Ancient Egypt’s Magic

Most people don’t believe in Magic. They say it doesn’t exist. But MAGIC is all around us. 5000 Years ago, a civilization called Egypt rose in to the world. They believed in magic. They believed that gods changed the seasons and bestowed luck upon people. But they also believe that they caused harm to humans as well. They called that; magic. But they were also in capability of healing the weakened and injured. Egyptians thought is was magic. Welcome to Ancient Egypt, the birth place of many medicine, treatments, surgeries and an awesome civilization.

Ancient Egypt’s Magic

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Beneficial Or Dreadful? The Truth Behind Your Meal

This shows the balance of nutrition to help prevent diseases.
Here’s the Source:

Foods that seem delicious can hold awful stories. Foods that look unattractive may be key to extending human life. In this unit, we explored the numorous ways that food and exercise keep you far from the main causes of death.




This table tells me not to eat man-made foods and/or activities. I analyze that this will prevent the diseases by reinforcing our immune system and most wholefoods contain parts that of which will make the diseases evade you. I know the food under the first column is very related to our origins when we were prey and maybe back to when fire was not discovered, we had to pick fruit and vegetables which is rich in most factors (listed above) and that has been essential ever since – because we had nothing else to eat and also adds to the health of your organs because of the nutrients in the food itself.



This is what I brought for our class’s healthy food party. It consists of 4 different food groups. Fruit, vegetables, meat, and diary. They were layered together with slices of each food group. I also I scooped some cucumber seeds and filled it with salas sauce and a cucumber stick and tomato. I believe that my choice of treats shows a balance in diet, while also maintaining a favorable taste. A balanced meal was one of our main subjectives, and I believe this was one of the ways I could represent that and this will balance out to include many nutrients such as carbohydrates, vitamins, some fibres and a little of goody fat. This was also my prior choice of food because it was mainly made of whole foods and this dish was beneficial to combatting some diseases because it contains factors that can strengthen your body’s immunity. This is why I chose to bring this dish.

I brought this dish also as a symbolism of the foods I normally eat; I eat cucumbers in the morning, sometimes also with tomatoes, I eat ham once in a while for breakfast, and I eat cheese as part of my lunch occasionally to maintain a balance.


This Nutrition unit has help me learn about the relationship between a diet and living healthy. Many thanks to Mrs. Hamada who teaches me all these interesting and essential facts about living a better life.





I am From…

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