One day- Beat Making

I chose Beat Making for my one day and I’m with the group with musung.  First, we planned to make a remix version of the iPhone ring tone. So we tried to play the ring tone with the marimba during mentoring.

Mr Long told me that only band can use the marimba so we used on garage band by using keyboards. So basically, we used a computer and my iPad which is the app called launchpad that I downloaded. We made our songs until 11:30 and we started to publish the blogs. (This is the picture of the launchpad for iPad that I used. I can change the sound of the key, I can change the beats like (Whole notes, Half notes.)


Martian by Andy Weir

This book’s genre is science fiction. One man who name is Mark Watney and other members are going to the mars by spaceship “Hermès”. As soon as they arrived in the Mar, strong wind blows and space ship start tilting. Team are go back to the earth without Mark because they thought Mark was dead but, Mark was alive and Mark starts to survive in the Mars.

I enjoyed this book because this book is very realistic so that when I read this book and my heart beats are beating very fast.

I recommend this book to other 7th grade students because this book’s stories are impossible but it seems to be possible. I mean its very fun. So I recommend this book to 7th grade students.

How I will be a kinder person?

I will become a kinder person by listening other’s opinion very well and be nice which mean is that don’t hurt my friends by my own words

My hero’s journey

I learnt about how to add a picture in to the book creator.

I learnt about taking a video in book creator.

I excites about making a hero’s story

My goal is to improve more reading. So I will read more and memorize lots of vocabulary to understand more and improve the reading skills.




How to organize

In Monday, I have a time until 7:00 P.M so I can do the ASA. After school activity, 7:00 P.M I’ll go to the grammar academy and after this academy in 9:00 P.M, I’ll finish my homework until 11:00 P.M and I will sleep.

In Tuesday, I also have a time between 7:00P.M but I’ll only do my ASA until 4:00P.M. After school activity, 4:30P.M, I’ll go to the math academy for 2 hours and in 9:00P.m, I’ll do my homework and in 11:00P.M I’ll sleep.

In Wednesday, I don’t have a time to do ASA. 3:30P.M, I’ll go to my Chinese class and 7:00P.M I’ll go to my grammar academy. I’ll do my homework at 9:00P.M until 11:00P.M.

In Thursday, I don’t have a schedule so I’ll go to the ASA until 6:00P.M. I’ll do my homework at 8:00 P.M and I’ll relax.

In Friday, I have a time until 7:00P.M but I’ll not leave in school and do the homework in 4:30 P.M. and after my math academy, I’ll play the games until 12:00A.M

“Battering Ram” Sangyoon L

Mesopotamia By Sangyoon Lee

If you want to see full version, Click Here 

I am from

this is my l am from poems!.

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