Algebra- Throw a Ball

What did you learn from this activity? How is that relate to the concepts we learned in Algebra 1?

I was surprised with the logger Pro in terms of allowing us to analyze the real life problem. This time activity was to analyze  the routine of thrown ball at a different speed and height. Since the routine of thrown ball was parabola, we used quadradic graph using what we learned in Algebra 1 about the quadradic equation.

What did your group do well?

We collaborate each other well assigning each one’s role and I enjoyed this activity.

What were some of the challenges your group faced?

IT was hard to follow the instruction on Youtube video and to trace out the thrown ball routine at an logger pro

What aspects of this activity could your group improve?

Although we did assign each other’s goal, one did more than the other when we faced the challenge , so I think there wasn’t a balance while doing this activity.


How could you do it differently if you are giving another try?

Help each other out more and ask other group who manage to do that.

A way to save the world.

Capstone project

I made a video about the plastic pollution. I took a video of how plastic goes after  it  was dumped by the  people. Also, my video introduces why use of single use plastic is increasing in China.

While working on making a video I felt that the problem is serious than what I thought  even in ISB

Design technology- petting zoo

  • My biggest obstacle was making the tail move because I first tried to make it move on the right and left side. I struggled through making it move right and left side for 3 classes then I noticed there is a way to make it move  on up and down side ​

  • Skills that I learned or developed were coding  using Snap Arduino. It was hard to understand how it works with Arduino, but with Snap Arduino, it was really interesting to know how to manipulate my robot according to my coding, Also I learned which connecting line connect to the which part of the jumper.

  • If I did this again, one thing I would do differently is using given time more wisely because I couldn’t finish my robot perfectly till the exhibition. Or, I would have used the extra time the teacher gave us on the another day.

What is polymer?

The Hunger Game- Characterization

“The Hunger Games” written by Suzanne Collins introduces new way for the wealth and influential people to suppress poor and powerless citizens placing the setting in the North America in far future. The new way the most powerful district called Capitol came up with to do this is by holding a Hunger game annually in which poor and powerless citizens from the other 13 districts have to fight each other to death while Capitol people is just watching the dying tributes.


One of the tributes named Katniss is rough and vindictive but also emotional and most mature character among others. In an exposition, she sacrifices her life to take her sister’s place who was inevitably chosen to fight to death in the hunger game.  Her sacrifice shows that she loves her family so much that she regards volunteering to be a tribute as an only one definite choice that prevent her sister from being tribute. Also, one quote from the book “They are already taking my future! They can’t have the things that mattered to me in the past” (p117) shows her love to her family too. Trying not to tell about her family in the interview also reflect Katniss as warm-hearted tribute who don’t want all Capitol people to know about her family and don’t want them to do something bad to her family.


The characterization of Katniss is even more developed through introducing her life story. She is strong in inside and mature since she had to burden living of her family when her father died from coal work. Since her father’s death, she is diligent and self-trained for living of her family. The fact that she is strong in inside and mature in term of mindset is shown when she didn’t cry at all and accepted being a tribute and try her best as far as she could while the other tributes regarded being a tribute as a death sentence.


Katniss’ struggle with wealth gap is continuously shown throughout the book. She is amazed by how Capitol people is different from citizens from her district and thinks of her own family who is remained in district 12. “What do they do all day, besides decorating their bodies and waiting around for a new shipment of tributes to roll in and die for their entertainment?” (p65) quote also shows her resent to Capitol people and shows that she is vindictive.


Trained before being a tribute in the hunger game, Katniss is rough but well-fit enough for Peeta to crush on her. However, she is shown not only as a strong and rough tribute but also emotional character. She didn’t fight Peeta to death when she would benefit herself from winning the game. Quote “I don’t want to lose the boy with the bread” shows her struggle that she would have to kill Peeta who save her with the bread. Eventually they choose not to kill each other and become real winner of the game.










Historical Fiction “90 miles to Havana”

The most successful revolution ever…..

The Cuban Revolution was different from the other revolutions  in a way that they used guerrilla warfare tactics. At first, only 15 normal people fight against the troops of the government. It was the only revolution that few deaths led to the big success in gaining democracy


This Cuban revolution video in plain English was made by Seohyun Koo, Ik Kim and James Park.While we were making this video, there were some conflicts among the teammates but i tried my best to make the best collarboration.



What a revolution is…..

The revolution is a movement to change everything such as lower classes fighting against the government or authority. Most revolutions are based on bad conditions and corruption of the government and injustice of the system that would irritate the lower classes. It involves various unions according to some values and leaders in support of the peasants. For example, in the Russian Revolution  one example was the  group called Bolshevik that would eventually seize power being formal government. When revolution happens, it is considered violent since conflict is indispensable. The desire of the union and leader is revealed through protest; however, in return, the opposite side such as the government goes against them violently to suppress them. For example, in the Russian Revolution, the soldiers even used guns to fight against protesters. As a result of the revolution, for example, the autocratic government goes to communism and peasants get the right to represent themselves.

As big as the changes are, there are big impacts on the people but also society. The conditions the peasants live in gets worse  because of the lack of the food and indifferent of the government. Also, lots of peasants die due to fighting. Lack of peasants lead to the decline of the society because the workers would stop working and would be in the state of strike.

In conclusion, revolution help peasants to get their right but it is not only good as we consider  of the countless deaths.


Nowadays, the country that has developed less towards democracy such as North Korea would be more likely to fight because of the way government rule the country or the way people live in while the country that has developed towards democracy such as United State would not. In North Korea, the way the president governs is called communism to make everyone equal, but people are equal in the same poor condition. They are living in poverty with the worst condition you can think of, while the people who governs the country live an extravagant life. The government of North Korea is so corrupted that the communism that the government is insisting on is not even working well.  Since most revolutions are based on bad conditions and corruption of the government and injustice of the system that would irritate the lower class, there would be a conflict between the government and the citizens.

So, Revolution would only happen in the country that has developed less towards democracy.



How big is big?

Our universe would not be enough for the word “big”. How big is big?   Yet we don’t know exactly its size , we can interpret its enormous through the planet, Sun Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune, that is well known to the people while its exact size is unknown and even unpredictable. Today, our class went outside to really feel how immense it is through our body and not just with the number.

Using scale number, we measure the distance from the three soccer fields in our school all the way up to the cafeteria until we reach scaled distance from the Sun to the Pluto. Until we get to the Mars from the sun, our starting point, I never understood why technology that has developed  can’t bring us to the broaden world. Coming to the Jupiter’s turn, I realized  why.  Inner planets, including  Mercury Venus  Earth and the Mars only range from 11.6 to 45.6 in meter. Not only distance but in size they are smaller than the other planets. Even the Earth, that we are living in is regarded as tiny planet in perspective of the space.

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are called the outer planets that range from 155.6 to 1180 meters. In kilometer, the distance from the Sun to the Pluto is 5,900,000,000km. It is incomprehensible considering the fact that our 9 planets  can be only a dot  in our universe compare to the other planets that are unreachable.

Coming to the conclusion that our universe can not be only  described  “big” it claims that we may be not only creature in our universe while it seems yet to truly understand how big the universe is.





Rap song

Recent project was to make my own rap song which was new experience that I haven’t experienced before. First, I search for  history of the rap song and found that it was African-American to evoke hip hop culture. Also I learned difference between hip hop and rap ; hip hop is characterized by nine element which is rapping, rhythmic vocal and DJ. I think I did matching  my lyrics with my rap song well while I think  I could have wrote my lyrics better