Natalie was in a happy family of four, her parents, her brother and her. But secrets and mysteries can be around. Natalie’s family was the happiest family around the neighborhood, they’re kind, helpful to each other. But is this really who they are? Dad works at a big “business only” building, he often goes out to work early and always comes late in the evening, he always works very hard for “our family”. But horrible things can come to any family, so war came to her family. It was terrifying but at the same time where’s Dad? He’s going out much more often before the war. Like he knew it will come…

Click this link to read more about my story. Fresh Water

  • One challenge that I had was to make sure the QR code works and choose a size to print out.
  • I developed my collaboration skill and my communication skill.
  • I am proud of how we are communicating and getting feedback every time because it helps our group improve, get better.


This is the design cycle.

This is our group’s first print. It only has walks and doors.

This is our group’s final print. We changed a few stuff and added some things inside.

Click this link to see our group’s flyover. Flyover

Click this link to see our process of this math TinkerCAD project.