How big is big?

Our universe would not be enough for the word “big”. How big is big?   Yet we don’t know exactly its size , we can interpret its enormous through the planet, Sun Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune, that is well known to the people while its exact size is unknown and even unpredictable. Today, our class went outside to really feel how immense it is through our body and not just with the number.

Using scale number, we measure the distance from the three soccer fields in our school all the way up to the cafeteria until we reach scaled distance from the Sun to the Pluto. Until we get to the Mars from the sun, our starting point, I never understood why technology that has developed  can’t bring us to the broaden world. Coming to the Jupiter’s turn, I realized  why.  Inner planets, including  Mercury Venus  Earth and the Mars only range from 11.6 to 45.6 in meter. Not only distance but in size they are smaller than the other planets. Even the Earth, that we are living in is regarded as tiny planet in perspective of the space.

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are called the outer planets that range from 155.6 to 1180 meters. In kilometer, the distance from the Sun to the Pluto is 5,900,000,000km. It is incomprehensible considering the fact that our 9 planets  can be only a dot  in our universe compare to the other planets that are unreachable.

Coming to the conclusion that our universe can not be only  described  “big” it claims that we may be not only creature in our universe while it seems yet to truly understand how big the universe is.





Rap song

Recent project was to make my own rap song which was new experience that I haven’t experienced before. First, I search for  history of the rap song and found that it was African-American to evoke hip hop culture. Also I learned difference between hip hop and rap ; hip hop is characterized by nine element which is rapping, rhythmic vocal and DJ. I think I did matching  my lyrics with my rap song well while I think  I could have wrote my lyrics better



Current event

Since 2016, “China engaged in the “rape” of the US economy”,(BBC) on Chinese product to encourage consumers to buy American by making US products cheaper than imported Chinese ones. Strategically, U.S is  targeting products that can be purchased elsewhere. The trade war has caused the US to act against China more directly recently. Meng Wanzhou, the executive of a Chinese tech company, Hawei, is the chief financial officer and was detained in Vancouver on December 1 at the request of US authorities accused by the United States of helping Huawei cover up violations of sanctions on Iran. This arrest has resulted in both countries having bad feelings about each other.

This is really big event because which country  wins  in the trade war also sort of means which country is the world’s best country. These are two of the world’s biggest and most powerful countries. However, trade wars can cause huge harm to both countries. The arrest of the Huawei executive makes the relation between two country worse because it is really aggressive. As a result, “China demanded her immediate release, and a former Canadian envoy to China warned the case might lead to retaliation by the Chinese against American and Canadian executives.” (Hufington Post).


Boxer Rebellion

The Boxers do not deserve a bad rap because they were peasants and didn’t know that opening up trade will benefit them.

Resolution task-book cover

  1. 6
  2. Design a book cover. Book publishers release new editions with updated covers. You could create it by hand or use Photoshop or Gimp or Pages or some other application to design it. Your design must show understanding of a theme. Remember that you still need to meet all of the expectations, including an MLA formatted quote.


After I read the book The Maze Runner which is worldwide book series by James Dasher

I wonder what would make this book unique and which emphasis would make second edition of this book stand out. Then I found that interesting story on its own is something different from the other book so i decide the book cover as a knife based on theme of this book which I think is “Build toughness to survive cruelty”.

In page 256, Thomas say “I just…feel like I need to save everyone. To redeem myself.” and  “The Griver would kill you all one every night till it’s over!!” In this book, Tomas and others are put into a maze losing memory about everything except for their name and they decide to make a run knowing that nothing could be worse than being in the maze. However, as the quote are said, they are about to be killed by the Griver which is kind of a monster from the maze.



Magazine cover- Midsummer Night’s Dream

I made a magazine based on the character, Hermia in the ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ by William Shakespeare. First of all, the reason I chose this picture is I thought she was really beautiful as Hermia who is described by the line 183,186,187 as “Your eyes are lodestars and your tongues’ sweet air Sickness is catching. Oh, were favour so yours would I catch, fair Hermia, ere I go” This is what Helena said to Hermia who was jealous by her beauty and also from the fact that the all the men fell in love with Hermia we can know that she was really beautiful.

Then, I wrote about Hermia that she is stubborn or rather persistent and expressing herself against the law woman. In 116, theseas say that you have to choose either die or doing what father wants or else become a nun. However, Hermia say I would rather die than marrying with the man that I don’t want. I felt from this part that she is really stubborn and persistent. Also brave that she can speak up for herself.

protein story

The fault in our star- rising action

1.Connect with the protagonist. Write a text-to-self response in which you compare yourself to the protagonist. Show understanding of character development–what it means to be a dynamic or “round” character–by identifying a passage or two that mark changes in the character. Support your words by including MLA formatted quotes from the text. Then compare yourself to the protagonist using specific examples from your own life.


Hazel, the main character in the book The fault in our stars by John Greengot to face the most hardest time in her life. She had been struggling  against  cancer for three years which is in her lung and side effect of it is immense .It forbids her from going to school and sadly, dating with his boyfriend, Augustus Water. ”You have to understand that Hazel is still sick, Augustus, and will be for the rest of her life but she will want to keep up with you” So in short, they are “star-crossed”.

At first, she got complicated. ”I don’t want to Issac him.”

She is deep in thought whether it would be right thing to keep up with him since she didn’t want to hurt him if she die just like what Monica did to Issac.

Then, she grew to be more determined about their relationship through rising action. She heard about his ex-girlfriend  who did eventually  died of brain cancer and about how  he couldn’t  dump her which shows firm love of him. “I wouldn’t mind it would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you.” “I don’t ever want to do that to you.” Through this event, they prove their love to each other and it was event for Hazel to change from the complicated mind to revealing. This rised tense between two would make conflict more complicated and deep.

I thought how it would feels to be star cross. It would be so desperate and gloomy which I don’t have to be. So living in undefined life will be the difference between me and the main character Hazel.




“You’re a smart fellow, a bit too smart for my taste.”                                                                             Prosper, the main character in the book called The Thief Lordby Cornelia Funk is grown up, smart, patient and responsible boy who couldn’t help being grown up earlier than others. His mother died and as his aunt applied for custody of only his brother but more to like stealing, he ran away eight weeks ago with his brother, Bo. “Squatting in rattling trains, locked themselves into stinking toilets, slept in dark corners squeezed tightly together, hungry, tired and frozen.” Eventually, they got to reach Venice where they can live free from their aunt after these hard days. Since they had begun to fend for themselves, Prosper had learned how to steal things from the visitors even though he really hate it. Living in short-lived life, he did his best to feed his brother.

While I was reading this book, I could find one thing that only person who are living in hard life like prosper have. Also, one thing that the rich usually never get. People think there would not be the thing only the poor have, but there is, the eagerness. Since we are living in satisfied life, we don’t have eagerness to want something eagerly. Also, we waste lots of things from foods to one time used things which is the thing they would not do if they become one of us.

Unlike most of us, they thank at the fact that they can live without stealing and they don’t have to worry about a place to sleep after they meet someone called The Thief Lord at the hideout. Also, we can see that from the girl named Hornet who also live in the same place as Prosper do. She really loves books and she even have some of them. However, they are cheap paperbacks which had been thrown away by tourists and which she fished them out of trash can.


Prosper is a boy who are living in hard life but grown up, smart, patient and responsible. Even he was poor and live in different life from other, he has eagerness which make him think everything valuable and make him feel happy even at the small thing. And the eagerness will be the thing that a lot of people should have.

Am i a Humanist?