What? So What?

I think a problem that we’re facing today is not enough fresh, clean water and people are also not always as aware of the use of it. And this address to my narrative because in my story there are wars because of the control over fresh, clean water and people are realizing the problem when it’s almost too late, we migrated from one place to another because of water, we are starting to move to places that have more water but in the main time it also means that there will be more likely to have war around because of the control. It’s like we see the leader as the best if they have control of clean fresh water. I hear and read before that there are only 3% of fresh water that we people can use on earth, the other 97% is water in the ocean, which are the salty water. Also, when I was researching I found that we are using fresh water so fast and so much that we might even run out of the water some day in the future so if we aren’t aware of this issue we might have a big problem in the future.

Now What?

I think that we should really be aware of how and when to use water, to truly understand the problem so that if everyone could do something to help then the problem might not get as worse later in the future. One thing that I can Collect data on is that how long do I take a shower in a month or a week. I can start to try and waste less water, and in the sometimes remind my family members to do the same as well. Or I can also tell my friends, family about how serious this issue is so that they can make a change too. This makes me realize I need to see the importance of fresh clean water to us and try to not waste water as much.