Three most urgent problems:

  1.  World hunger.
  2. War.
  3. Global warming.

Two questions:

  1. How can we help global warming faster?
  2. When can we end wars that till on now?

One, optimistic or pessimistic:

  1. Pessimist ( 51% Pessimist/ 49% Optimist ), I think it will get better in the future.


  1. looking back on today, how do the topics of food, water, and communities connect? Or not?

I think that it is connecting because, as human we need food, we need water and we need communities to survive.

And these are connected because these are what we share.

Also because when the population of people grow than we will have fewer resources. More people, fewer resources.

2. I used to think… and now I think.

I used to think more like a pessimistic but now I think I’m more on the optimistic side.

3. How would I sum up today’s experience? What makes me say that?

I think that I had a very good experience, and it really helps me think deeper, from what I used to think to now I think.