This is our data table.

This is what the big tree looks like this time. I notice that the leaves on the trees are much fewer than the last time, the percentage of leaves on the trees are distinctly different from the start.

This is the big tree. I notice that the color of the trunk of the tree. The leaves are falling off the tree easily.

This is a closer look at the trunks for the big tree.

This is a picture of the mushroom tree that we took this time.

The mushrooms look like their shrink, they seemed smaller but more mushrooms were there.

Today, I notice that the mushrooms on the mushroom tree seem to be smaller, shrank. But after counting it on the trees we found out that the numbers of mushrooms on the tree has actually increased instead of decrease. There were 59 mushrooms last time back in October and 101 mushrooms this time. I wonder why did the numbers of mushrooms has increased.

I think the purpose of this field study is to learn, practice to collect data and observe different changes throughout a period of time.