WW2 Artillery Project

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Define and Inquire

Raketenwerfer 43 Püppchen



I was inspired by a movie about WW2 when I was watching TV, and I saw artillery which look like this.

I hope I’m able to make the 3D model by wood.

However, I think it might be difficult to get all the pieces together, because we need to find a way to attach the pieces together.

Develop and Plan

While making my sketches, prototypes I realized it’s really hard to make the back of the Raketenwerfer. I got my ideas by doing the sketches.

Below is a sketch/model of my design

Here is the link to the week planer: https://isbdragonsmy.sharepoint.com/:w:/g/personal/sola_chan_student_isb_bj_edu_cn/EdndoAQ2JtOiOx2C_XqhCAB68v9Q96GyxyHXnMWBq0Uiw?rtime=K_0qVjzq1kg




Blog Post 6: Collaborator

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I think I am a good member of R.I.C.H. The group is getting things done on time. For example, we managed to finish all the holders on time and be prepared for the sale days. Also, I can make sure things are done on time and make sure everyone is doing there job and focused. I can take good care of my time and finish things early. For example, I got 200 of change to make sure people can buy or stuff. As a collaborator, I can get better by making sure everything is organized. For example, I can make sure the money are well separate.

Blog Post 5:Prototype 2.0

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  • The wood is cheaper than plastic.
  • Use cheaper material so you can make more.
  • chose beautiful material.
  • I wonder if it will break.
  • I wonder how to make it stronger.
  • Make the wood stranger.

Blog Post 4: Investors

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Warm feedback:

We identify or target market. We also explained the need for our product. We have to explain our business plan. We are organized and shares responsibilities. All members participate in answering questions.

Cold feedback:

We need to explain how to make a profit.

Mission and Team

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Team name:


Mission statement:

Clean the world. 

Save the world. 

All in a fashionable manner. 

My responsibilities:

Helps teammates stay on track, keep track of finances.




Blog Post 2: Market Research

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Caption: The copy of our survey


3 things I learned is:

  • Many people don’t want to pay much for an ID card case.
  • We need the start up money to use the equipment.
  • We need to survey people to know what they need or want.

2 worders I have is:

  • I wonder how to lower the cost down?
  • I wonder how can they make money if we sell it very cheap?

1 thing I want to change:

I don’t think we have to change anything.

ID card Design

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Caption: Sketches of our prototype.

We are going to sell id card case using waste plastic. We found out the school is using plastic made id card cases, so we decided to change it to waste plastic made cases. Our target market will be the student & teachers at isb.

River Field Study-Data Collection 6

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Date: April. 8,2019. We went to the Wenyu River for field study. Sunny. There are flowers on the ground and the threes turned green. In Quadrant 1, there are no insects. For quadrant 2, there are some spiders, bugs, and ants.

Caption: This is the data table for our 2 quadrants. In April, some of the insects disappeared.

Caption: This is the graphical display.


Project Recharge Unit Reflection

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Caption: Me and my group performing the child who is working at the cocoa farms.

Unit Reflection:

Looking back on Project Recharge, I learned about child labor and how chocolate is made. For example, I researched on how companies make their chocolate. In Ferraro, there use child labor to get the cocoa beans.Children not only have the low pay, also they are working in horrible conditions. So, I think the children don’t have the freedom to go to school, but the cocoa farmers have the power to let them work. Also, I learned how to make citations using noodle tool. A citation needs to have the name of the book, article, or other resource; the name of its author; information about the journal it came from; the date it was published; and when it was accessed if it was read online. Before this project I used to think chocolate does not use child labor and it’s very easy to be made, but now I think the children making chocolate are very tired and children aren’t going to school, but working to make chocolate. For example, I found out that in contrast the children are working for the Ferrero cocoa supplier chain only earning 50 cents to 90 cents a day, whist the average of those living in extreme poverty in the world earn about $1.90 USD a day. This is shocking data that these cocoa farm workers’ families and their children have to work 13 hours a day but earn the least amount of money that anyone in the world could earn. When I found out that many chocolate companies are using child labor, now I only buy chocolates that are child labor free.Looking back on Project Recharge, I realize that power is very important because if you have the power, you can have the freedom to do things. For example, the children in the cocoa farm don’t have the power and freedom, but the farmer have the power so he can control the children.

Should people have the freedom of speech?

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