Temple Field trip 2019

On Thursday, my class went on a field trip. They went to three different temples-the Lama (Buddhist) temple, Confucius temple and school, and a Daoist temple.

What I learned from them:

Lama Temple:

  • Following the 8 fold path will limit the suffering and will lead to a life of discipline, mindfulness, and mediation.
  • When a person reaches nirvana (the highest state inner peace can go to), human desire, ego, and suffering will be extinguished.
  • Buddhists pray so that the gods can forgive the wrongs they have done, they pray with incense, and the incense determines the length of life.

Confucius school

  • Confucianism guides how people should act toward one another
  • They believe in no gods but in good education mainly focused on humaneness. If a kid were caught cheating on a test, then there would be great punishments

Daoist Temple:

  • Believing in harmony, a person will not have to fight against the universe’s natural flow.
  • The Daoists believe that there is a power in the universe that is higher, deeper, and truer than any other force.


The Catchall Design Project

This is my Catchall that I made in Design Technology. Our goal was to create a product that addresses the needs of our client; my client Lyndon Beadles needed some help with organizing his things in his room so that he wouldn’t lose anything. Below is the link to my ThingLink that specifies what each feature is used for.


During this project, I ran into many obstacles that made it challenging to get this done- wood splitting as I sawed my pieces, pieces not sticking, and rough edges- but these problems also made me realize that I need to make my catchall safer. I added nails into the back of the shelves to make them stronger and sanded the rough edges. One piece of advice I would give a future student doing this project is that they should make a schedule to help them manage their time wisely. I could’ve done more to make this product the best it could be if only I had made a schedule of what I would do every class period.  Overall, I think the biggest thing I got out of doing this unit was learning how to use tools that could be useful later on in life.

One Day: Upcycling


I have decided to make a cathouse for the stray cats in my backyard. I am going to make the sides out of plastic bottles and take the roof off the old cathouse to make it the roof of this cathouse. The base of the cathouse is going to be cardboard on top of wood. I came up with this idea by brainstorming a list of ideas. My original plans all seemed to easy or to hard to make in a day. So when I got home I looked outside to see how the cats were doing and realized that the cats need some sort of shelter. Since we have a lot of plastic bottles at our house I decided to incorporate it into the design. This is what I was thinking of:


8:20-9:45= complete base/layout
10:00-11:55= complete sides
12:40-1:50= complete roof and doors
2:00-3:10= Add accessories to make it playful


This is the base of my cathouse. I got four blocks of wood and hot glued them together, along with glueing them to silverware organisers. I finished the base at around 9:00 and am currently ahead of my schedule.

It is 11:00 and I have finished the sides. I have to decide on whether or not to make the sides symmetrical to each other. On the left side there is a block of wood underneath the wood that is stabilising the bottles. Since the wood on the right is thicker than the one on the left it doesn’t need anything to support it.




I had already cut into my shower curtain and I thought the cathouse was finished, but when I started playing around with the bottles they weren’t stable enough, even with the wood. Ms. Jo and Samantha Chan gave me some advice which was to weave wire around the wood and bottles to help it stand up. Their advice worked! I also added some felt to the base of the cat house to give the cats some comfort. It was 2:45 when I did this and tried to find felt, I could only find orange to I quickly glued it on and moved on to the next step of the

Define and Inquire:

This is my finished  cathouse. I had a lot of problems when making this house but I never gave up and found ways to solve these problems. One of the problems I had was getting the bottles to stay stable. My friends and teachers helped me nail and wire the bottles into place and made the cathouse as stable as possible.

Student as a learner Goal

My goal is in the Collaboration section, it is to set an example to other students of what it means to be an engaged and on-task learner. Right now I think I am at meeting and I will try to get to extending by making it easier for classmates to join in on group conversations. For example, if we did a book club assessment instead of saying, “James, you haven’t talked in a while, say something!” I could say, “James, you had a very good point about what happened here, can you explain it:)”