The Fugitive

The main character in the movie Fugitive is a Richard Kimble. He is brave, smart and strategic. He was brave because when the train hits the bus he helps policeman to jump out and he is then jumping too.

I want to recommend this movie to the 7th graders because it’s talking about bravery and intelligence. Also if someone will be in the same situation they can learn some things from this movie. For example, I learn that I can change my background. So, I think that is the movie is great because you will enjoy this story. Bye.

My seventh book is “Scream Street Blood of the witch”

I read seventh book few weeks ago and I think that is on of the horror’s book in series of Scream Street. Do you know why? Because Luke already found first relic and his need found six more (I forgotten tell that is seven relics). Do you know what’s the second relic? Is blood of the witch. Yes, it’s witch. It is second scary book in series. If you want read this book you can. I think that you can understand why I like this books. See soon.

My sixth book is “Scream Street Fang of the vampire”

Scream Street a series of seven book. First book which I read is “Fang of the vampire”. Scream Street is about wolf boy Luke Watson who was moved to the Scream Street. He want that his parents move back to the normal world. Luke read the book “Skipstone’s Tales of Scream Street” and understood that his need to find all relics of fathers in Scream Street. First relic which Luke found is fang, but he get it if he has enemy Sir Otto. It’s very interesting. See soon.

My fourth book “Three Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”

First story which I read in “Three Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” is “The Speckled Band”. First story is  interesting because Sherlock Holmes meet a young woman who is terrified of a mysterious ‘speckled band’. I was interesting how Sherlock solve this problem. If you want read this story, go ahead.

Second story is “The Five Orange Pips”. This story is more interesting that you think because Sherlock meet one of the family members who think that five orange pips are sign of death for his family. Sherlock with his friend Mr Watson solve this problem with some problems.

Third story is “The Crown of Diamonds” has two parts: first “The Banker’s Problem”, and second “The Detective’s Solution”. Someone send to Alexander Holder the crown of diamonds and letter with amount of sum on this thing fifty thousand pounds. Mr Holder think that his son is thief but correct this or not.

I think that you already interested about this book. If you want please read. See soon.

I enjoyed this book because writer tell me about some difficult problems and their solutions. I want recommend this book to grade 7th students because they can learn something from the book and become detectives like Sherlock Holmes.

Second book is “Emil and the Detectives”

I read book “Emil and the detectives”. This book is very short but so interesting. This book about Emil, who went to the city to his grand mother. Emil’s mother couldn’t go to the city with son so she gave Emil 70 pounds. In the train Emil met one strange man and women. The man’s name was Mr. Green. When the main character was asleep Mr. Green stole money from boy’s jacket. What do you think will happen next? Read this book and been like Emil. Have fun!


The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Eigth Grade Bites

I want share with you about book “The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Eigth Grade Bites”. The main character was Vladimir Tod. He’s father was vampire but he’s mother was human. But very soon his friends begin died.  Elysia is community of all vampires. The President was D’Ablo and he’s trying to find Vladimir. Also, main character was brave because he meet another vampire who was from Elysia.

This is book so interesting because you can know more about vampires;

I want recommend this book for other grade 7th students because you can be interested in next few ideas:

Vladimir found he’s father journal and read about Elysia;

Vladimir try understand who kill he’s parents;

On next book it will be about another vampire;

How Vladimir drink blood;

What’s happen with his friends;

Why he’s father wrote about Elysia.