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One Day


For one day I chose to be a teacher for a day. The day was awesome because the kids were nice to everyone and you could tell that they enjoyed every moment with us. The first thing we did was read books to the kids in groups, I let some of the kids chose what books I should read and they enjoyed it a lot. The next thing we did was do our passion lesson and I did bookmarks with the kids and they were really into doing arts and crafts. After that we went to Performing Arts with them and that was enjoyable. After that, we went to the Design Lab and we helped each group with making their boats. Then we did science lessons and that was fun but tiring to teach. Lastly we did Chinese New Year activities and that was probably the best time for everyone. All in all, this one day was definitely my favorite day.

Design Tech Catchall G7


One thing I would like to change about this product would probably be the material it is made out of. I used cardboard when I should’ve used a stronger and more firm material.

The impact of this product would be that it helps keep you organized. It can hold keys, earrings, rings, etc…

One piece of advise that I would give a future student doing this is that you should manage time effectively and stay focused so that you can complete it the best that you can.

I am From Arizona


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Cedar Point Feels




This is my favorite ride in Cedar Point. I love to also watch everyone who starts to scream as soon as the ride starts. My hobbies are sports, reading, and math. This picture is expressing the way that I feel about me writing blogs. I feel happy and nervous at the same time, that is what it feels like on a roller coaster.

The Report Card by: Andrew Clements


I am reading a book called “The Report Card” by Andrew Clements. Nora is living in a city called Springfield. She is above average level and she doesn’t want to go to the gifted program.

So Nora tries to get D’s and C’s to try to stay at a normal level. When it was report card opening time at home she is the last to go. When she shows her parents her report card, her parents are furious with the school on how bad they are at teaching their students. So, they have a chat with the principle, Mrs.Hackney. They make a deal to have Nora go to student support. First, she takes a test.Only, the teachers know her level. Nora is very mad at the school because she cant know her test score that she got. The librarian was riding with the support teacher’s assistant to school and she spilled the beans, she told her Nora’s test score. The librarian calls Nora in and tells her the test score! She is above the age level 16!

Find out what else happens when you read the book The Report Card by Andrew Clements!


No Talking by: Andrew Clements


I am reading a book called” No Talking” by Andrew Clements. Linsey and Dave are living in New Jersey and they go to a school called Laketon Elementary School. They start a contest for the whole 5th grade.

This book is about two 5th grade students called Linsey and Dave who are in class together and they are both doing a report on India. Dave starts to cough on purpose when it is his turn to  share with the class because he was looking in books about India and his favorite part was about Ghandi and how they fought a British army with no violence. He had a fight with Linsey that girls talk way more than boys do and Dave said “how about we have a no talking competition”. Linsey said ” It’s on.”  Word on their agreement spread across all of 5th grade.

The morning of their last day of no talking, Ms.Haitt called an assembly for all of 5th grade. She told the 5th graders that the teachers can’t teach if students couldn’t answer the questions they ask.

Will the 5th graders stop the no talking competition or will they continue? Find out what else happens when you read the book No Talking by: Andrew Clements!


Troublemaker by: Andrew Clements


I am reading a book called “Troublemaker” by Andrew Clements. Clay is in 6th grade and he is a big troublemaker.

Clay is in his 6th grade art class and his art teacher, Mr.Dash, is looking around the class and when he gets to Clay the art teacher gets really upset with the picture Clay is drawing of a donkey, which looks a lot like the principle of the school. Clay is sent to the office, where he always goes because he’s a big troublemaker. Ms.Ormon, the office secretary, is used to having Clay there. When Mr.Kelling, the principle, looks at the picture he asks Clay to sign it and then he puts it in a  frame and hangs it on the  wall in his office. Clay thought that was odd but he was fine with it. That same day Clay’s older brother ,Mitchell comes back from jail and tells Clay how bad it is to be there. He tells Clay to be a good person because jail is horrible and no one should ever want to go there and they both make a promise not to be bad anymore and that means Clay can’t go to the office for the rest of the year. Clay turns into a good person for a few days until one day at lunch he throws a cheese ball at a girls ear.  Clay has to go to the office. When he is talking to Mr.Kelling he tells him that he made a deal with his brother. Then they make a deal to.

A few days later it is Halloween. The day of Halloween, someone spray painted a donkey on Mr.Kelling’s door. He is wondering who it was and he tells the police that Clay did it.

Did Clay really do it or not? Find out when you read the book Troublemaker by: Andrew Clements!



Taylor’s Staycation for Spring Break


So for Spring Break I stayed here in Beijing. It was so boring because none of my friends were here, they all went somewhere for the holiday. Only my parents friends were here visiting and they had no children to play with.  My dad bought us new bikes, at least the weather was nice!

We went to the Summer Palace for one day. We also went to the pearl market and bought a lot of gifts to take home this summer for our cousins and friends. When we were at the market, we ate lunch at the Wooden Door, which is my mom’s favorite restaurant.   To celebrate Easter, we went to Westin brunch.  That is a fun place to go, they have easter egg hunts and lots of candy!

My Spring Break was boring until my friends came back from their holiday.  I hope my parents want to go somewhere fun next break.

This is a picture of the busy streets here in Beijing

This is a picture of the busy streets here in Beijing

Pakistan’s army finds Malala’s attackers


Malala is famous for the fight for education of Pakistan girls. Her views upset Pakistanis who believe women should remain in the home. Many of the Islamic extremists in Pakistan view education for girls as an evil imported to Pakistan from Europe and the United States. Because of her views she was shot in the head, 2 others were also wounded in the attack.Malala went to a hospital in Pakistan.Then she was flown to a hospital in Britain. Now she lives with her family in Britain. Malala’s father says its good that they found the people who were involved in the attack. So that the hundreds and thousands of people whose lives have been affected by terrorism is now safer than before. Malala is from the northwestern Swat Valley area of Pakistan.The region was once home to Fazlullah, the leader of the Pakistani Taliban. Fazlullah became the Taliban leader after its former leader was killed by the United States in North Waziristan. Pakistan started attacking the Swat Valley to kill the fighters. The fighters were trying to overthrow the government and force everyone to obey strict Islamic law.Pakistan believes Fazlullah is hiding in Afghanistan, and Bajwa said Pakistan’s government had raised the issue with the Afghan government Both Pakistan and Afghanistan have accused each other of ignoring fighters that launch cross-border attacks from their territory.

This is Malala at school with a friend.

This is Malala at school with a friend.

I think it is good that they are finding the people that attacked Malala and that she and her family are safe in Britain.  She can now go to school and feel safe.  But I also think its bad that there are some people that are still out there who have not been found and could hurt other girls in Pakistan who have the same beliefs as Malala.

Please write a comment about this and what you think it is and is it god or bad that they found it.



Cedar Point


When I was in Teledo,Ohio to visit my cousins we went to Cedar Point for 1 day. We road this ride that was called the Magnim and we kept riding it. On the very first ride on it my cousins tricked me. K said’This is smaller then the rest of the rides here.’ Then I said ‘Okay.’ Then when I was on it K mentioned it’s a 100 meter drop. I started to get so worried. Now I love the Magnim and I can’t wait until this summer!

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