Is it just me, or is my shoulder lighter than normal?

I was in the “security guard’s room” until the phone in my pocket vibrated and emit noises that is probably a ringtone. I took the phone out, Three letters were written on it — “Mom”, I crushed the huge green button with my fat, sausagey fingers in an attempt to answer the call.

“Hey, Sola. I’m not coming to pick you up, your grandpa is doing that for today.”

Before I could say “bye”, a loud noise rang in my ear before it was replaced by a beeping.

I looked out of the window, my grandpa was standing on the sidewalk across the street. I picked up my backpack and dashed to the sidewalk he was on, my left shoulder felt a bit lighter than normal, for whatever reasons.

I got in his car and he immediately drove forward and into the street.

I got home feeling awkward. when I tried to reach for my laptop, it wasn’t there. A feeling of dread comes over to my body.

“Wait, WHAT? grandpa, could you drive back to school? I forgot my laptop there.” I said

We climbed back into the car and drove out of the public garage.

The car slowed down gradually until it was motionless, I quickly pulled the handle on the door and pushed it out. I dashed back into the “security guard room”

The computer wasn’t there.

“Have you checked your classroom?”, one of the guards said. “I’ll go see,” I answered.  “probably still inside”.Have you checked your classroom?" "oh wait, i should" I ran faster than sanic into the school building. In my locker, there it was.





I feel like an idiot now.

Not From Every-time

In humanities, we (6-2) wrote a poem, yeah, we wrote a poem during the poetry unit, here it is… (above)

I embedded it above, if for some reason it doesn’t load properly, here’s the permalink.

—->Here! <—-

Da Journey of the Nomads

A couple (6) of days ago, the whole 6-1 and 6-2 went on an overnight field trip hosted/funded/whatever/etc by the JUMP foundation called “Journey of the Nomads” here’s an overview of what we did:

  • Hiking the great wall
  • Lots of walking
  • sleepzzzzz
  • The Amazing Race
  • More walking
  • I think that’s it but why am I still writing


was one of the things we did, we just walked through a dang ton of trees until we got to the great wall and back again

I had a lot of snot so I borrowed some tissue from the facilitators but ended up with even more of the gooey substance.


just lots of walking around


So the facilitators set up this course with 12 (?) tasks for us to complete, each task completed will give you KNOWLEDGE about Genghis Khan wrote on paper, the goal is to get more pieces of KNOWLEDGE about Genghis Khan than the other team.

The trip was fun, but the best part was to choose your roommate, mine was Michael (Huang) from 6-2.


\/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ *pant pant* \/ \/ \/ \/ \/




Wow, Storybird

Awesome UI

When I was in 5th grade, our teacher – Mrs.Kathryn – Read (plural) books to us, one of them was “Anything but Typical”. I don’t want to spoil anything, but,  I think Storybird (or maybe it was storyboard?) was mentioned.

AND NOW? We get to use it in humanities class (writing & reading)! It’s basically a storytelling/writing website And I was fascinated by “cool stuff” it had. Gradually, I got bored of it (by gradually I mean 2 days), and kind of disliked it, because in it, there’s a function which you can select a piece of GREAT ART and write with it, but, once you chose the art, you can only use the art from the same artist, which can be very frustrating if you’re planning to make a picture book that covers a wide variety of things.

This is just my opinion of Storybird, you may have your own since there are many other things that Storybird is good at, such as its simplicity and great UI.

You can post your opinion down in the comment section below if you don’t agree with me.

Oh, and if you still didn’t guess the URL of Storybird, click —>here<— to go there.

gud Article of Feelings about bluugging

image from here

we were asked to post a picture of an object that makes us feel the same way as what we are feeling about blogging, okay, so here goes

I chose piano because I feel okay with it but not great, sometimes I feel nervous when I try to git gud get good with it, and that’s exactly what I’m feeling right now.