Christianity in Ancient Rome

After you have read the philosophies of China, there is more! If you want to read about how a small religious belief called Christianity spread throughout the Roman Empire, what do Christians believe in, how do Christians practice their beliefs,  why would an emperor use this belief to help them govern, and how did Christianity change the Roman Empire. If you are curious about them, please click this link here to read Christianity in Ancient Rome:

The Philosophies of China

The world is a vast place filled with different species, countries, and cultures. Another part that the world also needs is religion. Some people might only know a little about them. What are their beliefs? How do people practice their religion? Why would a ruler use this belief? How did it spread from one place to another? If you are curious about these questions please click the link below.

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Temple field trip 2019

During our 7th grade humanities field trip, I learned many things I never knew before from the three temples: Buddhism temple, Confucius temple, and the Taoism temple.

Buddhism temple: This temple was built in 1744 during the qinglong’s reign. Some other parts of the temple was built later such as he tie tai building, which was built in 1780. They have their own tools like the Buddhist beads, which is used for good luck and praying. Another is the lucky spinning wheel which is used to give you good luck.

Confucius temple: This temple built in 1302 during the yuan dynasty. Some parts like the Chong sheng building was built in 1531.  Also, this temple also contains a Confucius school which teaches people about the power of Confucianism.

Taoist temple: Built in 739,  it’s designs were seen mainly today from the ming  and Qing dynasties. Some buildings like the hall of wealth was built in the yuan dynasty. There are many departments in which you can see that are about punishments.

My two cube organizer

One accomplishment I made was I did something that had never done before, a creation that can help people. Although I haven’t done a really good job, it is still my first try.

One biggest obstacle was that cutting and screwing the nails was pretty hard for me but i soon got used to it.

If I would do it again, I would think twice before doing s9mething because it would be really hard to undo it.

My goal for this school year

My goal is to bing the necessary things to class. To do this, maybe can put the things I need for tomorrow rather than doing it in the morning because that time I’m rushing for school.