg white has a function like cytoplasm, because cytoplasm makes up the cell egg white make up a lot of part of the egg. Besides, egg yolk has a function like a nucleus because nucleus is located at the center of the cell and yolk is located at the center of the cell.


Habitats Blog Post

This is our prototype

Our scale is 100cm to 2cm, and the area of our prototype is about 22.45 m. I’ve calculated the area of the prototype by calculating the area of rectangle first and added the area of the trapezoid to the area of the box. The toilet’s dimension is  0.84m and the dimension of the main body is 24.2m.

This is my partner Aaron’s design.

This is our first design for our prototype.

We made our prototype like a long corridor because that is Aaron’s key feature and the hexagon

This is my prototype, and the rooms that are highlighted with purple highlight are the most significant setting in my character’s habitat.

Aaron’s key feature is a long corridor like building, so we made the building like a long corridor, and my crucial element is combined workspace and bedroom, and it’s applied in the hexagon part of the building.

Aaron and I collaborated by listening to each other and pitching our ideas. As you can see, our prototype had a mixed feature of Aaron’s and my prototype.

I like our prototype because it has Aaron’s and my key features, and the building’s shape turned very unique.

River Field Study- Data Collection 3

This is a photo of Site #1, as you can see there are some bottle caps thrown away by the people who visited the Wenyu River.

This is our data table. As you can see the number of plastic wastes decreased by 11 pieces in November.

In November, the number of plastic wastes at site #1 and 2 decreased by 11 pieces. I notice that there are lots of plastic waste during October since it’s nice to have a picnic near the river, but in November it’s cold, so not much people visit the Wenyu River. I think the plastic wastes that were on the ground might have swept away to the river by the wind. In January, we will return to the site again, and I wonder if the number of plastic wastes increases again in January. I think the number of plastic wastes will rise in March or April because it’s nice to go out to the river for a picnic and when people have a picnic, they bring single-use plastics to use for the picnic.



Faction: What? So What? Now what?


An issue we are facing today that will get worse with a growing population is lack of water and food. When I was researching about the problems of today and the problems that will affect our future, I watched few YouTube videos such as Day Zero: how Cape Town stopped the taps running dry, this video shows how people living in Cape Town trying hard to save water. I believe as our population grows, amount of water and food we use will dramatically increase. So, we won’t have enough water to drink and use.


One thing I’ve started to save water is to close the tab when I shower to reduce my water consumption. Also, now I ask my mom to serve me less food so I can refill later when I’m done with my serve. After researching this problem, now I care more about our future and our planet.

Foragers to Future Presentation

This is my ‘Foragers to Future’ Presentation

These are my icons for foragers.

I chose these icons because foragers gathered fruits from the tree and they hunted the animals for their food. Secondly, I decided running man to represent the transportation since they didn’t have any transportation. Also, I chose people talking face to face, because they didn’t have written language, and they used oral language to communicate. Lastly, I decided pig and apples to represent the trade between foragers because they didn’t have money, so they bartered the products. If I have to select the color for the icons, I will choose brown, the color of the earth because foragers didn’t domesticate grain nor animals, and they gathered and hunted the products made by the planet.


This is my icon for farmers.

I chose these icons because farmers domesticated rice, and different animals to use as food. Secondly, I decided horse as transportation, as I mentioned, people domesticated the animals and used them as transportation and food. Furthermore, I chose letter as an icon for communication, because the written language was developed by the farmer when they started to live together in one place for the long term. Lastly, I chose Korea peninsula with arrows as my icon for trade because, after the domestication of different animals, people were able to trade and move to different places. If I have to choose a color for the icons, I will choose green, because by planting plants, farmers made the earth the green planet.

This is my icon for the factory era.

I chose sausages and ham for food because they are processed meat which is produced in the factory. Also, I wanted a car as an icon for transportation because I think most basic transit these days is a car.  Thirdly, I chose the phone as an icon for communication because these days many people use the phone to communicate with others. Lastly, I decided to use earth with arrows to represent the trade because, after the invention of airplanes and cars, people were able to trade with many countries. If I have to select a color for icons, I would choose gray, the color of pollution.

This is my icon for the future.

I chose hamburger under the 3D printer because a few days ago I read an article that in future we might be able to print food from the 3D printer. Secondly, I decided to use the amphibious car as an icon for the transportation because it is more convenient, and I don’t think we’ll be able to invent the flying car even in the future. Furthermore, I selected a person with wifi icon, because I think people might transplant the microchip to communicate instead phone. Lastly, I chose planets with arrows to represent trade in future because I think in future people will move to different planets and trade in different planets. If I have to select a color for icons, I would choose blue, the color of internet.

Wenyu River Study-Data Collection 2

This is our data table, as you can see the number of chemical wastes increased lot more.



We went to Wenyu River and found lots of plastic wastes. Also, we found out that the number of plastic wastes actually increased. I predicted that the number of plastic wastes would decrease during fall and winter since it’s chill and no one would come to the river for a picnic. However, the number of chemical residues lot more than last month. I am worried that the Earth might be cover by plastic wastes.  I wonder if the number of plastic wastes increases during fall and winter.

Stories of the Future: Day Zero

Three urgent problems we need to solve are

  • Plastic Debris
  • Nuclear Waste
  • Global Warming

Two wonders about our future are

  • Will we have enough clean water for everyone?
  • Will AIs dominate humans?

Optimistic or Pessimistic

I am pessimistic to the future because as time passes, we will pollute more and more environment.

Lots of Efforts are Needed to Survive

I think all three things connect because we need all three things to survive. Also, If the city does not have a facility to harvest food or water, it would be hard for the citizens to survive. I used to think the future is very pessimistic, and now I still believe that our future will be hopeless because we won’t have enough resources and place to live for all the people.

We have to work hard to survive.

The Goose that Lays the Golden Egg: Big Data


Would the reader kill the goose that lays the golden egg just because of that it takes too many risks? Nowadays, people are arguing that we should not give away our personal information because some companies might use our data to make money. However, companies are using our data to make better products, and the government is using people’s data to find some people. This essay argues that the proper use of big data will make our lives better because we can detect people, investigate the market condition, and predict traffic to improve emergency response.   

One reason that proper use of Big Data can make our world better because we can use big data to find criminals and missing people with big data. According to “Episode 804: Your Cell Phone is a Snitch” by Ailsa Chang, on 2010, an armed man robbed the smartphone shop, “By the time Timothy Carpenter is facing robbery charges, the FBI already has a trove of data on him … They could tell whThe Goose that Lays the Golden Egg CoverageThe Goose that Lays the Golden Egg Cover he went and when which, Sundays he skipped out on the church, and which nights he decided to sleep somewhere other than his own house.” As the reader can read the article, the reader can notice that by using the data, we can arrest the criminals, and we could also find the missing people. Reading from “Mom talk,” it proves that pre-registering child’s finger will help a lot: “It used to take an average of 94 hours to find a missing child, but since the fingerprint registration system, they say we can find it within an hour on average.”    

Big data can help people by developing new products that people would like by analyzing the market conditions. According to “New gen apps: 5 Benefits: Competitive Advantages of Big Data in Business” by New gen apps, companies can have many benefits, “by analyzing customers’ purchasing behaviors, a company can find out the products that are sold the most and produce products according to this trend. By this, it can get ahead of its competitors.” Big data can help the companies to reduce risks when they design new products by analyzing economy condition and what people want. As reported by “Understanding Impact of Big Data on Businesses” by Cormac Reynolds, big data has a magnificent impact on businesses, “By identifying shopping trends for each of their customers, today’s retailers can predict what types of products people may be interested in purchasing.” As the reader can read, by using the big data, our economy could be better and improved, which tells us that big data is very helpful.    

Lastly, people can predict weather and traffics by using big data. As stated in “Work Bank Data Innovation for the SDGs” by World Bank, “We (World Bank) are supporting the Philippines to work with local governments to use GPS location data from taxis to reduce traffic congestion and improve key services like emergency response.” By using the big data, people can reduce traffic and response to emergency situations much better. To the degree that “Big Data and Weather Forecasting” by Alan Anderson, David Semmelroth, after the development of the ability to gather data and process “have greatly enhanced the ability of weather forecasters to pinpoint the timing and severity of hurricanes, floods, snowstorms, and other weather events.” By using the big data, we can predict and prepare for traffic and weather, which can help to response emergency better and prepare for the weather events.  

Big data is not harmful when people use it correctly, and more pros are using big data than cons. It is true that some companies had been using customers’ data to make money, and those data was being used to make some advertisements. However, we also need to acknowledge that big data is helping people. First, by using big data, polices are now able to find the criminals and missing people faster. Nowadays, by pre-registering a child’s fingerprint, polices can find a missing child in less than 1 hour. Secondly, by analyzing market condition companies can develop new products that consumers want. Third, people are now able to predict weather and prepare for traffic using the big data, which can improve emergency response. People should not kill the goose that lays a golden egg just because of the reason that it takes to many risks. Rather than just not using the big data, it is much better to use it and protect the reader’s essential data from the companies and think before agreeing to the use of personal information.   

Iron Chef

Define and Inquire

My audience and user are the judges (Dr.Hill, Mr. Schaffer, Mr. Hurworth), and our group is making ‘Steamed butternut squash with the meat stuffed in,’ and ‘Korean style pancake with fillings and dough with the butternut squash.’ However, when we made the pancake, it didn’t cook well. Also, the dough was too watery, I think next time I should not add butternut squash in the filling. Besides, I should decrease the amount of water going in since the water is coming out from the butternut squash. My inspiration is Korean style pancake because some people put different ingredients in the dough or for the fillings. Also, in one TV show, they added ice-cream and chocolate syrup, and I thought it would be nice when we combine those two ingredients to pancake. It was very challenging because the dough was so watery and it was hard to make a shape. Also, the mixture was too thick, and we didn’t have enough time to cook it well. Next time, I will decrease the amount of water in the dough and fry for a longer time. The photo below is Failed Pancake. The pictures below are Making Process of Pancake.



Develop and Plan

During this project, I will need to use wheat flour, water, brown sugar, cinnamon powder, vegetable oil, and butternut squash. I will need to learn how to cook the pancake well, and how to make the shapes well. I plan to use a timer to help me fry the pancake well. I got my idea by searching on google about desserts. I will test it by making into a small dough and add a different amount of water to the batter. The photo below is Fillings in the Pancake. The picture below is Making Process of Pancake. The image below is the Finished Version of Pancake.



Create and Improve

Looking at my first and second prototype, I realized that I should not add too much or too less water to the dough since if there is too much water in the mixture, it’s hard to make it in to shape and fry it. However, if there is also less water in the mix, I couldn’t make them into the shape.  One of the biggest challenges was to add a just right amount of water to the dough. I struggled to fry the batters for just right time. After getting feedback from chef Rob, I decided to decrease the amount of water since the squashes make water.


Reflect and Exhibit

Looking back on this project, I learned how to collaborate, communicate, and to solve the problem. The mistake I learned from the most was when the mixture of flour and squash was too watery, and it was not fried well. One skill I think I can use in the future is a problem-solving because it is essential to not give up when there are some problems. One thing I am proud of doing is that I solved my problem by facing the problem and giving up.


Trip to Spring Rock

One of my highlights is the campfire, because of that Mr. Layman told us a very interesting story.

My challenge was the rope kinda thing on 10ms high in the air. I was really scared and I almost dropped from it. So, one of the staffs helped me to go over the rope thing.

I collaborated with Katherine by helping each other on Jacob’s Ladder and the 10ms high thing.

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