The fault in our star- rising action

1.Connect with the protagonist. Write a text-to-self response in which you compare yourself to the protagonist. Show understanding of character development–what it means to be a dynamic or “round” character–by identifying a passage or two that mark changes in the character. Support your words by including MLA formatted quotes from the text. Then compare yourself to the protagonist using specific examples from your own life.


Hazel, the main character in the book The fault in our stars by John Greengot to face the most hardest time in her life. She had been struggling  against  cancer for three years which is in her lung and side effect of it is immense .It forbids her from going to school and sadly, dating with his boyfriend, Augustus Water. ”You have to understand that Hazel is still sick, Augustus, and will be for the rest of her life but she will want to keep up with you” So in short, they are “star-crossed”.

At first, she got complicated. ”I don’t want to Issac him.”

She is deep in thought whether it would be right thing to keep up with him since she didn’t want to hurt him if she die just like what Monica did to Issac.

Then, she grew to be more determined about their relationship through rising action. She heard about his ex-girlfriend  who did eventually  died of brain cancer and about how  he couldn’t  dump her which shows firm love of him. “I wouldn’t mind it would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you.” “I don’t ever want to do that to you.” Through this event, they prove their love to each other and it was event for Hazel to change from the complicated mind to revealing. This rised tense between two would make conflict more complicated and deep.

I thought how it would feels to be star cross. It would be so desperate and gloomy which I don’t have to be. So living in undefined life will be the difference between me and the main character Hazel.




“You’re a smart fellow, a bit too smart for my taste.”                                                                             Prosper, the main character in the book called The Thief Lordby Cornelia Funk is grown up, smart, patient and responsible boy who couldn’t help being grown up earlier than others. His mother died and as his aunt applied for custody of only his brother but more to like stealing, he ran away eight weeks ago with his brother, Bo. “Squatting in rattling trains, locked themselves into stinking toilets, slept in dark corners squeezed tightly together, hungry, tired and frozen.” Eventually, they got to reach Venice where they can live free from their aunt after these hard days. Since they had begun to fend for themselves, Prosper had learned how to steal things from the visitors even though he really hate it. Living in short-lived life, he did his best to feed his brother.

While I was reading this book, I could find one thing that only person who are living in hard life like prosper have. Also, one thing that the rich usually never get. People think there would not be the thing only the poor have, but there is, the eagerness. Since we are living in satisfied life, we don’t have eagerness to want something eagerly. Also, we waste lots of things from foods to one time used things which is the thing they would not do if they become one of us.

Unlike most of us, they thank at the fact that they can live without stealing and they don’t have to worry about a place to sleep after they meet someone called The Thief Lord at the hideout. Also, we can see that from the girl named Hornet who also live in the same place as Prosper do. She really loves books and she even have some of them. However, they are cheap paperbacks which had been thrown away by tourists and which she fished them out of trash can.


Prosper is a boy who are living in hard life but grown up, smart, patient and responsible. Even he was poor and live in different life from other, he has eagerness which make him think everything valuable and make him feel happy even at the small thing. And the eagerness will be the thing that a lot of people should have.

Am i a Humanist?

Found the poem

I create this poster based on the setting of the book called Monkey’s paw by William W. Jacob. We can know that the setting is the sometime ago, about 1990’s and somewhere in the cold place from the quotes “playing chess”  “lit the match” “Wish that you were an emperor” “smoke their pipe” and “went down for a candle”.  It can be a clue for the time because It will be really unlikely  for the recent people to imagine the modern time with these words. Also “wet isolated place “ and “the small living room of Laburnum” give us some clues about the place in the story. The character in the story might be living in the place where they are cut off from the society and where there are nature rather than the people .It also set the mood of  gloomy, chilly place.

As you might first notice, I choose the background of fire place since it reminds people of the cold chilly winter and sets the mood of 1990’s. Also, I make some words bigger to emphasize the important word that can be hidden by the other words in the quote.

30 words poem

I am inquisitive



3303 learning English

willing to travel

around  the world

have been a first day of school

of bewildering

but chance that can influence my whole life.

friend and family that give me a

great help and hope

as a light in an abysmal despair.



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