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Science Engineer Project #1: Define and Inquire

Posted by on December 12, 2018

What is this engineering task?

: During this Science-Engineer¬†Project, students are designing a device that converts energy, taking renewable energy & converting it to electrical energy, and creating a device that can be used to teach. The point is that we need to express our understanding of energy transfer. ‘Engineer’ means any engagement in a systematic practice of design to achieve solutions to particular human problems, and we are using our scientific ideas on designing and creating.

What are you thinking about doing?

: I am planning to create a device that transfers either sound, thermal, pressure force, to electric energy and make the light bull works. However, I am sure that I am not going to waste the electric energy to make the electric energy. I hope I can create the new energy transfer techniques.


The advantage of my idea would be saving the energy, but it will be hard to make a successful design.

New Techniques & Devices

Sound – electricity generator


Renewable Energy

Creative ideas that inspired me

  1. Energy-Generator Shoe

collecting energy from pressure

  • Pros: Whenever we walk, we can generate energy. Therefore, we can save the energy
  • Cons: The design of attaching energy storage is not efficient.

  2. Shake generator

getting energy from the magnet

  • Pros: We can turn on the light bull only by shaking the pipe.
  • Cons: We don’t shake too much in our normal life.

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