Dancing For The Climate: Blog Post 1

For this Ignite Week we decided to choreograph a dance that express how some people might not care for our plant and spreading the word that we have to wake up and make good choices.


This is a dance from the Dance Moms some of our choreograph were unpaired by this Dance Mom dance.

I hope I am able to let more people know and understand about this problem also to make better choices later. The blindfold is going to represent how people couldn’t see the problem or being on top of the problem.

This is the plan for our next two days of ignite week.

Project Reuse: Collaborator

One strength I notice being a collaborator is really trusting my team on working our individual work and help my team by making sure I am doing the work that I should be. For example, I trust my team that they are really trying their best to do each individual work when I have to finalize the design for our stamp fixing all the small details also contacting each teacher for tie-dye and laser cutting time, materials and equipment.

One thing that I can improve is to make sure to get feedback from our target audiences and make sure to come in as a group to share our ideas for what is going on next and how everyone is feeling or working, ask for help or help others too. We can maybe have some working times together to assist each other to their own needs.



  1. Making a bag while thinking for the quality takes a really long time.
  2. There are so much more steps to design a final logo.
  3. Making a plan will help you a lot during the making part


  1. I wonder how can we make bags faster and better quality
  2. How can we make sure our target audience be interesting to our product.


  1. We can make sure to get feedback from our target audience.


Project Reuse: Investors


Our idea of reusing cloths making them to new bags and surveying people about the styles.


Clarify how we will get materials and how to make profits from our product.


We are thinking to send unused clothes that we will be collecting from a clothing drive to Roundabout.


Mission and Team

Project Reuse

Mission Statment:

Create handmade, meaningful, designed bags that support quality education.





I will be advertising around the school, spreading the words while Angel will be designing and Cara being responsible for the finances. I will be spreading the word around the school, let more people be notified. Angel will be mainly designing the products, drawing sketches.  Cara will be keeping track of all of the finances, profits.


Market Research

What  I learned during research:

  1. I learned that most people actually know about child labor happening around the world.
  2. I learned more about our charity Blue Dragon Child’s Foundation which we are going to donate all our profits to.
  3. I also learned that not a lot of people will take their time to donate clothes.


  1. I wonder why are there so much people who know about child labor but not doing anything to help?
  2. I also wonder how can we raise awareness using the bags that we made?


What I would  change to improve our product:

  1. To find a catchy ending sentence for our pitch.


Define market and initial idea


This is a picture that inspired me.

This is a Sketch of our idea bag.

Our idea is to make bags that are made out of linen, there can be many different designs on it. The reason we want to use linen because linen is an Eco-Friendly material, its stronger than cotton which makes it sustainable, and its biodegradable.  Now our ideal customers are mainly MS students but it can also be some teachers and parents.

River Field Study – Data Collection 6


We went to the Wen Yu River for a field study, April 8th Monday. We notice the weather’s warmer, green is coming along with spring, flowers all over the place, it is spring.



In April, the numbers of human impact that is found around the big tree were only 2 pieces last time but 2 more this time which is 4 pice, but comparing the data to the first time the human impact has really decreased (first time: 24/ this time: 4). There are a lot of changes happening to compare to each time and the first time. We’ve really seen the changes happening to the plants, the river, the weather, we notice that there was fence added around the river and some pathways made from people talking. It is very interesting to see, notice, compare and wonder the data we’ve collected throughout.

This is the graph for the Glass Patch.

This is the graph for the Big Tree.

This is the graph for the Mushroom Tree.


Next time we collect data, I wonder will there be more mosquitos, small insects or birds because since it is getting closer and closer to summer I wonder when will it start coming out. I also wonder if there will be more grass and different flowers there next time.

Absoulute Freedom Of Speech And Limited Speech

For this Absolute Freedom Of Speech and Limited Speech, I made this information graphic to show my understanding in both Absolute Freedom Of Speech and Limited Speech. It shows my understanding around their believes, what they care and what they want.

River Field Study – Data Collection 5

Today, 2019, March 8th we went to the WenYu River and collected data on our three sites. The purpose of this trip is to collect data on how it has changed throughout this year of school, fro the start to the end. I notice that the site has changed a lot since the last time we went.

This is the data table that is up to date.

In March, the mushrooms on the mushroom tree got 8 more than last time we went which is January (Last time: 71, This time: 79). Also, the number of glass we’ve found in the Glass Patch got 45 more than last time (Last time: 153, This time: 198). The last site is The Big Tree, we’ve noticed that the pieces of human impact that we can find weren’t as much, we can only find 2 pieces but the first time we went there we can find 24 pieces. 

I notice that there are less human impact around The Big Tree, more mushrooms growing on The Mushroom Tree, more glass pieces found in The Glass Patch.

Next time we collect data, I wonder will the trees and leaves start growing back because I notice that spring is coming.

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