The Sister Grimm book 1
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Sabrina a 10 year old orphan, and Daphne a 5 year old girl are now orphans. They got home from school one day and found out that there parents weren’t home. For them that wasn’t a surprise because they had work. But by midnight they still wasn’t there so they called the cops. They got put into foster homes, and every time they escaped. So at last they got put with a women who claimed that she was their grandmother. Daphne believed her but Sabrina didn’t at first. The very next day, Granny Relda and her assistant Mr. Canis said they were detectives and there was a crime so they went there and saw a giant right there. Granny and Canis got carried of by it. They had the the prince charming did it but he was trying to help. At last the found out that Jack was doing it because he was losing his fame so he wanted a giant to attack then kill the giant so that he would get his fame back. while that was happening Jack also wanted to kill the sisters.


character: granny Relda is really caring and loves to help. She loves solving crimes and seeing everafters change. She also makes really weird colored food, like green meatballs, purple carrots and lots more.


Connection this book is like the land of stories because they both start off with orphans and the kids both are detectives.



The Children of Green Knowe
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Question: Why could only Tolly and Mrs. Oldknowe see Toby, Linnet, and Alexander?

I think only they could see them because people that believe them can see them. Or maybe because they were the only ones in the actual family and if you are not in the family then you can’t see them because it could be like a family thing and if you don’t believe it then you cant see it. Also because it may be a type of blood thing so if you don’t have the special type of blood then you can’t see it, but most likely their ancestors gave the blood or something else and made them able to see them.






The Sisters Grimm
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This book is about 3 kids. Sabrina, Daphne, and Puck an everafter. Since Sabrina lives in a community of fairy tale characters and that means always ready for trouble. Something is wrong at Sabrina’s new school because everyone is obsessed with something. But then Sabrina’s teacher was found dangling from a spider web dead with only a scarlet hand print. Monsters have been attacking the Ferryport Landing Elementary. The Sisters Grimm are doing all sorts of adventures to find out more about the crime. Meanwhile they also need to save their parents also from the scarlet hand. One day Wendall found Snow White Daphne’s teacher tied up in the boiler room with the queen of hearts and all the other everafters. Just then Sabrina, Puck, and Daphne walked in and saw Wendall jumping out then window with a monster. The kids thought that Wendall was going with the monsters and set the monsters in, but actually he was chasing the monster. Few weeks later, the kids found an tunnel under the school. They saw princepal Hamelin talking with someone about an attack. So the kids thought he was bad. but he wasn’t. At last they found out that Bella’s parents was Beauty and the Beast, Toby’s parents were the big spider, and Nathalie’s parents were little miss muffet.





Sabrina is really adventures and loves helping others. She is also a really responsible big sister because during the adventures she makes sure Daphne is safe and well fed.



Sabrina is like my friend because they are both caring and loves trying new things.

When the Sea turned to Silver
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This book is about a girl named Pimmei and she does not live in a wealthy family but she can afford all her needs and most of her wants. One day the new emperor took her grandmother the storyteller away and also all the men to build a vast wall. SInce her grandmother was the only family member still alive she was very sad. But her best friend that lived at the top of the mountain came down just in time to save her before her house was burnt.  Since the tortise of winter didn’t leave yet.  It was very hard to get food. They only saw one house standing and decided they wanted to spend the night there. So they knocked on the door and surprisingly a old man opened the door. Pimmei’s friend Yishan asked if they could spent the night the man happily  agreed but the old women said they barely had enough  food for them to eat so didn’t want to cook for them. But the old man said that they were guests and it would not be polite to not give them food. So he opened a drawer from under the bed and inside was one big jar of uncooked rice. Then Pimmei saw that there was an young man on the bed and asked that why didn’t the emperor take him to build the vast wall and he said he has broken his leg and the emperor said that he would be useless. The young man wanted Pimmei to tell a story so Pimmei did and started it. After she was done the dinner was ready too. They slept on a mattress on the ground. The next day when they woke up. The women gave Yishan a pack with rice balls and wontons in it. They were very glad since they could barely afford to eat themself.


Pimmei is a very poor girl but also friendly. She likes to help others and sacrifice herself to make someones dream or wish come true.


Pimmei is like Sarah in the book Ruby Lee and Me. They both help others and will sacrifice themselves.

Ruby Lee and Me
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This book is about a girl called Sarah and a lot of problems is happening to her family. First she was supposed to be baby sitting her little sister called Robin. But she was reading a library book and her sister ran off and got bumped by a car and was badly hurt she broke her leg, damaged her brain, and broke her ribs. So she was in the hospital for a long long time. During that time Sarah had to stay with her grandparents in their farm. Sarah’s grandma taught her how to cook lot’s of things. One day when Robin finally came home. She was still in a body cast. So she could not run or jump like she would want to do. Robin really liked to act like a cowgirl so her room was very western. But because of her injury’s it was very expensive to pay so they had to sell their house in the town and move to the farm. Since Robin was not happy since she could not run Sarah wanted to make her happy since she thought Robin’s injury was all her fault.


Sarah is a really friendly and helpful. But at times when she is mad she can’t control herself and starts saying hurtful things.


Sarah reminds me of  a character in another book because they both cause something and them solves what they do by challenging themselves.

Fantasy Writing Reflection – Bubblegum Quest
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1.  What was the best part of writing fantasy stories and why was it the best?

qYou can create what you want to happen, because if it was a non fiction the everything has to be real, and if it was fantasy you could think outside of the box, and anything can happen in  a fantasy story.

2.  What are some elements that make up a fantasy story?  List as many as you can and then pick one to describe in detail.

You have to have a good idea. A good beginning, middle, and end. Also including lots of details. Your character has to be interesting to.


          3. What is the best fantasy story you have read?  You may not use either of the two I read to you.  Tell me why you think it was the best.
I think the best fantasy book is called “The Land of Stories” because Chris Colfer thinks outside the box and adds in things from other books to his own.


Wellness Project- flexiblity
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1.Why do you think it is so important to learn about wellness?

I think it is important because if we didn’t learn about it them we don’t know how to take good care about ourselves.

2. What are some ways you practice wellness?  What are some ways you could improve?

I walk my dog every other day and practice my flexibility, I also jump rope on the day I walk my dog. I think I could improve if I try to do it everyday so  I will be healthy.

     3. In learning about how to keep various body systems healthy, we discussed both healthy habits and things to avoid.  Choose one system and comment on how to maintain its wellness. Remember the posters are at the back of the room and your inquiry booklets are also available.
 I think I kept my heart healthy because I was exercising and I was eating healthy food.
4.What did you learn about yourself from your wellness project?
I learned that I am really flexible but something I need to push myself so I can do my best.



Girl Online Going Solo by Zoe Sugg
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Recently Penny broke up with Noah, and Noah has gone hide away and no one knows where he is, except his new producer Carmelita. But she is not allowed to call unless there is a emergency. Penny is now dating a guy he met and Meagan’s school, Madam Lapage. They both love photography and his name is Callum. Also Penny’s mom is planning a wedding for Callum’s wedding! Such a coincidence! But when they arrived at the wedding guess who they saw again. Noah. But sadly Callum kicked him out.



Penny is a really caring teenage girl, but she gets lots of panic attacks that she dosen’t know how to deal with.


Penny is like my friend because because she freaks out about lots of things but is really loving and caring.

Book Club Summary- Jacquline Wilson Starring Tracy Beaker
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This book is about a girl called Tracy Beaker and she lives in the dumping ground an orphanage. She said her mom is a famous movie star and dosen’t have time to take care of her. So she had to stay in a orphanage, but I think her mom is pretty poor and dosen’t want to spend money on her. One day in school Ms. Simpkins a teacher said there would be a play. Tracy really wanted to be the main character and she was. The only reason she wanted to be the main character was because she wanted her mom to she her star in the play. Justine, Tracy’s enemy was really mad and pushed her down. Tracy fell right on her bum and really wanted to cry. She told herself to calm down and said she never cries she only gets hay fever and I think it means crying. Since Tracy was really mad she stood up and punched Justine in the nose and she started crying because her nose was bleeding. Just then the principal walked in and everyone started to cry. The principal did not know what had just happened so she thought Tracy punched them all in the face because they were all crying. So she said Tracy’s punishment was not able to be in the play and she was really mad. But at last Tracy got to be in the play and did a great job.


Character: Tracy

I think Tracy changed a lot because at the beginning of the book she was boastful  and know she is very caring.


Connection: Text to Self

Tracy is like a girl I met. They were both a show off and later on in the year they turned to be very caring and nice.

Ernest & Rebecca The Land of Walking Stones
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This book is about Rebecca going on vacation with her dad to his new home the land of walking stones. Meanwhile Ernest transformed into a fish and the other fish said Rebecca didn’t like him anymore. Since Rebecca was spending so much time with her dad. One day Rebecca went to the neighborhood to get olive oil but she only saw a little boy about her age and they wandered off to the sea. They were fishing and caught Ernest and Rebecca lost Ernest so she was really happy.

Text to Self
Rebecca is like me because once I went to get something and i wandered of.

Rebecca is bossy but friendly. She is 6 but she is still the height of a 2 year old. She is really adventures and always gets lost.

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