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Computer Blog Post #2: Remake with Adjustment

Posted by on February 12, 2019

My remake

Farming in Autumn

Farming in Winter


Original Turtle Art


Even though this task is simply to remake the original turtle art, I tried my best to add my own ideas. As a result, I coded everything except a glacier and a snow background. There are specifically four adjustments from the original turtle art: a color of snow and glacier, moon, reeds, and the scarecrow. The purpose of my remakes is to celebrate the new year with abundant foods(farming). Therefore, I changed the original turtle art, snowfall, to farming. Before explaining my adjustments, I want to briefly mention the process of converting turtle art codes into processing. This helps me to understand the codes of the original Turtle Art. I could utilize these codes after I totally understand. Hence, I do think it was useful to convert into processing instead of working in the Turtle Art. However, there were a few problems in Processing such as I can’t display a negative number on the screen. Setting color as -9999 makes the white color of snow and glacier in this turtle art. Therefore, I could not display the white snows and glaciers. I thought there will be an alternative way like setting the shade as 100 to make a white color. I also could not set the shade to 100 because the shade of the snow and glacier are already set in the sub-procedure. Because of this limitation, I decided to change the color of the snows and the glaciers. Luckily, I could find a more suitable color, blue and orange, to my theme.

Codes in Turtle Art

Codes in Processing



First Adjustment: Color

First of all, I needed to revise the color. Since the theme of my remake is related to farming, I decided to change the color that can indicate each season. By using Sub-Procedures and combines those into one sub-procedure, I could easily manage the color. I set the procedure of snow codes as ‘snow’ and glaciers as ‘ground’ and combined those into one sub-procedure, set as ‘field.’ The color of ‘Farming in Autumn’ and ‘Farming in Winter’ are set as 10 and 50, respectively. To intensify the feeling of autumn and winter, I used a different color for weeds. The color of reeds in ‘Farming in Autumn’ and ‘Farming in Winter’ are each random(10, 21) and random(10, 35). I randomized the color of reeds to make it more realistic.


Second Adjustment: Moon

A full moon effectively emphasizes the feeling of the New Year, which is my theme. In addition, the moon looks more realistic by incrementing the shade of it. I created the moon through the iteration of  forward(0). Therefore, I could increment the shade.


Third Adjustment: Reeds

Reeds are one of two major adjustments that I made. Reeds highlight the theme of farming. By using iteration and random color, an arc length of reeds, and coordinate(setXY), I could simplify the codes. The codes of the reeds are composed of two arcs. By setting this radius of these two arcs, I could randomize the sizes of reeds. These changes ultimately made my art more virtual.


Last Adjustment: ScareCrow

The Scarecrow also supports my theme, farming. Since there was no repetition in the scarecrow, I could not find a way to simplify the codes. Also, I really put enormous efforts to create a realistic and detailed scarecrow. Jean overalls, brown hat, and the dots on the jean(only appears in farming in winter) are key points. I used iteration(rectangle) to make a hat.

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